We love sending our petals to the girls at Bespoke Bride who get creative and make wonderful items using natural petal confetti for our sponsored blog post with them. This time, they have made a stunning DIY confetti ice bucket showing that confetti is not just for throwing!

If you search Pinterest for Ice Buckets, you see lots of fresh fruit ice buckets, so the girls decided to give natural petal confetti a try and what they have made is simply devine!

Today, we are sharing how Bespoke Bride made theirs:

You will need:

  • Natural petal confetti in your choice of colours
  • 1 large bucket
  • 1 smaller bucket (it needs to fit inside the large bucket, and big enough to hold a bottle)
  • Stones

Step 1

Fill the large bucket with 2/3 inches of water and freeze.

Step 2

Once frozen, place the smaller bucket inside the large one and weigh it down with stones to ensure it doesn't float when you add more water.

Step 3

Add water in between the two buckets and pack with your chosen natural petal confetti. Allow to freeze. This will create the first ring of petals.

Step 4

Once frozen, fill the remaining space with water, pack with confetti and freeze again, leaving it overnight.

Step 5

Remove the inner bucket take out the stones and fill the bucket with hot water, letting it sit a while. Pour it out and run warm water all around the outside of the larger bucket to loosen it up until your ice bucket comes out.

Hey presto! You have made your very own DIY confetti ice bucket.  Remember, when you display it on your big day, pop it into a tray or container to catch the melting ice.

Now all you have to do is to choose your confetti. Head to the pick and mix tool to choose your colours.

Get creative and see if you can make patterns or smaller rings of petals in your ice bucket. We're all going to give this ago here at Shropshire Petals post your photos on social media if you have a go too!

Love as always, SP x x