Pick & Mix Confetti

Delphinium & Wildflower

Choose from our collection of delphinium and wildflower petals (up to 4 colours)

  • Icing Sugar

    Icing Sugar

  • Candy Floss

    Candy Floss

  • Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom

  • Burgundy Berry

    Burgundy Berry

  • Frosted Blue

    Frosted Blue

  • Blue Bird

    Blue Bird

  • Lovely Lilac

    Lovely Lilac

  • Amethyst


  • Lady Grey

    Lady Grey

  • Midnight Bloom

    Midnight Bloom

  • Honey'B


  • Ginger Snap

    Ginger Snap

  • Black Tie

    Black Tie

Larger Petal

Choose from our collection of Larger Petals (up to 2 colours)

  • Promise


  • Peony Pink

    Peony Pink

  • Flamingo Pink

    Flamingo Pink

  • Cerise


  • Delilah


  • Damson Wine

    Damson Wine

  • Sunset


  • Lady in Red

    Lady in Red

  • Burgundy


  • Wisteria


  • Mother of Pearl

    Mother of Pearl

  • Envy


  • Eucalyptus


  • Daisy Daisy

    Daisy Daisy

  • Ivory


  • Golden Slumber

    Golden Slumber

  • Clementine


  • Burnt Orange

    Burnt Orange

  • Lilac Haze

    Lilac Haze

Choose your cone colour
From £2.50

All our petals are natural, biodegradable and beautiful.

When to Order

If your wedding is less than 3 months away you can order now and have everything delivered right away.

If your wedding is over 3 months away, order now with Delayed Delivery. You tell us your wedding date, and we send your order out 1 month before the big day.

How Much to Order

Imagine your guests as handfuls of confetti. If you want to provide every guest with a handful, or half your guests.

  • 1 Litre = 10-12 handfuls/guests
  • 5 litres = 50-60 handfuls/guests
  • 10 litres = 100-120 handfuls/guests

We measure all our petal confetti in litres and find 1 litre is enough for 10-12 handfuls.

Aim to provide enough confetti for at least half your guests. So if you've got 100 guests, we recommend 5 litres as a minimum for half you guests to throw, or 10 litres for all your guests to throw.

Delivery Info

We offer FREE UK standard delivery on all orders over £70!

Our Standard UK delivery takes 3-5 working days and prices start from £4.45

Our Special UK delivery is a next working day service, prices start from £8.50. Place your order before midday on a working day for same day dispatch, and delivery should be the next working day. 

Our delivery is calculated by weight so once your items are in the basket your delivery will calculate at the checkout.