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SP DIY: How to Create a Dried Flower Frame

We don't know if it's just the SP team but when Spring arrives we always want to give our homes a little refresh! One quick and easy way to do this instantly (and inexpensively) is to freshen up or add some new photo frames. And you don't necessarily have to add images to these. Our dried flowers look beautiful enclosed in clear glass frames on walls, shelves, or side tables. Get creative by following our 5 easy steps to create your own Dried Flower Frame.


Materials you will need:

Dried flowers (check out our Dried Letterbox Bouquets )
Glass frame (our frame is from Matalan )
Clear drying glue
Small paint brush
A heavy book (to gently press the dried flowers)
Small paper towel


Step 1: Select Flowers

Before you start make sure you have thoroughly cleaned the glass frames. Trust us you do not want to spend time getting creative to then find at the end that there are marks all over the glass.

Select from your dried bouquet the stems you would like to include in your frame.


Step 2: Cut & Press

Once your selection has been made cut the stems to the required size for your frame. You may want to remove some stems like we have done with the yellow flowers in the image below. Open your heavy book, place your paper towel inside (this will catch any pieces of flowers that may flake) and press down on the flowers gently. Don't add all the flowers at once, do this individually.

Top Tip: Some flowers may be harder to press than others, for those flowers we suggest closing your book and placing a few heavy books on top for a while - pop off and have a cuppa.



Step 3:  Arrange

Organize the flowers neatly so you know what you are working with. Then start to think about how you want them to look in the frame, there is no right or wrong way to do this. We do suggest that you take time to play around with the flowers first. When you have decided on the positioning use your paintbrush to apply the glue to the flowers and press gently onto the glass frame.



Step 4: Assemble

Once you are happy with how you have arranged your flowers, gently place the second piece of glass on top and carefully slide the glass back into the frame. 

Step 5: Enjoy

Now it's time to decide where you will showcase your gorgeous creation. Regardless of where you decide to place it, we know it will brighten up your room and make you smile. If you enjoyed this DIY, make sure to check out our steps to creating a Dried Flower Candle Holder.



We really love to see how people style our dried flowers, so don't forget to tag one of our social media platforms when sharing your creations (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest).

Love the SP team xx



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