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20/04/2017  |  Match your confetti to your Football Team colours

If you're mad about your football why not incorporate it into your wedding day? From a football themed cake to hilarious posed photos, share your love of the game with your guests on your special day.


You can match your wedding to your team's colours with our confetti pick & mixer you can choose a mixture of your favourite colours, here's a few teams to give you an idea:

Manchester United F.C.

One of the most iconic football teams in the world! Manchester United Football team is known for it's red and white colours, what better way to celebrate your big day and your favourite team with this red and ivory confetti mix! Below we've mixed Icing Sugar and Lady in Red to create this beautiful mix, click here to view online


Chelsea F.C.

If you're a Chelsea fan and you're looking for a blue and white confetti mix for your big day, we recommend a mixture of our blue cornflowers Blue Bird and ivory delphinium petals we call Icing Sugar. Together this mix makes our 'Something Blue'.


Newcastle United F.C.

Newcastle are known for their black and white stripes, below we've mixed black cornflower petals called Black Tie and ivory cream delphinium petals Icing Sugar.


Aston Villa F.C.

Aston Villa's kit colours are a maroon, light blue and yellow, so to recreate this colour combination and support your team we've mixed Burgundy Berry a cornflower petal, Frosted Blue a delphinium petal and Honey'B a calendula petal.

All of our petals are biodegradable and eco-friendly so don't worry if they're thrown them over the pitch, they'll be gone within a few days.


Norwich City F.C.

Thinking of supporting your local team? We love the bright yellow and green colours Norwich City feature on their kit and logo. We've mixed our Honey'B calendula petals, Mellow Meadow petals and Envy hydrangea petals. Click here to view this mix online


Barcelona F.C.

Barcelona's colours are maroon, red and blue so we've used our Burgundy Berry cornflower petals, Lady in Red rose petals and Midnight Blue delphinium petals to create this colourful mix. Click here to view this mix online


Real Madrid F.C.

You can also use your favourite football team's away kit as your colour palette too. Real Madrid have a great purple and white away kit we think looks great with our confetti. Here we've mixed our Icing sugar and Amethyst. Click here to view this mix online


Bayern Munich F.C.

We love the Bayern Munich away kit too, comprising of black, grey and a flash of orange, so we've recreated it with our Black Tie cornflower petals, Lady Grey delphinium petals and Ginger Snap calendula petals. Click here to view this mix online


We've got plenty of other ways you can incorporate your favourite football team into your wedding day, take a look on our Pinterest board here to see more.

With the Shropshire Petals online pick and mix tool you can choose the right petals for your big day, click here to have a look.

Love as always SP xx

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