About Us

Shropshire Petals grow biodegradable Natural Petal Confetti...

Shropshire Petals was originally known as JM Bubb and Son, a family business established more than 20 years ago by Michael and Rosemary Bubb - both of whom still play a huge part in the business, always on hand to offer their expert advice.

These days Michael's sons, Jonathan and Jim are at the helm, with John coordinating the arable side of the farm and Jim joining us on the flowers side, both maintaining the standards instilled in them by their father and grandfather before them.

Originally specialists in dried flowers, Shropshire Petals has diversified into growing and producing wheat for beautiful wheat arrangements and of course natural petal confetti for weddings.

As part of the farming community, we always recognise the benefits of growing sustainable, environmentally friendly products whilst maintaining a farming practice that's kinder to the countryside... so in 2005 we decided to launch our natural petal confetti.


Our Shropshire farm has fields and fields of delphiniums, cornflowers, calendula and more. All of our petals are 100% natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. They are dried naturally, which keeps their colours beautifully and no dyes are ever added.


We delicately handpick all of our petals to minimise bruising, ensuring only the highest quality petals are used for confetti. Our Pick and Mix feature allows you to get creative and put together your own bespoke mix, perfect for your own wedding day - have a try!

No two days are the same here at Shropshire Petals; we like to be kept on our toes! During the summer we are busy harvesting and sending out lots of orders as it is the main wedding season, and we like to spend the winter months coming up with new product lines to inspire you!

Have a try on our interactive timeline to see how Shropshire Petals has grown!


Shropshire Petals have been recognised by several awards, most recently at The British Wedding Awards 2018 (for the second year running.)