Shropshire Petals Flower Field Aerial Photo

Our mission: "To sustainably provide the best nature has to offer, produced with integrity on our family farm". 

We grow a variety of flowers including delphiniums, calendula & cornflowers. These petals are used for weddings, parties, events, PR launches, and occasions alongside the use in candles, soaps, shampoo bars, bath bombs, cosmetics and more.

Shropshire Petals was started by Michael and Rosemary Bubb almost 20 years ago, when the dried flower market became less fashionable they found a demand for dried flower petals to use as wedding confetti. This offered the farm an environmentally friendly diversification.

A customer request for petals from their delphinium bunches led to the light bulb moment. After years of selling the petals on their stems, we could let them fall, as nature intended; 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly confetti was born. You can hear all about our history by visiting our history page
Meet the Shropshire Petals Team

Today, their two sons; Jim and John, are at the helm. Occasionally, the youngest members of the Bubb family can be seen popping in to say hello and learning the ropes too, just as Jim and John did, and Michael before them.

Whilst the team has now grown outside the Bubb family, the family ethos still remains strong. Visit our Meet the Team page to get to know our friendly faces. 

Through development in market trends, talking to our wonderful customers and continual field trials, our Shropshire farm has a wide variety of delphinium and wildflowers. Our customers have the largest range of colours available on the market today without the need to add any dyes.

Our petals are picked and processed by hand on the farm, ensuring the highest quality petals whilst keeping our carbon footprint low. At the core of our business is nature, sustainability and integrity in all that we do. 

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