We've been working on a brand new collection of dried flower arrangements in the Shropshire Petals shed. We're so excited to reveal our new Woodland Dried Flower Collection!

Pictured: Woodland Dried Flower Posy

Botanical greens, crisp whites and neutral tones 

As a nation we've embraced the outdoors since the pandemic, with so many of us spending more time appreciating walks in the countryside and taking holidays within the British Isles. This brand new collection is inspired by the natural world, and features, botanical greens, crisp whites and rustic neutral tones.


Pictured: Woodland Dried Flower Wreath

Woodland Home Decor

This brand new collection of handmade dried flower arrangements are perfect for adding a rustic finishing touch to your home interior. Place the Woodland Posy in a signature vase for a long-lasting display, or hang the Woodland Heart Wreath in a window to complete your country styled room. 

The Woodland collection is timeless and works with every season too, you can decorate your Christmas Day table with a gorgeous Dried Flower Wreath laid flat with a candle inside to create the ultimate tablescaping display. 

Dried flower arrangements also make the perfect gift for someone that loves flowers, not only are they low maintenance but they're long-lasting and eco-friendly too. You can add a gift card or handwritten greeting card designed by award winning illustrator Louise Mulgrew to add an extra special personal touch. 


Pictured: Woodland Dried Flower Sheaf


Alternative eco-friendly wedding bouquet

Our Woodland Dried Flower Sheaf is ideal as an alternative natural bridal bouquet. All our dried flowers keep for months and sometimes years, so you can appreciate this alternative bridal bouquet long after the big day. Plus there's no need to water this bouquet and no drooping by the end of the day too. Dried flowers are the perfect addition to your big day if you're a hay fever sufferer too, as there's no pollen to cause issues on your special day. 


Pictured: Woodland Dried Flower Buttonhole 

Our Woodland Posy is a great smaller flower bouquet option for bridesmaids too. They can be delivered ahead of time due to their long-lasting life, and kept by your bridesmaids as a way to remember the special occasion too. Don't forget your wedding party and guests can each wear a beautiful Woodland Buttonhole to bring all your colour palette together too. 

To complete your green, white and neurtral toned wedding theme we recommend either our Enchanted Woods petal confetti mix, or a pick and mix of; Mellow Meadow delphiniums, Snowflake cornflowers, Envy and Daisy Daisy hydrangeas

Pictured: Woodland Dried Flower Sheaf as a table centre

The Collection

Each dried flower arrangement is handmade in the Shropshire Petals shed especially for your order, making every piece ever so slightly different and unique. Each Woodland Arrangement includes our home grown wheat, lagurus, feather grass, statice and ruscus. There is also a range of coloured ribbons to choose from to add an extra personal touch. 

This brand new dried flower collection includes buttonholes, a posy, sheaf, wreath and heart wreath which are all sold separately. You can also choose to create your own wreath or heart wreath with our dried flower making kits (these make great gifts or group activities).

Pictured: Harvesting Lagurus in the Shropshire Petals flower field

Direct from the farm

We've been growing British dried flowers on the Shropshire Petals farm for over 30 years! From lagurus to statice, delphiniums to wheat, our flower fields during the summer time are a stunning haven for wildlife. The flowers are handpicked when they're at their best and dried onsite to make sure their carbon footprint is as low as possible. Dried flowers don't require as many resources as fresh flowers, and they last for months and even years when stored away from heat, moisture and direct light.

We hope you love this brand new collection, we'd love to hear what you think. Make sure to share and tag us in your photos, as it's wonderful to see how you use your arrangement too. 

Love as always SP xx