Last year Shropshire Petals had the pleasure of being involved in a beautiful styled shoot at Botley Hall, boasting pastel hues and golds a vision came to life when a team of remarkable industry suppliers got together.


Rustic Wedding Venue

This beautiful rustic barn sits on the top of Titsey Hill in Surrey, looking out towards the rolling hills of the north downs. Giving you that perfect backdrop for those all-important wedding photographs.

The carefully curated surroundings of Botley evoke a sense of tranquillity and natural beauty. A wooden terrace, nestled within the venue's enchanting gardens, serves as a delightful focal point for hosting reception drinks and entertaining your wedding guests. The terrace offers an inviting space for guests to relax, mingle, and revel in the magical ambience of the occasion.


Image: J Bloor Photography

Every corner of Botley has a fantastic atmosphere, seamlessly blending rustic charm with modern comforts. The venue's attention to detail ensures that every aspect of the celebration is flawlessly executed, leaving couples free to savour every precious moment of their special day. Whether it's the soft glow of the setting sun casting a warm glow, or the sound of laughter resonating throughout the gardens, Botley encapsulates the essence of an unforgettable wedding experience.

The Perfect Wedding Dress

When one dress just simply isn't enough, the captivating designs by Jolie Bridal, Berta and Made with Love Bridal offer a variety of stunning options for every bride's unique vision. These esteemed designers have mastered the art of capturing the essence of a bride's dreams, bringing them to life through their extraordinary creations.

Image: J Bloor Photography

Jolie Bridal, known for its superb artisan work, has perfected the art of combining timeless elegance with modern trends. Their designs enchant the senses through the use of delicate lacework, unique necklines and luxurious textures. Jolie Bridal's collections are a symphony of sophistication and simplicity.

Berta, a renowned name in the bridal fashion industry, never fails to amaze with their creations. With a daring approach, Berta designs redefine traditional notions of bridal wear. For the more adventurous brides, their collection boasts gowns that embrace boldness and sensuality. From plunging necklines to figure-hugging silhouettes, Berta's dresses bring a sense of empowerment and make a fearless fashion statement.

Made with Love Bridal, captivates the hearts of brides who desire a more traditional gown. Designs that are full of femininity, with delicate details that celebrate the beauty of simplicity, through the use of soft lace embellishments, cascading tulle skirts and intricately crafted bows.

Image: J Bloor Photography

 All three designers understand that a bride's wedding day is a celebration of love, individuality and personal style. Through remarkable craftsmanship, they have created a collection of dresses that exceed expectations and transform a little girl's dream into a reality.


Traditional Wedding Cars and Wedding Arrangements

If you dream of an elegant wedding with traditional transport and knock-out floral arrangements, this shoot is certainly set to inspire you. As the Mustang takes centre stage, its classic allure is enhanced by the wonderful floral designs expertly crafted by Bud Flora. Overflowing with natural beauty, these arrangements spill over the boot of the car. The team of skilled florists have carefully composed a harmonious symphony of colours and textures, ensuring that every detail embodies the essence of romance and sophistication.

Image: J Bloor Photography

The colour palette chosen is a perfect mix of softness and vibrancy. Using blue hydrangeas, with their delicate hue, as the cornerstone of the arrangement. The peach daisies add a touch of warmth and joy. Blush roses, symbolic of love and admiration, add romance to the arrangement. Whilst the dahlia's textured blooms add an unexpected layer of complexity, while the soft blue delphiniums create a sense of relaxation with their long stems. Finally, the striking orchids, provide striking elegance, completing the masterpiece. 

Intimate Confetti Moment

There are so many amazing ways to create your perfect confetti moment! It's becoming increasingly popular for couples to add a unique twist to the traditional walk-through, where they're showered in petals by their loved ones. In addition to that, many couples are now opting for a more intimate moment, just between the two of them.

Image: J Bloor Photography

 Picture this: you find a peaceful and picturesque spot around your venue. It could be in front of breath-taking rolling countryside, the beautifully welcoming front door of the venue, or even a charming spiral staircase. It's your little oasis! Now, grab around 1-2 litres of confetti if you want to make it even more special why not create your very one bespoke mix using our pick-and-mix tool, if needed, enlist the help of your bridal party.

Here comes the magical part: share a kiss, lock eyes romantically, or throw your hands up in the air with pure joy and laughter. Whatever you choose to do, remember that this moment is yours, and enjoy every second of it. 


Image: J Bloor Photography 

If your wedding is creeping closer and you are getting married within the next 3 months order with immediate dispatch. Alternatively, If your wedding is over 3 months away and you like to be organised, order your confetti ahead with our Delayed Delivery service. Delayed Delivery ensures that you get your confetti ticked off your list, and delivered just a few weeks before your big day. 


Wedding Suppliers involved in this stunning styled bridal photoshoot. 

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