Marvellous March is here meaning spring is well and truly on its way and we couldn't be happier. We've already been excitedly spotting snowdrops and daffodils on the Shropshire Petals farm.

March certainly is one of our favourite months, with the days getting much longer and lighter (instantly boosting our moods) as we approach daylight saving time. Our bleak winter gardens begin to host an array of bright blooming flowers, lush green leaves will soon be sweeping over the bare branches and the temperatures slowly start to improve with the weather generally fresh but sunny, what's not to love!

With an array of stunning colour palettes and seasonal blooms to choose from, spring is a beautiful time of year to get married. Especially the backdrop it provides for lovely outdoor wedding photographs, and the all-important confetti moment.

To celebrate this month of new beginnings we have created a stunning confetti Mix of the Month, using colours that reflect the changing seasons, from winter to spring.

Image: Mix of the Month featuring our Confetti Pops

Crisp Blues, Cheerful yellows and Timeless Ivory 

This confetti Mix of the Month is a combination of Frosted Blue and Icing Sugar delphiniums, Golden Slumber rose petals and Blue Bird cornflowers which are all natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

As this mix contains small and large petals, it's got a fantastic mixture of textures and fall rates, giving your wedding photographer lots of time to get those all important confetti photos to celebrate your big day!

We love the idea of pairing this confetti Mix of the Month with our Springtide Posy and pale-yellow bridesmaid dresses, even cheerful and pretty touches such as potted spring plants as your table names sat on a rustic slice centrepiece and pale blue and yellow tapered candles to add to the decor.

A blue and yellow palette looks amazing at Spring weddings, if you need a little more inspiration take a look at our Pinterest board.

Image: Mix of The Month in Kraft Individual Sachet

Ways to Display Confetti

When it comes to displaying your confetti to wedding guests we have a huge range of choices from personalised sachets, to stunning conesconfetti baskets, chic pailspops and so much more!

A popular choice for weddings is our Shropshire Box, it comes with 25 cones and enough confetti to fill them. We have a wide selection of cones to choose from. Our blue cones used in our Shropshire box, works wonderful with this mix.

Image: Mix of The Month in our Shropshire Box

Alternatively, if you're planning a barn wedding and want to setup a confetti station for your guests to help themselves it is worth considering a few of our silver confetti pales, to place them on top of some rustic wooden crates, you could even have your initials added to the crates for an extra special touch.

Image: Mix of the Month in our Silver Pail

Eco-friendly and Dye Free Confetti

We never dye any of our petals so you have the confidence that every colour is 100% true to nature.

Here on the Shropshire Petals farm, we plant our flower seeds in the spring, carefully nurture them to bloom through to the summer months and pick them by hand to ensure only the best petals make the cut. They're then dried on our farm and hand packed to be delivered to wonderful couples all over the world, all year around.

Choose from 5 Confetti Samples

There are so many confetti colours to choose from, so to help you out we offer a brilliant confetti sample service, it's simply £2 to deliver up to 5 confetti samples to your door.

Image: Shropshire Petal Confetti Samples

Order in Advance of Your Wedding Day

Wedding planning is stressful, we know. The more you can tick off your list in the early stages the better. That's why our delayed delivery is a brilliant option for you!

Alternatively, our standard delivery is 3-5 working days and we also offer next working day delivery too for those last-minute orders. 

We would love to know what you think of this mix and also if there are any particular colours you would like to see over the coming's months. Get in touch via our social channels.

Love always SP xX