Each year (around June) we all celebrate British Flowers Week!

We absolutely love that this week-long celebration unites British flower growers, wholesalers, independent florists and flower lovers to show support for the country's amazing flower industry. Together raising awareness within their own community, inspiring and encouraging people to purchase the stunning home-grown flowers this glorious country has to offer.

More than ever, we are seeing people starting to question provenance and locally grown for flowers as well as food. It's also great to see that sustainability and an eco-concious outlook is becoming even more prevalent too for our couples when planning their big day. With more couples opting to work with suppliers on their doorstep. It's certainly an ethical movement we can all get behind!

Image: Cornflowers growing in our Flower Field

Many are unaware of the environmental impact of importing vast quantities of flowers and confetti from other countries. Knowing where your flowers come from is key to sustainability and accountability, in buying British you are cutting air miles, lowering emissions and most importantly supporting your local economy. As British flower growers we're proud to shout about the benefits of buying British.

Growing British Flowers for Over 30 Years

Here at Shropshire Petals we grow biodegradable confetti on our family run flower farm, so you know where your confetti has come from. We grow a variety of different flowers during the summer time and once they're fully in bloom, our harvest team pick them by hand, dry them onsite to make gorgeous sustainable petal confetti.

Our British grown petals are commonly used for throwing over the newlyweds on their wedding day, but we also grow and pick an array of pretty British dried flowers bunches, which are available on to purchase online, and we use them in our our letterbox bouquets and in our handmade dried flower arrangements.

High Quality Flowers

There is a lot of love and care that goes into British grown flowers, trust us we know! Did you know that your local flower grower will be up at the crack of dawn to cut your fresh British flowers so they are at their highest quality, when delivered to you?

Like all British flower growers, we take the quality of our crops very seriously. That's why we regularly check on the progress of the blooms, and pick each flower stem by hand when they are absolutely perfect. By following this meticulous process, we know our couples receive only the best wedding confetti on their big day, or dried flowers for the perfect home decor styling.

Image: Handful of Summer Nights Confetti

It's safe to say, it's quite a delight to be picking flowers on our flower farm during the summer months (that's when the British weather is behaving!). This week our dedicated flower picking teams have been harvesting our delightful blue cornflowers to make our biodegradable 
Blue Bird petal confetti, and the weather has been just glorious.

Image: Harvest team hand picking our cornflowers

Supporting Wildlife and Biodiversity

By supporting your local flowers farmers you are not only helping to boost the UK economy you're also providing a save havens to the bee, insect and wildlife populations of your area.

During the summertime, our flower field provides a large metropolis for wildlife including bees. They especially love our cornflowers, in fact, our cornflowers have a hum as the bees gather to collect pollen.

Image: A little bee enjoying our Burgundy Berry Cornflowers

Helping your local grower's business will in turn stimulate their growth and expansion which will mean more flowers for the bees and other pollinators who make a positive impact on our eco system, so it's win-win situation all around.

Reduced Flower Miles

"The carbon footprint of imported flowers can be 10 times that of a homegrown bouquet." - Becki Swim - Lancaster University

Buying British flowers means less air miles, and less of a carbon footprint on our beautiful environment! The only air miles that are accumulated with local blooms, is when the pollinating insects and wildlife are roaming the flower fields.

Image: Giant Bubble Bee made from British Flowers in our Flower Field

Use Less Resources

Our British grown petal confetti requires no way near the same level of energy compared to other confetti options on the market like paper, metallic or synthetic materials, as it only take a few months to grow and carries a very low carbon footprint. Unlike Paper confetti which requires heavy processing and trees take years to grow large enough for milling.

All our biodegradable petal confetti is 100% natural in colour, no dyes are ever added. The same can't be said for some of the dyes used for paper confetti that can be extremely harmful to the environment.

Image: Confetti Basket with Forget Me Knot Confetti 

British Flowers Last Longer

Cutting out the air miles means your fresh British blooms will be so much fresher when they arrive and last much longer.

One of the biggest trends which is continuing to boom, is the demand for dried flowers, and the shelf life that comes with dried flowers is even better, some lasting months and even years!

In the flower field this week we are also harvesting our Lagurus bunches. Our customers use these dried whimsical grasses in flower bouquets, as part of a fun DIY project or even by itself as a neutral dried flower bunch to give a rustic charm. Our dried flower arrangements make the perfect gift too, especially for someone that loves flowers, not only are they low maintenance but they're long-lasting and eco-friendly.

Image: Lagurus growing in our flower field 

Couples now a days don't want their flowers to 'cost the earth' and that doesn't necessarily mean financially, we are either seeing lots of lovely locally fresh flowers being used at weddings or dried flowers being used throughout. Our Sheaf arrangements are ideal as an alternative natural bridal bouquet, which is great as it can be appreciated long after the big day. Plus there's no need to water this type of bouquet and no drooping by the end of the day too.

Image: Woodland Dried Flower Wheat Sheaf 

From Buttonholes, Posies, Wreaths, Letterbox Bouquets to Mini Bouquets we have something for everyone when it comes to dried flowers. Each dried flower arrangement is handmade in the Shropshire Petals shed, making every piece ever so slightly different and unique to you.

Fairly Paid Workers

Working on a British flower farm might sound pretty idylic, but it's tough work and takes dedication and a willingness to be outside even when it's raining cats and dogs! Our team work incredibly hard, especially so during the summer time, as it's our peak harvest time and also wedding season. We pay our workers very fairly and treat them with respect, after all we're one big family. Without our skilled flower pickers, we wouldn't have any petals for confetti or dried flowers for bunches or arrangements. 

Image: Harvest team hand picking our Cherry Blossom Delphiniums
Bearing this in mind and all the points we have talked above about the wonders of the British flower industry we're hoping the next time you buy fresh/dried flowers or consider your wedding confetti it will be British grown flowers that you choose!

Get Involved in British Flowers Week

Here's our top tips on how you can get involved in British Flowers Week:  

  • Create a beautiful display of British grown flowers and share it on social media using #BritishFlowersWeek to show support.
  • Question where are your flowers grown, what is the impact on the environment, and are workers paid fairly.
Image: Selection of our dried flower bunches

Show Us Your Shropshire Petal Flowers

Whether it's your confetti moment photo, a handmade wreath on your door or a DIY project where you have incorporated our British blooms, make sure to tag us on social and use the hashtag #BritishFlowersWeek

As always, Love SP Xx