6 top tips on getting the perfect confetti shot

Getting married is one of the most exciting days of your life. Whether you're planning a big venue wedding or a small intimate gathering, you will want a perfect confetti photo to remember your day by!

Image: Lisa Webb Photography

The confetti photo, simple, guests just throw confetti over the newly married couple? The confetti shot is one of the most requested by wedding photographers and capturing that moment isn't as easy as you may think, but to get a great confetti shot, follow our 6 top tips:

1. Choose the right confetti

Firstly, there are lots of different types of confetti available, the best confetti is biodegradable petal confetti. That means it's made from real dried flower petals, so it's beautiful, eco-friendly and will not leave any negative effect on the environment. 

There are different colours and sizes of natural petal confetti. The best petals for throwing are small petals such as delphiniums or wild flowers as they are light and fall delicately to the ground. Smaller petals will ensure your photographer has plenty of time to capture the magical moment.

Don't worry; if you are set on a colour only available in larger petals, you can add some of these to smaller ones, which will also give a lovely textured effect to your photos.

2. Choose the right colour mix

You might want to choose colours to match or contrast your wedding theme, but make sure you also consider where your photographs are being taken - is the background light or dark? Choose colours that will stand out, for example, if you are using church walls as a background, pale colours will be enhanced on a photograph and use darker colours like Cadbury purple or cerise pink on a light background or open spaces for a bold colour splash.

3. Work out how much you will need

Depending on the type of shot you want - a confetti shot full of petals or a delicate confetti shot - you will need to know how much confetti you will need. For a full shot, make sure you have plenty for your guests to throw; one or two large handfuls per guest will be perfect.

For a more delicate shot, one handful per couple will work wonderfully. Usually only half of your guests will throw confetti (this tends to be just the ladies), so make sure you have enough depending on the number of guests you are having. You can use the Shropshire Petals confetti calculator to help and you can always order extra in case you need to do a second take!

4. Discuss your confetti shot with your photographer

Ask your photographer to show you some photos they have taken previously to give you an idea of their style. Discuss what you want from your confetti photo and as they will probably know the wedding location, ask them where they think is the best spot to have your confetti moment. They will be able to discuss options with you according to the time of day, light and surroundings.

5. Make sure your guests know how to throw!

This might sound simple, but you only get one chance to capture the perfect confetti moment and the key is in the throwing. Delegate a bridesmaid or usher to organise the shot by getting them to ask your guests to stand close to each other and throw their confetti as high as they can to create a perfect flutter. You don't want guests throwing confetti directly at your faces!

6. Throwing high

If you want your confetti shot to capture the whole moment - you surrounded by all of your guests throwing confetti - then ask your photographer to take the shot from a ladder or somewhere high to ensure they can get everyone in. As you will probably be looking up towards your confetti, taking the photo from a higher spot will give it an interesting angle.

And it's as simple as that! Remember to relax and enjoy your perfect moment and cherish the confetti shot forever. Get in touch if you have any questions, and make sure to follow our socials for behind the scenes access. 

Love as always, SP x x