We've got an incredible treat for you this month! Not only do we have a stunning mix of biodegradable petal confetti, but we've got a brand new petal to introduce too!

August Mix of the Month with Green Confetti Cones

August Confetti Mix of the Month

Introducing our August Mix of the Month, it's a combination of delightful delphinium and rose petals, along with a brand new eucalyptus leaf making it the perfect confetti choice for a stylish botanical blush wedding! We love this mix of multi-tonal pinks, from dusky pastels to rich raspberry tones and that hint of sage green. This colour scheme is in high demand right now, and not showing any sign of going anywhere. 

This beautiful mix is a limited edition, as we've been experimenting with eucalyptus leaves and wanted to share them with you, so don't delay, if your wedding is in August, September or October 2022 make sure to order this before it sells out. 

Choose from a wide range of confetti display options to wow your wedding guests on the big day, from confetti cones, pops, baskets, pails, or even our personalised range including pops, sachets and cones


Biodegradable Petal Confetti

Most wedding venues and churches only allow couples and wedding guest to use biodegradable confetti made from real flower petals. That's because petal confetti is eco-friendly, non harmful to the environment, and naturally biodegrades without the need for someone to pick it up. Plus the petals are incredibly pretty too!

Thankfully here on the Shropshire Petals farm, we grow all natural biodegradable confetti made only from real flower petals, so any petals you choose for your big day will make your wedding venue very happy! This August Mix of the Month is made from Candy Floss, Icing Sugar and Cherry Blossom delphinium petals, Peony Pink rose petals and our new limited edition Eucalyptus leaf. All of which are eco-friendly, natural and biodegradable. 

How much confetti do I need?

We are always getting asked by couples how much confetti they need for their wedding day. Let's face it, everyone is unique and every wedding is different too, so there isn't a one size fits all scenario when it comes to confetti. That's why we've created a nifty little calculator to do all the work for you. You simply tell it how many guests you've got coming, and choose if you want everyone to throw, or half your guests to throw.

Making sure you order enough confetti for half your guests to throw is a really good minimum to make sure you get some cracking photos, and it also gives your guests the chance to start the celebrations. That said you know your guests more than anyone else, and if you know they are all going to want to get involved, or even that you want some extra photos with confetti, there is no harm in having extra confetti. We've never come across a wedding photographer that's said, "It was too much confetti", because your photographer will tell you more is always better! 

When should I order wedding confetti?

We only have a limited supply of our brand new eucalyptus leaves making this special August Confetti Mix of the Month a limited edition, so if you love this mix and want to order it for your wedding in August, September or October 2022 make sure to do it before it sells out! 

With any of our other confetti mixes you can order now if your wedding is less than 3 months away, or order now with delayed delivery if your wedding is over 3 months away.  

Add colour to your wedding

Once you've chosen your wedding colour scheme it can be really easy to start incorporating those colours across different parts of your wedding decor. From your bridal flowers, bridesmaid dresses or decor. Just remember you don't need to colour match exactly, in fact it might drive you crazy trying to get exact colours, if you can follow a rough guide or spectrum of colours close to your wedding theme, you will still create the wedding of your dreams. 

Here's our Pinterest inspiration board especially for this delightful pink and sage green confetti mix:

Happy wedding planning

Wishing you the best with your wedding planning, it can be quite an overwhelming time, so make sure to take time for you both to enjoy being engaged, and take date nights or weekends off planning to enjoy each other's company. Delegating jobs to your nearest and dearest will ease the burden and also allow your friends and family to be more involved and connected in your big day.

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Love as always SP xx