When it comes to confetti there is absolutely no right or wrong way to display it, it's really down to what feels rights for you. Whether you are having a rustic barn theme, going for an industrial vibe or even a modern contemporary look we have a huge range of choices to help you display confetti for your guests. Some couples like to setup a confetti station while others keep it simple.

There's something for everyone in our Top 5 Ways to Display Wedding Confetti

Image: Pink Embossed cones with Blush Mix

1.Personalised Sachets

Adding personalised details to your big day will really show off your signature style, it's the perfect way to make your wedding day as unique as you are. These custom confetti sachets are completely bespoke for you and made to order so you can match them to your wedding colours and theme. Choose from 5 different personalised themes, Cottage Garden, Geometric, Hearts, Lace and Woodland, then add your names, dates or even location for that extra special touch.

We pre-fill each glassine sachet in the petal shed (one less job for you to worry about!) with a handful of your chosen biodegradable eco-friendly confetti made from real flowers grown on our Shropshire farm. Simply place your Personalised Confetti Glassine Sachets on each guests chairs the morning of the wedding, or attach them to your order of service. All the petals are safely contained inside so your guests don't need to worry about damaging the delicate petals when holding them.

For those of you planning a destination wedding these are particularly great as they will take up very little space in your suitcase. As they are made from glassine, they are very easy to recycle after the big day too.

2. Shropshire Box

A popular choice for weddings, the Shropshire Box display will most certainly impress your guests. This gorgeous box is available in White and Kraft and comes complete with 25 cones and enough confetti to fill them.

We have a wide selection of cones from our beautifully embossed colours to our patterned ones. Delegate the job to a member of the bridal party the morning of the wedding to set up the box and fill the cones (it's so simple and will only take minutes). Ask them to position it near the ceremony exit, that way your guests will know to take a cone as they leave.

It can also be kept as a memory box long after the big day to hold all your valuable mementos and photos in the one place.

Opt go the extra mile with our Personalised Shropshire Box, you can add your names and wedding date to the cones of your choice

3. Confetti Basket

Our confetti basket has all the rustic feels and is such a simple yet effective way to display your confetti. This traditional basket holds 50-60 handfuls of confetti and is perfect for your bridesmaids to carry around and ensure each of your guests get a handful in preparation for the all-important confetti moment.

The bridesmaids can also give your guests some pointers on how to throw when they pass the confetti around. Remember the key is to throw nice and high so that the confetti flutters slowly to the ground, avoid throwing at the face at all costs (it would surprise you how many people do this). 

4. Confetti Pops

If you're looking for a less traditional way to present your confetti then our confetti pops are certainly a fun alternative!

Each pop holds a handful of biodegradable confetti and are so easy to use; simply pop the top, hold them high and throw the confetti as the newly-weds pass by. They make for a wow factor confetti shot and are a lovely feature when placed together in our Confetti Pop Box.

These fantastic little pops can be reused again and again, or recycle them once you've finished with them.

Image: Confetti Pops with Frosted Blue, Blue Bird, Cherry Blossom and Peony Petals

5. DIY Confetti Cone Display 

Wedding DIY's can be so much fun, some can be time consuming but trust us this one isn't. Make your own unique confetti display for your wedding day by hanging confetti filled cones with pegs for guests to take, it's super simple.

Materials that you will need:


DIY Confetti Cone Display Steps:

  1. Remove the glass from your picture frame
  2. Cut 3 pieces of brown string and position it on wooden frame using drawing pins to secure it
  3. Select your cones and peg them to the string
  4. Once you're happy with how your cones look fill them with confetti
Image: Pink embossed cones with Blush confetti Mix
Dried flowers: Candy Floss, Cherry Blossom and Icing Sugar Bunches

If you want to make a feature of this dedicated confetti station dress it with pretty dried flowers and a little 'Throw me' sign, it will look adorable and make for some pretty background shots, plus the guests can go and help themselves. 

When to Order Wedding Confetti

The petal shed is getting a lot busier as we now head into the spring months so it's best to order sooner rather than later to avoid disappointment. 

Our petals delphinium and wildflower petals will actually keep for around 12 months, where as our larger petals like roses or hydrangea for up to 3 months, so to keep it simple if you order over 3 months away from your big day you can select our Delayed Delivery service.

That means, you order whenever you know what you want, we keep it safe and secure in our Petal Shed on the Shropshire Petals farm and around a month before your big day we send it out to you via Royal Mail (or Parcel Force).

Alternatively, if your wedding is less than 3 months away you can order now and have everything delivery straight away. We also have an express delivery for last minute orders too, for those last-minute emergencies. Don't forget the confetti! 

P.S. We've got a really handy confetti calculator that will let you know how much you need for your big day! Simply input how many wedding guests you have coming and follow the recommendation.

Love SP xX