The Shropshire Box is one of our most popular ways of displaying your confetti, a complete package which includes 25 cones and all your confetti to fill, together with a dispensing tray that can be used after your wedding as a keepsake box.

They look beautiful, guests love that they have their own cone full of gorgeous natural petal confetti, what's even better is it makes it easy to transport your confetti!  We often get asked, how do you put together a Shropshire Box?

Follow our step by step guide below, or watch our YouTube Video

Here's how:

Step 1 - 4

  • Start off by getting your Shropshire Box, confetti cones and confetti together.
  • Unwrap your Shropshire Box.
  • Open your Shropshire Box.
  • Take out the two trays in the bottom of your Shropshire Box and turn them upside down.

Step 5 - 8

  • Place the two trays back inside the Shropshire Box, these will hold your cones!
  • Place your cones in the holes of the two trays.
  • Fill the Shropshire Box with all your cones, you will have 25 cones in total.
  • Either face your cones towards each other, or face them all the same way. We've faced them in on each other to look like a rose.

Step 9 - 12

  • Start putting your natural petal confetti into the cones.
  • Stand back and admire your beautiful Shropshire Box.  

From start to finish putting your Shropshire Box together takes around 3 minutes, and as you can see it's super easy! Members of your bridal party are brilliant for encouraging guests to take a cone, so have fun and enjoy your confetti moment! 

Love as always SP xx