Sunshine, warmth, and longer days – summer is a season brimming with joy, making it a perfect time to tie the knot! Here at Shropshire Petals, we adore summer weddings for the effortless beauty and endless possibilities they offer. From vibrant blooms to breathtaking outdoor settings, summer weddings create a magical atmosphere that celebrates love and happiness.

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The key trend for 2024 summer weddings is bright and bold colourful palettes. This is fantastic news for you vibrant colour loving couples who are having a summer celebration, as it allows you to embrace the season's vibrancy and create a truly unforgettable atmosphere. Here are 3 colour trends that we're loving right now…

Bold and Beautiful Pinks

Pink isn't going anywhere, and this summer, it's getting a bold and beautiful makeover! While soft pinks and blushes will always be a romantic choice, 2024 weddings are all about embracing the vibrancy of summer with super-saturated tones. This trend celebrates vibrant hues - imagine your bridesmaids walking down the aisle in stunning hot pink dresses, reminiscent of the vibrant hues seen in this Rewritten silk gown. Center-pieces overflowing with fuchsia blooms, and table linens in a playful shade of watermelon.

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To truly complement this bold pink theme, consider a vibrant confetti toss featuring a stunning shower of pink petals. We have a wide range of pink petals to choose from, from soft Blush and delicate Cherry Blossom to vibrant Candy Floss Delphiniums and show-stopping CeriseFlamingo Pink, and Peony Pink Rose Petals.

For the perfect confetti shot, we recommend a mix of petal sizes. Delphiniums, with their graceful flutter, create a stunning aerial display, while our larger petals add a burst of colour to match your vibrant theme. Create your own bespoke confetti mix using our Pick and Mix Confetti option. We envision a captivating combination of Cherry BlossomCandy Floss and Icing Sugar delphiniums floating alongside Cerise and Flamingo Pink Rose Petals. Present this beautiful mix in our Shropshire Box with Pink Cones for a picture-perfect send-off.

Summer Sunset Soiree

This show-stopping trend, inspired by Pantone's Colour of the Year, Peach Fuzz, captures that very essence. Energetic peaches, mellow yellows, tangerine accents, and rusty oranges create a vibrant palette that bursts with life. Envision your bridesmaids in a flowy peach dress, capturing the essence of summer sunsets, similar to this beautiful design by Nobody's Child, whilst carrying bouquets overflowing with bright peonies, peachy dahlias, and pops of orange roses.

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This colour palette is perfect for an outdoor wedding, allowing the natural beauty of the summer landscape to complement your theme. You can add a touch of rustic charm with wooden tables and chairs, or go for a more elegant look with gold accents and flowing white linens.

Confetti Basket

As you embark on your new chapter together, walk down an aisle adorned with an eco-friendly ombre petal path! Start with our vibrant Clementine Rose Petals that gradually transition to a layer of Burnt Orange rose petals, creating a stunning visual effect. For the grand finale, shower yourselves in a custom confetti blend of Burnt Orange and Golden Slumber Rose petals, Icing Sugar delphiniums and Honey B Calendula. This vibrant mix will add a pop of colour to your photos and perfectly complement the overall theme. Pop this mix in our Confetti Basket, perfect for your bridal party to hold and easily offer wedding guests a handful of confetti to throw.

Light and Airy

At a time when bold palettes are dominating the top wedding colours these softer options feel extra-romantic. For a classic summer look, we're enjoying the light and airy colours like sky blue, lavender, or a neutral beige. This combination is perfect for creating a elegant atmosphere.

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This corn flower blue statement shoulder shiffon bridesmaid dress from Six Stores would complement a Lavender Dried Flower Posy beautifully. Envision an enchanting walkway adorned with Duckegg Blue Hydrangeas and Ivory Rose Petals, guiding the way down the aisle to the ceremony backdrop. Picture the ceremony space with wispy white fabric draped across chairs, adorned with bunches of lavender and sky-blue blooms for a truly captivating atmosphere

In shades of lavender and light blue, we offer beautiful petal confetti options like Lovely Lilac cornflowersSummer Sky and Frosted Blue delphiniumsDuckegg blue and Lilac Haze Hydrangea petals. Add the perfect finishing touch to your ceremony exit by having your guests shower you in a mixture of these dreamy, biodegradable petals presented in personalised cones coordinated with your theme.

Tips for choosing your wedding colour palette

1. Consider your venue:

The colours you choose should complement the style of your venue. For example, if you're getting married in a rustic barn, you might want to choose earthy tones. If you're getting married in a classic ballroom, you might want to choose more elegant colours.

2. Think about your personal style:

Your wedding colours should reflect your personal style as a couple. If you love bold colours, don't be afraid to go for it! If you prefer a more muted palette, that's perfectly fine too. It's your day after all, and you want to look back in years to come and not regret a thing. You do you!

3. Don't forget about the flowers:

When choosing your flowers, keep your wedding colours in mind. You can use your flowers to create a cohesive look throughout your wedding.

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