Absolutely nothing brings us more joy than witnessing our confetti in wedding photographs! The confetti shot is pure magic. Witnessing the radiant love on the newlyweds' faces as they exit the ceremony, being showered by their closest loved ones with our delightful petals – it's a moment of pure enchantment! This is the moment you don't want to miss as capturing this memory in a photograph allows you to relive that incredible feeling again and again.

Image Credit: Wylde Bee Photography

When it comes to confetti, why limit the fun to just the traditional wedding shot as you exit the ceremony? There really are no strict rules on how to share this moment with your loved ones. You can sprinkle its magic throughout your big day, from start to finish.

To give you some inspiration, we'd love to share some examples of how you can incorporate confetti into various moments of your wedding day. Then, it's up to you to decide which moments you want to make extra special and memorable. Let's get creative together!

Decorative Confetti Ideas

What could be more romantic than a petal path leading to the spot where you'll say 'I do'? It not only adds a touch of enchantment but also makes for stunning photographs.

Shropshire Petals Confetti Canon: Image credit Florence Berry Photography

You can create this look by either scattering our decorative petals along the aisle before your wedding day or, alternatively, having flower girls hold out our Flower Girl Baskets down the aisle, scattering our biodegradable petals moments before you enter. Or even have a flowerman set off a confetti canon before you enter! 

Tablescaping and Décor

When it comes to styling your tables for your wedding day, using petal confetti scattered across the table can add a charming and understated effect. Incorporating your wedding colour schemes into the décor will seamlessly pull everything together as you enter for your wedding breakfast. It is the little touches that make a big difference. If you are unsure of how much to order, you can use our confetti calculator to help you decide how much you require.

Confetti Bar

Now, we know everyone likes to flock to the bar when they reach the wedding reception to ensure their hands are holding that refreshing drink to celebrate as the newlyweds arrive.

But why not change up tradition and add a confetti bar to your reception, you can have as much fun as you like with this trend, and it is great fun to see your guests making up their own little mixes, of your chosen array of colours ready to throw in the air in celebration. 

10 litres of Blush Confetti. Image credit Sarah Carmody Photography

Traditional Confetti Moment

The most popular and traditional confetti shot is an absolute must-capture moment! To ensure you have enough confetti for this magical moment, be sure to use our handy confetti calculator — it'll help you get the quantities just right.

Tutti Fruity Confetti - Image Credit: Elena Popa Photography

Different Ways to Have Your Confetti Moment

If you desire a more unique confetti moment than the traditional walk through a shower of petals or even fancy two, we have a few fun ideas for you to try. You can have so much fun with confetti, it's a fantastic way to make the most of every opportunity for joy on your big day!

Confetti for Two

Why not get yourselves a little extra confetti to share an intermate moment as newlyweds? Choose from a variety of our mixes: a litre is all you will need to give you enough to fill your hands to the brim with biodegradable confetti! On the count of three, throw it in the air and share a truly magical moment.

Image credit: J Door Photography

The First Dance

Looking to add an extra touch of magic to your first dance? Start the party with a bang by using our confetti cannons

 Shropshire Petals Confetti Canons Image Credit: Frank Wood Photography

Have your bridal party ready to set them off just before you want everyone to join you on the dance floor for an incredible moment shared between you and your loved ones, look up at the lights and watch the confetti fall and dance the night away!

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