Dried flowers are great if you're looking for a natural touch to your wedding day and there are so many interesting ways to present dried flowers as wedding decoration. Here are some ideas we have put together for you!

Place Cards

Combine dried bunches with a label, then add some typography to create yourself a number of place cards. Our Mini Lavender Bundles would be perfect for this, you could keep them as one or take strands to use for a simple decorative touch. With the same idea, you could even make yourself some napkin rings!

Pew Ends or Chairs

Create some statement floral pew or chair ends with a mixture of dried flowers. The Delphinium Bunches will give the room a pop of colour whilst the Wheat adds a rustic touch. When tied with an elegant bow your bunches are ready and will look beautiful as you stroll down the aisle.

Glass Jars

Popping dried flowers in recycled bottles or jars, then using, as a decorative piece is a trend we are in love with - It's creative and so simple to do! Just mix and match dried flowers then pop them into an object of your choice, once done place around your reception room or on tables.

Photo By Henry Lowther - www.henrylowtherphotographer.co.uk

Hanging dried flower feature

Hanging dried flowers upside down is a craft that will never get old and it's a wonderful way of making a room come alive. It adds an element of surprise and smells beautiful too! You could hang them off string over your wedding tables or just have as wall decoration.


All our Dried Flowers are perfect for these ideas.

Just remember there is no right or wrong, so have lots of fun and play around with the arrangement. You will shock yourself with how easy it will be!

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Love as always SP XX