Your wedding day is a symphony of cherished moments woven together to create memories that last a lifetime. Among these cherished moments, the confetti moment stands as a joyful tradition symbolising celebration and happiness. As you plan this special day, we realise the world of confetti might be totally new to you, don't fret, we're here to help. Here's your comprehensive guide to making the most of your epic confetti throw, creating stunning photos for the wedding album and making magical memories to look back on in years to come.

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Why Embrace Confetti?

Confetti holds a symbolic role, showering the newlyweds with blessings, luck, and jubilation as they begin their journey together. It adds an exuberant touch to your ceremony, creating stunning visual moments for both you and your wedding guests. We like to think it's the start of the party!

Who Supplies the Confetti?

Traditionally, guests used to bring their confetti to the wedding. However, couples nowadays often opt to provide it themselves. This ensures there is enough to create incredible confetti shots, it also allows uniformity in colour or type and helps in choosing eco-friendly options or coordinating with the wedding theme.

Exploring Your Confetti Choices

The world of confetti offers a delightful array of options. Venues tend to only allow biodegradable confetti as it's kinder to the environment and requires less clean up after your big day. That said, not all biodegradable confetti is the same, here at Shropshire Petals we're on a mission to save the world from paper or plastic confetti. We believe in petal power! That's why we grow a range of flowers on our family run farm, which we harvest by hand in the summer time, dry on the farm and send worldwide for incredible weddings!

All our confetti is biodegradable, natural, has a low carbon footprint, is slow falling and is absolutely beautiful! The hardest decision is choosing what petals and colours. That's why we offer a handy sample service. Choose up to 5 petal samples and we'll deliver them to your door, click here to select your samples.

Once you've decided what petals you like the most, you can think about how to showcase your petals. Remember there is no right or wrong choice, it's all down to personal preference. Choose from charming confetti baskets, to personalised sachets, or beautiful confetti cones, to epic cannons! View our entire range of confetti packages.

You can even create your very own bespoke mix with our Pick & Mix service! Give it a try! You can also digitally send the mix to a bridesmaid or member of your wedding party to get their thoughts.

When to Order your wedding confetti

To ensure you have your desired confetti in time, we recommend ordering early. Most couples order their wedding confetti 2-8 months ahead of their big day.

If your wedding is over 3 months away you can order now and have everything sent out 1 month before your big day, with our delayed delivery option. It's super easy to use, simply place your order when you know what you'd like, we'll ask you when your wedding date, and you can select delayed delivery from here.

If your wedding is less than 3 months aways, you can order right away and the petals will keep absolutely fine. Just keep them away from heat, moisture and direct light.

For those last-minute emergencies, we also offer next working day delivery, so fret not if you've forgotten the confetti until the last minute! We've got you covered.


Calculating the Quantity

Determining the right amount of confetti depends on your guest count and the desired intensity for the photos. As a general rule, plan for at least half your guests to throw a handful of confetti. We find 1 litre provides about 10-12 handfuls. If you have 100 guests, aim for 5 litres as a minimum, so 50 guests can throw. Or 10 litres for everyone to throw.

Try the Shropshire Petals confetti calculator to work out how much you need for your wedding day.

Don't forget having a surplus of confetti is better than running out during this special moment. If you have a photobooth area at your wedding, use up any leftover confetti here, your guests will have a blast throwing confetti for candid shots!

Venue Check-Up

Consult your venue regarding confetti use. Some locations may have restrictions or guidelines about the type of confetti allowed due to environmental concerns or cleaning logistics. You can always take your confetti sample with you when you next meet your venue, to show them what you'd like to use.

Your venue will most likely have some great recommendations when it comes to where to get the best confetti shot too!

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Partnering with Your Photographer

Your photographer plays a crucial role in capturing the magic of the confetti throw. Discuss your vision with them, allowing ample time for preparation. They can guide your guests on the best throwing technique for captivating photos—aiming upwards rather than sideways ensures stunning visual moments.

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Timing Your Confetti Shot

Select the perfect moment for your confetti toss. Whether it's right after the ceremony, during the grand exit, or as you enter your reception, ensure there's enough natural light for breath taking photos.

Relish the Moment

Finally, when the confetti rains down, embrace the joyous chaos! Relax, smile, and savour this beautiful moment. Let the confetti add a touch of magic to your day while you revel in the love surrounding you.

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Now you've read our ultimate guide, you know everything you need to know about getting the best confetti shot for your wedding day! So, smile, hold hands, and let the confetti shower your special day with love and laughter!

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Happy wedding planning!

Love as always SP xx