Every season colour trend forecasters Pantone release a report predicting their top colours . Their Spring/Summer 2022 features the top-ten standout colours with pastel Potpourri and playful Bubblegum pink, Orchid Bloom and Super Sonic, a vibrant blue set to be key trends. Other top colours featured are energising Coral Rose, Fragile Sprout a vivid yellow-green, Bright and cheery Popcorn, Sudan Brown, glamorous Coffee Quartz and a cool teal, Cascade.

They also announced five core classics; White Alyssum, Humus, Fair Green, soft grey Northern Droplet and Poppy Seed that can transcend seasons.

Image: Pantone

Spring/Summer is such an exciting time to get married with a multitude of colour options available. It's important to remember once you have chosen your colour scheme you do not have to match it to every little detail exactly, the perfect solution is to use different tones of the same colour or several colours to compliment your main theme.

We have selected four of Pantone's standout colours and combined their core classic colours to inspire five bespoke confetti mixes for an unforgettable confetti moment with your nearest and dearest this Spring/Summer.  

Bubblegum Pink

A playful and eye-catching colour bubblegum certainly stands out in comparison to pastel pink and even fusica, the shade comes and goes out of the spotlight but according to Pantone it is here to stay this Spring/Summer.

You only need to inject a little of this colour to make a statement, it could simply be a chosen shade for one or more of your bridesmaid dresses or incorpate flashes in your bold blooms (we're big fans of bubblegum peonies!). Pairing it with different tones and shades will achieve a more impactful appearance, ideal for a festival themed wedding.

For a vibrant pink confetti moment we started with our bright pink Cherry Blossom delphiniums, and blended it with dusky Candy Floss and Peony Pink Rose Petals. This mix actually reminds us of  the  Prunus 'Kursar' blossoming in early spring.

You can opt to use the same confetti mix to add some extra detailing to tablescapes sprinkling some on crisp white tablecloths for the ultimate bold colour pop.

Super Sonic Blue

It's great to see that vibrant colours have made a comeback this year, we're a big fan of this electric blue. From speaking with our lovely couples-to-be we know that various blue shades are going to be a colour we see a lot throughout 2022.

For an attention-commanding bold blue confetti moment we have mixed Blue Bird cornflowers with Frosted Blue Delphiniums and added our Duckegg Blue Hydrangea for a breath of fresh air.

Place it on your guests' seats the morning of the wedding inside our personalised navy Geometric Glassine Sachets, this will ensure everyone gets a handful and prepare them for the confetti moment.

Orchid Bloom Purple 

Charming lilac pastel and deep lilac mauve, if you're planning a dreamy and whimsical fairytale this petal mix is perfect for you. It's a combination of Lovely Lilac Cornflowers, Amethyst Delphiniums and Lilac Haze freeze dried hydrangea petals.

A match made in heaven for those of you opting for the highly popular Bridgerton theme, this mix will compliment it's palette of of soft pastels and wedgewood blue.

Create a whimsical ambience by having your flower girl slow;y walking down the aisle in front of you scattering this unique mix from a cute Flower Girl Basket, creating an enchanting petal path leading to your stunning ceremony backdrop.

Potpourri Pastel Pink

Delicate and dreamy pastel pink can go with a multitude of colour to get just the look you are after on your big day. Some couples opt to have pastel pink as their entire theme while others prefer to treat it as a statement accent. A colour palette of pastel pink, coral rose and ivory tones would work well for a romantic, boho theme.

However, you plan in incorporating this light-hearted and carefree pastel pink we're almost certain that you will love our unique mix of Snowflake, our ivory white cornflower petal, pale dusky pink Candy Floss delphiniums and Promise, a subtle, classic and delicate freeze-dried rose petal.

Have it on display in our popular Shropshire Box, with 25 pink cones. Your wedding guests can help themselves or someone in your bridal party can carry the box to ensure everyone gets a confetti cone.


Core Classics

Inspired by the colours found in the natural world, classic, all year around hues. Featuring calming, earthy tones this bespoke mix has soft shades of sage green, ivory with hints of lemongrass green and light grey hues. It's made up of Envy Hydrangea petals, Mellow Meadow and Lady Grey. We can see this working well with a chic botanical wedding theme, a simple colour palette of crisp whites and tonal greens.

Elegant but fresh, if you wanted to add warmth we would suggest presenting this in our rose gold cones and even pairing it with sustainable flowers from our Woodland Dried Flower Range, inspired too by the natural world,  featuring botanical greens, crisp whites and rustic neutral tones.

Eco-friendly and Dye Free Confetti

We never dye any of our petals so you have the confidence that every colour in our confetti mix is 100% true to nature.

Here on the Shropshire Petals farm, we plant our flower seeds in the spring, carefully nurture them to bloom through to the summer months and pick them by hand to ensure only the best petals make the cut. They're then dried on our farm and hand packed to be delivered to wonderful couples all over the world, all year around.

Delphiniums drying on stillages on the farm

Feeling Inspired?

All these mixes can be made via our Pick and Mix tool. If you've got an idea for a Pick & Mix confetti you'd love to see, make sure to get in touch as there's hundreds of thousands of combinations available. We like to think there's something for everyone, let's face it, we're all individual and no one colour works for everyone. 

Love SP xX