Ah, May - a month that ushers in the vibrant bloom of spring, where nature awakens in a riot of colours and fragrances. It's a time of celebration, renewal, and love, making it the perfect backdrop for weddings and joyous occasions. At Shropshire Petals, we're captivated by the spirit of May, and we've crafted something special to complement its beauty: introducing May's Confetti Mix of The Month.


Image: Confetti Basket


A Confetti Mix Made for the Season

This vibrant mix captures the essence of the season with a delightful blend of bright orange Clementine Rose Petals, soft pink Icing Sugar Delphiniums, sunny yellow Ginger Snap Calendula, and deep Envy Green Hydrangeas. Imagine these natural beauties swirling through the air, showering your special day in a cascade of eco-friendly delight.



Our confetti mix is a dream come true for brides seeking a touch of whimsy that complements their spring or early summer wedding. Picture it – a bridesmaid in a flowing blush gown, holding a bouquet overflowing with peonies and roses. As she throws a handful of confetti, the vibrant mix reflects the blooms in her bouquet, creating a picture-perfect moment.

Naturally Beautiful and Eco-Friendly

Our May Confetti Mix isn't just beautiful; it's also eco-friendly. We're passionate about sustainable practices, which is why all our confetti is made from 100% natural, biodegradable dried flower petals. We grow, pick, and package everything right here on our Shropshire farm, ensuring the highest quality and the lowest environmental impact.

Image: Confetti Pail


How to Display Your Wedding Confetti

Displaying your wedding confetti is all about personal preference and adding your style. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

Rustic Charm: Planning a barn wedding? Confetti Baskets add a touch of country charm and allow guests to grab a handful easily.

Elegant Affair: Getting married at a stunning manor or stately home? Consider our Shropshire Box, Confetti Cones or Sachets for a touch of sophistication.

Grand Exit Spectacle: Want to wow your guests? Our Confetti Cannons* create a dramatic exit as you leave as newlyweds.

Keeping the Kids Entertained: Confetti Wands* are a fun way to keep the little ones entertained during the celebration.

*Please note these items can only be filled with delphinium and wildflower petals.

Image: Confetti Cones

When to Order Your Wedding Confetti

It's never too early to order your wedding confetti! Here's a guide to help you plan:

Less than 3 months away: Order now with immediate delivery to ensure your confetti arrives in plenty of time.

More than 3 months away: Take advantage of our Delayed Delivery service. Order now, and we'll store your confetti securely until a month before your wedding day. This allows you to check confetti off your to-do list early and gives you peace of mind, knowing it will arrive fresh for the big day. Plus, Delayed Delivery orders can be easily updated if your plans change.

Image: Confetti Pops

So, let your celebrations bloom with the vibrancy and eco-friendliness of our special Confetti Mix of The Month. It's the perfect way to add a touch of magic to your special day, all while leaving a positive footprint on the planet.

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With Love, SP xx