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Our Circular Economy


Our pledge

This year we have pledged to take our sustainability up a notch. We want the way we do things in the petal shed, around the farm and in our own lives to reflect the ethos of our beautiful natural petals without harming our wonderful planet. We know we're not perfect, but we are trying to be better!

How it works

With this in mind, from today, we will be offering a free return scheme for our packs of plastic products: Pops, Wands, The Confetti Bar jars and our new Personalised Confetti Pillows. We care about their post-consumer life and we'd hate for them to end up in landfill as they can be so easily reused or recycled.

Once you've had your incredible confetti moment and got your amazing photo, why not task your Bridesmaids or Groomsmen with collecting up the empties? Pop them all in a box and stick on the free returns label that came with your order. When you have a moment, put your box in the post and 'Share the love & Love the Planet' by enabling us to reuse your products for another lovely couple on their special day.

Not only do you get that beautiful photo but you also get the opportunity to give a little back too, and it doesn't cost you a thing!

Alternatively, if you have a wonderful recycling scheme at home or can check with your venue, all our plastic is PET and can be recycled with your normal recycling.


Look out for our little eco-card in your order!

Love as always, SP xx



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