Summertime on the Farm

It's summertime on the farm -- by far our favourite time of year! Although the team gets busier, it also when all the fun starts. While our dispatch team is working hard to fulfil your custom confetti orders, Laura, our Operations Manager, has her harvest team spending long hours in the fields hand-picking all our bunches. These will be depetaled, dried and safely stored away for the busy wedding season of 2024.

Harvest Team Picking our Icing Sugar Bunches

Harvesting our Confetti Fields 

We are grateful that, so far this year, the weather has been on our side, featuring plenty of sunshine and some gentle intermittent rain. Although we could do with a touch more, we're not asking for any more storms; unfortunately, whilst they give our flowers plenty of water, they can flatten the crop, which is definitely not ideal. 

The picking of our cornflowers has well and truly commenced; we have even started depetalling our Blue Bird bunches and Burgundy petal heads. This year's harvest includes even more of our popular colours, including blue, burgundy, lilac and black, all of which will be incorporated into our popular mixes – or set aside for you to create your own bespoke mix!

Harvested Blue Bird Confetti 

Meanwhile, our delphiniums are standing tall and bursting with vibrant blues, pinks, purples and crisp whites as they flood our petal fields with a rainbow's worth of colour. If you look at the photos, it might be easy to see why this is our favourite time of the year... Wdefinitely consider ourselves lucky to walk through our petal fields and call it work.

Bee's loving our Burgundy Berry Cornflowers 

Not just serving the purpose of petal confetti, our petal fields are also a haven for the flora and fauna we're lucking to live amongst. It is incredibly rewarding to witness something so beautiful giving back to nature. The bees and butterflies are particularly fond of our cornflowers!

Our Candy Floss delphiniums exude a romantic allure as they stand proud and tall. If you'd like to see how these stunning blooms transform into confetti, be sure to explore our samples service. Here you can order up to 5 samples of your favourite mixes, all of which are shipped in letterbox friendly packaging alongside a little scented flower card. Some of our popular pink mixes include Berries and CherriesBlushPink Lemonade, and Wonderland. Alternatively, you can also check out our pick and mix service, where you have the freedom to create a bespoke confetti mix as unique as your special day.

We thoroughly enjoy creating the mixes here at Shropshire Petals, whether it's on a larger scale in the back of a trailer or through the smaller custom orders we receive. Being able to witness firsthand how the colours pop never fails to put a smile on our faces!

Candy Floss Delphiniums in Bloom 

Visit our Confetti Fields 

If you're longing for the experience of walking through our picturesque petal fields, you're in luck! This year, we are delighted to open our flower fields to the public. You'll have the opportunity to leisurely stroll among the enchanting delphiniums and wildflowers, perhaps at the same time as enjoying a picnic and capturing countless photos of family and friends that you'll no doubt look back on with the fondest of memories.

Shropshire Petal Fields 

To ensure a seamless event-prep experience, we have partnered with Shropshire Festivals, who will be organising and overseeing the event. Should you have any questions or queries, they will be more than happy to address them and lend a helping hand. 

To secure your tickets, please visit our booking page. If you have any questions, please consult the FAQ section for more information. For photographers interested in booking a pass, you can conveniently do so by visiting the designated booking page.

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Love, SP XX