Let's face it, when it comes to weddings, getting that all important confetti shot signifies the start of the party! It's the ultimate celebration of joy, love and happiness. So when you're considering what confetti to celebrate your big day with, it's worth bearing in mind what the options are, and what's best for you and the environment. 

Here at Shropshire Petals, it's our mission to offer the best quality nature has to offer, that's why we only offer the highest quality eco-friendly confetti made from real petals. Our confetti is grown on our farm in Shropshire, hand-picked, and carefully dried on the farm. Being involved in every step of the process, allows us to proudly say that with hand on heart, you are getting the very best of the best biodegradable wedding confetti!

Personalised confetti Sachets from Shropshire Petals

Where does the tradition of throwing confetti originate from?

Confetti has always been a lovely wedding tradition stemming from the middle ages; where it was customary to shower the newly married couple with petals as they exited their ceremony to bring them prosperity and fertility. This wonderful tradition has developed new meanings over time, but confetti is still thrown to celebrate the love of the newlyweds and start the party!

With so much choice it is essential to note that not all of these products are environmentally friendly. Which is why biodegradable confetti should be your only option when searching for confetti, as it is kind to our environment.

Real Wedding by Gemma Giorgio - Featuring Shropshire Petals Berries and Cherries Confetti Mix

Why should you choose biodegradable petal confetti?

Biodegradable petal confetti is beautiful, as it's made from real dried flower petals. There are a multitude of different petals and natural colours to choose from to create the perfect mix for your big day.

The petals are lightweight, so when your guests throw them in the air, they create a wonderful shower effect, allowing your photographer to take spectacular shots of you all to remember for decades.

They're grown, not made, so require very little energy compared to making paper, which requires milling trees, then pulping, bleaching, dyeing and so on. Our petals are simply grown, dried and sent worldwide.

Petal Confetti is good for the environment as the flower fields provide extra food and habitat to the local wildlife during the growing period.

After the big day the petals naturally biodegrade when subject to the elements, no one needs to clean up and there is no negative effect on the surroundings. Why would anyone choose anything other than biodegradable petal confetti?

Is All Biodegradable Confetti Natural?

Unfortunately, not all biodegradable confetti is the result of a natural product, which is why it is important to do your research. Biodegradable simply means that the product is capable of breaking down naturally. Whilst many options for biodegradable confetti are available such as petals, paper and leaves, there are also biodegradable plastics on the market which are not as eco-friendly.

Shropshire Petals Pick and Mix

Will My Venue Allow Confetti?

Biodegradable petal confetti, has become the preferred option for venues around the globe. Venues and churches often faced consecutive weddings, resulting in the overwhelming task of clearing away confetti after the ceremony. As couples are increasingly considering the environmental impact of their wedding day suppliers, biodegradable petal confetti has been the firm favourite.

This eco-friendly choice ensures the confetti will naturally disappear, just like the gentle descent of blossoms falling from a tree (how beautiful is that?) Eventually, the confetti breaks down and seamlessly integrates into the surrounding nature. Many venues now encourage and recommend that couples choose biodegradable petal confetti for its eco-friendly credentials and sustainable qualities!

We always recommend to check your venue's petal policy before ordering your confetti, as it is always best to be sure you can celebrate in style that big confetti moment! You can always order a confetti sample online and take it to your next venue meeting to show them what you're thinking of using. 

Venue: Botley Hill Barn - Image by Pierre G Photography

How Can I Ensure My Confetti is Both Biodegradable and Beautiful? 

We totally understand that you do not only want to choose the sustainable option for your wedding, but you shouldn't have to compromise on how beautiful it looks, after all every detail of your day you have carefully thought out and selected so you do not want your confetti to be anything short of spectacular.

Our confetti mixes have been carefully curated using 100% natural dried petals, and are completely dye free! Allowing you to be able to not only choose a colourful mix to match your wedding colour scheme, but you can even make the most of our pick and mix tool to make a bespoke biodegradable confetti mix! (You can thank us later).

Shropshire Petals Confetti Field 

Ways to Display Biodegradable Wedding Confetti 

Now you've chosen the perfect mix, here's some ideas to display it to wow your guests. Whether you're a fan of the traditional wicker confetti basket, or, you choose our Shropshire Box (which comes with 25 cones), ready for your guests to grab a cone or a handful of confetti for a truly epic confetti shower. We have a variety of options for you to choose from. 

If you prefer a personalised touch, take a look at our confetti sachets, fully recyclable and finished with a customised sticker to hand out to each of your guests. We also offer a returns service with our confetti pops, all you have to do is post them back with the returns label provided and we can re-cycle from for another wedding. Ensuring we are doing our bit for a greener future. How amazing is that?

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Happy wedding planning!

With Love SP xxx