So you're planning your wedding day and you're not sure how much biodegradable petal confetti you should provide for your guests? Don't worry Shropshire Petals can help.

Why provide confetti for your guests to throw?

We recommend couples to order their own biodegradable petal confetti. Years ago guests used to bring confetti, but it's not common practise these days and could result in disappointment, as guests might bring non-biodegradable confetti, or not enough confetti for everyone.

The best way to get an incredible confetti shot on your wedding day is to provide it for your guests. Plus you get to have a lot of fun with choosing your wedding confetti!

Always choose dried petal confetti for your wedding, it naturally biodegrades within a few days, it's beautiful, sustainable and environmentally friendly. You can pick petal colours that compliment your wedding colours, wow your guests with fun display options and get the most amazing confetti photos!

How much throwing confetti do I need?

We've broken it down into 3 simple steps, to work out how much biodegradable petal confetti you need for your wedding confetti photo:

  1. Consider how many wedding guests are coming
  2. Decide if you want everyone to throw, or just half your guests
  3. Use our online Confetti Calculator that will work out how many litres of confetti you need to make your big day epic! 

Once you've entered all the info into the calculator it will show you a recommended amount of confetti. Just remember you can still go back to change any numbers or answers if you're not sure at this stage. Also, you can always choose to have more confetti and use any left over confetti to go into your wedding album, or inside your wedding photo frame as a memento of the day. 

Here's a handy reminder of how confetti litres convert to handfuls:

 1 litre 10-12 handfuls
5 litres 50-60 handfuls
10 litres 100-120 handfuls

What does 4 litres of confetti look like? 

If you're wondering what 4 litres of confetti thrown looks like, here's a gorgeous confetti shot from Katie and Nathan's wedding day. They had 40 wedding guests and they wanted everyone to throw so they ordered 4 litres of Pink Lemonade confetti to get this amazing confetti moment!

What does 10 Litres of confetti look like?

Below Ashley and James chose to order 10 litres of Tutti Fruity to get this incredible confetti shot taken by their wedding photographer, Lisa Webb. This love this confetti shower effect!

Other uses for petal confetti

Most of our couples use our petal confetti for throwing confetti, but there are so many other options when it comes to celebrating your wedding day!

Other uses for petal confetti:

  • Flower Girls
  • Table Decor
  • Petal Path

Flower Girls

There's nothing more adorable than a little flower girl, page boy, or even a flower gran sprinkling dried petals down the aisle ahead of the bride. It's elegant, is sure to delight your wedding guests and gets your loved ones involved in the big day. 

We recommend 1 Flower Girl basket filled with your choice of petal confetti per flower girl/page boy or flower gran. 

Adding Confetti to your Table Decor

Add a pop of colour, texture and detail to your table decor, or venue styling with a scattering of beautiful dried flower petals. Choose a colour that compliments your wedding colour scheme and get your bridal party, coordinator or stylist to sprinkle on the tables or decor ahead of time. 

  • 1 Litre of our smaller petals (like delphiniums, cornflowers, calendula and wildflowers) will lightly scatter over 5-10 medium tables. 
  • 1 litre of larger petals (like roses and hydrangeas) will lightly scatter over 2.5-5 tables.

Try our Confetti Calculator to work out how much you'd need.

Create a Petal Path

There's something romantic about creating a pathway with real dried petals. Add texture and colour to your aisle with a scattering of petals, whether your getting married in a church, venue, or outdoors. 

  • 1 Litre of our smaller petals (like delphiniums, cornflowers, calendula and wildflowers) will lightly scatter over 2 square metres
  • 1 litre of larger petals (like roses and hydrangeas) will lightly scatter over 1 square metre.

Try our Confetti Calculator to work out how much you'd need.

Photo credit: Sammy Taylor Wedding Photographer, at Wickerwood Farm Wedding Venue

What's next

Once you know how much confetti you need for your wedding day, follow these simple steps:

  1. Choose what petal colours you'd like, did you know we have a handy confetti sample service? You can order up to 5 confetti samples right to your door!
  2. Choose a packaging option you like and order the volume that works for your wedding. If you have 50 guests throwing confetti, we recommend 5 litres of confetti, or if you have 100 guests throwing confetti, we recommend 10 litres of confetti. 
  3. Order online. If your wedding is less than 3 months away, you can order with immediate delivery. If your wedding is over 3 months away, order now and choose our delayed delivery option. 

Why measure by the litre?

Our dried petals are incredibly lightweight, as light as a feature. That's what makes them gently float down to the ground, giving your photographer plenty of time to get those all important photographs on your wedding day.

We grow a variety of different petals, and their weight varies from flower to flower, and season to season. That's why we measure all our petals by volume, this makes it simple and consistent, 1 litres = 10-12 handfuls.

Need some help?

If you're still not sure how much confetti you might need for your big day, you can get in touch, we are always happy to help.