With the coronation being the talk of the town, we have created this month's confetti mix, using royal blues, reds, and white, in honour of the Union Jack. If you are planning a British summertime wedding, complete with afternoon tea, lawn games, and transportation fit for royalty, then this mix is the perfect fit.

Pictured: May's Mix of the Month

Our Lady in Red rose petals bring this mix to life as they sit proudly among our Icing Sugar delphiniums, Burgundy Berry, and Bluebird cornflowers. We have put together a Pinterest board to inspire you on how to use this fun and colourful colour scheme. Just pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of Prosecco, and let the ideas take over!

Why use Biodegradable Confetti

Most wedding venues and churches only allow the use of biodegradable confetti made from real flower petals for the wedding ceremony. That's because petal confetti is eco-friendly, non-harmful to the environment, and naturally biodegradable without requiring someone to pick it up. Plus, the petals are incredibly pretty!

Here at the Shropshire Petals farm, we grow all-natural, biodegradable confetti made only from real flower petals. So any petals you choose for your big day will get the seal of approval from your venue!

How Much Confetti Do I Need?

We have a really handy confetti calculator that will let you know how much confetti you need for your big day! Simply input the number of wedding guests you have coming and follow the recommendation. After many years of throwing confetti, we have found that 1 litre of confetti is equivalent to around 10-12 handfuls, or up to 20 handfuls for children.

Remember, you know your guests better than anyone, so if you think everyone is going to throw confetti, make sure to get enough for everyone (or a little more if you fancy having a few confetti throws!). Alternatively, if you think only around half of your guests might throw, you can always opt for a smaller amount.

Pictured: Navy Confetti Cones with May's Mix of the Month

When to order your wedding confetti

All our petals are dried, so they last much longer than fresh petals. In fact, our delphiniums can last for years! That said, when it comes to ordering your wedding confetti, we have an easy rule to follow:

  • If your wedding is less than 3 months away, you can order now for immediate delivery. When your petals arrive, just keep them stored away from heat, moisture, and direct light.
  • If your wedding is over 3 months away, you can order as early as you like with our free Delayed Delivery service. Simply add everything to your basket as normal, and we'll ask you for your wedding date, then dispatch everything closer to your wedding day. It's super simple!

Tag us in your photos

We love to see how you use our confetti, so don't forget to tag us on social media or send your images via email.

Whatever your plans are for the coronation, we hope you enjoy every minute of the celebrations! We shall be raising a glass (or two!) from the petal shed!

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Love, SP XX