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Reasons Why Dried Flowers Are Just The Best!

Here at Shropshire Petals, we grow an abundance of pretty flowers and we certainly make no secret about sharing the love we all have for the beautiful blooms growing in our flower fields (yes, we're slightly obsessed!). After all, once we grow them, we make some pretty amazing products - not to blow our own trumpet. Today we are shining the spot light on the stunning range of dried flowers we offer.


The variety of flowers grown on our Shropshire Petals family farm are not all used for confetti. When the flowers are at their peak in the summer months, they are handpicked and dried on stillages on our farm to ensure only the best flowers are used. What we love is that each dried flower bunch has a natural and unique beauty which can only come from small-scale production.


Unlike their undried friends our gorgeous fuss-free and long-lasting dried flower are always in season which means we can deliver them to you all year round! Now more than ever we are seeing them used for home interiors, celebrating special occasions, wedding decor and so much more.

Why are dried flower such a sought-after trend and dare we say increasingly taking over from the fresh flowers in popularity these days? Here's the reasons…


They are Sustainable

Our dried flowers are 100% natural and biodegradable, meaning that they are eco-friendly and great for the environment. When harvested fresh cut blooms require constant refrigeration and water, while our dried flowers are simply cut and hung on stillages .They are also much less wasteful than fresh blooms, which last a significantly shorter length of time than dried.

Low Maintenance

It's safe to say that most of us at some point in our life's have been guilty of forgetting to water our fresh blooms and have come home to some pretty sad looking sights! You just don't have this problem with dried flowers, they really are a no brainer for  those of us that struggle to maintain fresh flowers. There's no need to water or feed (winning!),  day-in and day-out these little beauties continue to look as gorgeous as the day you bought them!

This is what makes them perfect for events such as weddings or birthday celebrations. The dried flower arrangements can be made in advanced and even setup in the venue that if you venue allows. A lot less stress and one less thing to worry about. An added bonus is that you can also give them to guests to keep long after the big day.

Long lasting

As long as they are handled with care and kept out of direct sunlight you'll be able to enjoy these dried delights for years to come. Due to their longevity, dried flowers are most defiantly great value for money. Yes, they may work out a tad more expensive than fresh but when you are getting flowers which can last for years it makes them worth every penny. Especially when fresh blooms will last no longer than a week.

The Options are Endless

The versatility of dried flowers have no end and there is nothing we love more than creating our handmade Wreaths, Posys, Buttonholes and Letterbox bouquets for all our lovely customers. We also love trying our hand at the odd dried flower DIY, from pretty dried Flower Cloche's, Dried flower Frame to a Dried Flower Candle Holder. 

The Gift that keeps on giving

If you grow tired of your dried flower arrangement or wreath you don't have to throw them out you can simply add more colours to liven them up. Even adapting them for the changing seasons isn't a hard task, the fact that they are not fragile makes them super easy to rearrange. 

We offer an abundance of colourful dried flower bunches on our website



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