Planning a wedding can be an expensive endeavour, especially when you've got you've got a vision for what you want your big day to look and feel like. After the wedding venue, the catering, photographer, cake and of course the very important wedding dress, all ticked off your list, it can all feel a bit overwhelming.

The first exercise on your wedding planning journey is to agree a budget. It might not sound super exciting, but by creating a budget you won't be hit by nasty surprises and as with most couples planning 12-18 months ahead gives you priorities to save up for too. Some aspects of your wedding you might want to go all out for, where as other areas you might not feel as precious.

Create a spreadsheet, or even write something down in your wedding planner, either way, make sure you have a budget for each part of your wedding. If there does happen to be something on your must-have list, but your running short on wedding funds, it might be time to get crafty with some DIY. 

Saving money on your wedding confetti 

Here's a few tips on saving money on your wedding confetti:

Provide confetti for half your guests

If you've got a big wedding party and budget concious, just provide enough confetti for half your guests. That way you get to have some wonderful confetti shots, but keep within your budget. 

Make your wedding confetti part of your gift list

If you've got a gift list, why not ask your guests to help towards the cost of your wedding?

Get crafty with your confetti

To keep costs as manageable as possible, order your wedding confetti in the 1, 5 or 10 litre bags, and then get crafty when it comes to displaying your confetti. If you've baskets at home, pop your wedding confetti in your own baskets. Alternatively, make your own confetti cones with your bridal party before the big day. 

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Saving money on your wedding 

Reusing old things you may have forgotten about is a really great thing to do every little bit of recycling helps after all. And who says it needs to stop at confetti If you're going for a traditionally country garden theme at your wedding, why not make some bunting out of old curtains and other material?

Hiring instead of Buying

Instead of buying your wedding dress, or grooms attire, take a look at hiring as a much more affordable option. Plus it's more sustainable and environmentally friendly when you think of all the resources that have been saved by simply hiring instead of buying new. You could even use hired or borrowed items, as your, 'something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue'. After your big day you could also sell on any purchases you no longer need, or rent them out too. Here's a few place to start: Sell My Wedding, or Rock My Wedding's Recycle

Consider a week day wedding

Did you know you could save a lot of money when it comes to what date you choose as your, 'I Do' day? The most popular day to get married is on a Saturday, and the most popular month is August in the UK. Consider a mid-week wedding out of season and you could save yourself a lot of money, that could be spent in other areas of your dream wedding. 

Who needs wedding favours

If you speak to a wedding planner they usually tell you, you don't need to provide your wedding guests with favours. So many people forget to take them on the day, and you are left with alot of waste afterwards. Save yourself the hassle and expense of wedding favours, I'm sure your guests wouldn't even notice!

We hope you've enjoyed these tips, we love to hear your thoughts and useful advice too. Get in touch via our social media, Facebook, Instagram or via email too. 

Love as always SP x