We don't know about you but as soon as spring arrives, we are always thinking of creative ways we can brighten up our home interiors. Colourful long-lasting dried flowers is the perfect way to welcome spring into your home. Whilst they look great in a beautiful vase, we wanted an alternative way to display our dried flowers so we decided to create our own DIY Wooden Dried Flower Stands.

These pretty Dried Flower Stands look wonderful as a table centrepiece, placed on a shelf or window for your neighbours to swoon over as they pass by. They even make for a beautiful handmade gift that your loved one can enjoy for a long time. It's such a simple but effective DIY.

Why not give it a go in time for Easter and wow your guests by creating a simple yet modern centrepiece for your Easter tablescape?

Follow our 3 easy steps to create this beautiful springtime display.

Easter tablescape including two DIY Wooden Dried Flower Stands

Materials We Used

  • Leftover wooden blocks. We had a few spare pieces of wood on the farm. They can be of any size it's entirely up to you how big you want your stand to be.
  • A power drill 
  • A Ruler
  • A Pencil
  • A Selection of Dried Flowers - You don't need a lot of dried flowers so you could easily purchase one of our Dried Flower Bouquets to get a good variety and then have enough left over for a flower display as well as the dried flower stand. Or you may want to select a few of our dried flower bunches in order to work with the colour scheme you have in mind. 

Step 1 - Measure the Stand Holes

Take your ruler and decide how many holes you want and how far apart you would like them to be, once you have decided mark the holes with a pencil. There is no right or wrong way to do this, it is only a rough guide for you when it comes to drilling.

You can drill one single line of holes along the middle of the block or create two lines, like how we have done in step 2.

Step 2 - Drill the Stand Holes

Select your smallest drill bit then take your drill and carefully drill the pencil marks you have made. Be really careful not to drill the whole way through, it's best to keep the holes smaller (that's why we advise to use a small drill bit) so that the flowers will stay up straight.

We drilled 19 holes altogether, as you will see from the image, we placed 10 holes along the back and 9 along the front and kept them roughly 2.5cm apart.

Give the block a little shake to ensure there is no dust inside the holes.

Step 3 - Arrange your Dried Flowers

Cut and arrange flowers in the order you will use them, we went for tall stems of Lagurus, Nigella Pods and Midnight Bloom Delphiniums at the back of the display for effectiveness and then smaller stems at the front, we cut down our White Statice and Lavender to create volume.

You can have them at varying heights, there is no correct format. Allow yourself time to enjoy this process, ensure you're listening to your favourite music and sipping a delightful beverage.

Top Tip: To create visual interest add stems of varying heights, colours and textures, don't keep them all the same.

If you don't like how it's looking you can make a few tweaks as you go, that's whats great about this little DIY you can swap the dried flowers around easily with no damage.
We love the fact that you have the options to change the colour ways whenever you fancy. The options are endless, when it comes to the colours and styles for spring and any of our dried flowers are suitable for this DIY.

Now do you keep your gorgeous little masterpiece for your spring decor or gift it? We will not judge if you decide to keep it for yourself - we couldn't part with ours.

Springtime Decor

Table decor is always big at Easter, especially if you're enjoying a festive meal with your nearest and dearest. Create a formal yet friendly setting with our rustic dried flower arrangements, our dried flower wreaths have multiple uses, not only do they look great hanging on a door or wall they also make the perfect centrepiece with a floral scented candle placed in the middle. ⁠

Our beautiful handmade dried flower arrangements are perfect for Easter and the colours we use means they are equally as lovely all year round, and will last that long too. Our Springtide Wreath has been selected as one of the best spring wreaths for 2022 by Your Home Style Magazine. It is certainly the prettiest spring welcome for Easter guests, whether you decide to have it on your door or your Easter tablescape.

If you want to reflect the vibrancy of spring in your Easter tablescape take a look at our Shropshire grown Wildflower range  full of vibrant purples, bright yellows, violet lilacs, natural greens and charming peaches. Each arrangement is bursting with good vibes, enough to put a smile on anyone's face this spring.

Easter bunny figurines, bunny placemats, pastel tapered candles and our vibrant spring flower arrangements make for an adorable setting for all to enjoy.

Image: Wildflower Posy, Wreath and Sheaf
Top tip: Add Mini Eggs and Lindt bunnies as favours to complete your Easter Tablescape.

Image: Wildflower Posy

Whether you decide to get crafty and create your own DIY Wooden Dried Flower Stand or opt to purchase our handmade Dried Flower Arrangements, we would love to see how you use them to spruce up your spring interiors and Easter tablescapes.

Tag us on social media or send us some DIY updates via enquiries@shropshirepetals.com.

Have an egg-cellent Easter (sorry we couldn't resist)!

Love SP Xx