This busy summer wedding season is upon us; to celebrate, we have curated this beautifully vibrant Mix of the Month. Mostly made up from a blend of our Candy Floss, Icing Sugar and Frosted Blue delphinium petals, the added pop of our Peony Pink rose petals and Duck Egg Blue hydrangeas really bring this mix to life! 

White Confetti Pop's & June's Mix of the Month

A playful combination designed to inspire to add the final touches to your big day, the soft colours of June's mix will harmonise beautifully with any wedding theme to create a stunning confetti-photography scene that will stop your guests in their tracks.

There are a variety of ways you can incorporate this colour palette into your special day.

To get some inspiration, make sure to take a look at our Pinterest board for a bunch of décor styling suggestions, elegant floral arrangements and not to mention our favourite unique cake decoration ideas.

It's worth noting that one of our favourite trends this year is mixing up your bridesmaids' dresses – why pick several of the same dress when you could explore a variety of fashionable styles, shapes, lengths and colours? Motto for this month: stretch the limits of your creativity and think outside the box.

Do you do samples?

Yes, we do! We understand that when it comes to planning your wedding day you want every aspect of the day to be perfect. That's why, when it comes to choosing the right confetti mix, it can take time to make sure it's the right fir for your chosen colour scheme.

June's Mix of the Month: Candy Floss, Icing Sugar & Frosted Blue Delphiniums with Candy Floss & Duck Egg Large Petals.

We offer a confetti sample service to help make the decision making that little bit easier for you. It's only £2 for a box of petal confetti samples, which are chosen by you, hand packed in our petal shed and delivered straight to your door. 

You can choose up to 5 confetti samples which will come with a leaflet of useful advice, tips and tricks as well as a cute little scented flower card to add to your wedding planner. Rest assured that all of your samples will come labelled.

Why not order a sample of our Mix of the Month today alongside 4 more of your favourite mixes and invite your bridal party 'round for a little petal-picking party before the big day. 

Is your Confetti Biodegradable?

We are committed to the production of eco-friendly and sustainable confetti products, and so you'll be happy to hear that due to the natural nature of our petal confetti, it's 100% biodegradable and dye free. So, if your venue is sustainability savvy, they will be more than happy to accommodate your confetti choice.

Our delphiniums and wildflowers are all sown by our clever little flower robots – once grown, they're hand picked, depetalled and dried on our Shropshire farm. We have our hands involved in the whole process, so we can petal-picking hand on heart say that you are getting the very best of British-grown petal confetti. 

Dried Flower Wheat Sheaf & Delphinium Bunches

Just like blossom falling from a tree, our petals are as natural as the day they begin to bloom. We also offer sustainable dried flowers too, so if you are looking to create eco-friendly floral arrangements to compliment your confetti, check out our dried flower bunches and arrangements.

How much confetti do I need?

The simple answer is you can never have too much confetti! And we are not just saying that as the growers, but as the experts!

We always recommend following this simple rule: 1 litre of our delphinium and wildflower mixes will provide you with roughly 10-12 handfuls of confetti (20 or so for little hands). So, if you have approximately 50, you'll need around 5 litres of confetti; for 100 guests, around 10 litres; and so on.

Customer Confetti Moment - Photographer Unknown 

If you are still a little unsure and would like to figure it out a little more in depth, have a super handy confetti calculator to help you. 

If you want that confetti moment to go out with a bang, take a look at our confetti cannons too, for not only will it make that moment one to be remembered, but it's also almost certain to leave your guests in awe!

How to Display Your Confetti

There are many ways that you can incorporate petal confetti into your big day. If you're planning a big, interactive confetti moment at the heart of a venue where everyone can get involved, why not set up a confetti bar? This is a really fun option for everyone, as adults and children alike can pick from a selection of your favourite mixes!

For the best results, select three or more of your favourite confetti mixes, pop them in decorative jars and place a mixing bowl in the centre. Allow them to make their very own mix, ready to shower over you as newlyweds. To gather some inspiration, you can always check out our pick & mix service on our website too.

Shropshire Box with Pink Cones & June's Mix of the Month

If you are planning a more traditional confetti moment, our confetti baskets, Shropshire boxes and cone boxes can easily be handed out by a member of the bridal party after the service. 

We wish you all the best with your wedding planning!

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Love, SP XX