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20/12/2013  |  Shropshire Petals Christmas break

Shropshire Petals will be closed for Christmas, we'll be enjoying some Turkey and a tipple of Mulled Wine! Our closing dates are as follows:

Last order date: 12.00 midday Friday 20th December

SP re-opens: 9am Thursday 2nd January


All orders placed over the Christmas period will be dispatched on Thursday 2nd/Friday 3rd January.  We will be checking up on our Shropshire Petals Facebook page so just pop over a question if you have one as we will not have access to the email system until 2nd January but will answer all our email queries on our return.

There'll still be a little going on at SP, updating our Facebook page with winter wedding ideas and keeping the blog going with some Christmas festivities!

We had our SP Christmas meal on Wednesday and here are a few pictures of the festivities!


The team enjoying their Christmas lunch 

xmas_pudding_hat rose_xmas_lunch

Freda showing off her xmas pudding hat with Jo and Dawn. Rose and her xmas lunch! 

Jack_Christmas_jumper Jim_Christmas_jumper CHristmas_Jumper

Jack, Jim and Archie in their Christmas jumpers 

Christmas_hats Shropshire_Petals_hats

Katie and Jo in Santa hats and showing off the new SP hats! 

Happy holidays!  Enjoy the festivities and we will see you in 2014!

Love as always SP x x 

19/12/2013  |  Mulled wine and Christmas songs

The newest member of the petals team pulled out the Christmas cracker to spill the goss on how they spend their Christmas...

Meet Jo


Snow = Christmas! 

· What do you love about the run up to Christmas?  Have you been busy?

Buying and wrapping Christmas presents. I hate shopping for myself, but love it when buying for other people. I’m chief Christmas present wrapper in our house- it’s my Christmas job!

· How will you be spending your Christmas?

Spending it with mum’s side of the family at my grandparents’ house. We have a huge extended family so there are lots of family events over Christmas

· Any Christmas traditions?

We've always been allowed to open one present on Christmas eve.

· Favourite Christmas food?

Sausages in bacon and chestnut stuffing and mulled wine-I know it’s not a food but that’s probably my favourite!

· What’s your favourite Christmas film & why?

Elf. It’s hilarious and makes me feel really Christmassy


Rhubarb the dog loves shoes!! 

· What’s the story behind your Christmas jumper?

This is my first ever Christmas jumper! We bought them a week ago as we've decided that Christmas day is going to be a compulsory Christmas jumper day

· What’s your favourite of the SP Christmas collection & Why?

The Christmas wreath- it’s a new take on a classic Christmas decoration

Natural_ natural_and_silver_christmas_wreath

SP Christmas wreaths  

· What is your favourite Christmas song?

'White Christmas', 'all I want for Christmas' and 'Fairy tale of New York'. You know it’s Christmas when these songs come on

Merry Christmas!!

Love as always Jo- SP x x 

18/12/2013  |  1 week until santa

Only one week left until Santa arrives and I'm now half way through my third week as the newest member of the Shropshire Petals team!


I started at the beginning of December, just in time for the run up to Christmas. I did a couple of weeks work experience at SP two years ago and while I was here I helped out with a photo shoot, so before I'd even started at SP my photo was already on the wall!


In the last couple of weeks I've been learning all about what goes on behind the scenes here at Shropshire Petals to make sure the confetti is perfect for your big day! 

In my first few days I worked with Jess learning all about how to process and send out samples of confetti and orders.

Here at SP we offer customers a free sample of confetti to ensure that brides are 100% happy with their confetti colour choice before ordering litres of petals! It's a great way to make sure the confetti matches the colour scheme in order to create a beautiful confetti moment on the big day. Once I'd mastered the samples we moved onto orders which was a great way of getting to know all of the products available from SP. I never knew you could get so many different colours of confetti!! 

BucketsFullOfConfetti christmas_mix_of_the_month ShropshirePetals_1209_383 february_valentines_mix

As the week went on Katie showed me around the website, the blog and Facebook and gave me the chance to really get stuck in. On day three at Shropshire Petals I was given the job of choosing our Talulah Truffles competition winner and wrote my first blog about Talulah Truffles winner

During my second week Jess was on holiday so it was a real test to find out how much I'd managed to remember as I was responsible for processing and dispatching all of the samples and orders that came through under the watchful eye of Katie!  As well as processing orders I continued to get used to the website, blog and facebook page. I was also able to try my hand at "confetti art"

snowman_confetti merry_xmas_petals

This week has been the week for planning Shropshire Petals wedding shows for next year which I'm very excited about as we get to travel around the country showing everyone how great Shropshire Petals confetti is.

Everyone here at Shropshire Petals are  excited to spend a couple of weeks enjoying the festivities before we get stuck into 2014 which is set to be a big year for Shropshire Petals! 

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love as always Jo- the new blogger at SP x x 

16/12/2013  |  Baubles and snowboards

The sixth member of the Shropshire Petals team pulled out the Christmas cracker to spill the goss on how they spend their Christmas...

Meet Emma 

emma_snowboard emma_christmas

What do you love about the run up to Christmas?  Have you been busy?

I love listening to Christmas songs on the radio, they really get me in the Christmas spirit.  I love when the Christmas lights are turned on in the village, its a big occasion and they make me smile every time I go down the high street.  Working in PR, I am super, duper busy during December and as I am going away snowboarding before Christmas, this year is even busier.

How will you be spending your Christmas?

We are renovating our house and were hoping to be in for Christmas but this has been delayed so I will be spending it at my mum and dad's.  It will be a quiet affair this year with just me, mum, dad and nan for dinner.  My youngest brother's baby is due on the 27th so he has to stay near the hospital just in case and my middle brother is a chef, so he will be working on Christmas day.

Any Christmas traditions?

We all take turns to open our presents, one at a time so we can all see what everyone else gets, it makes the experience last longer.  Oh and dad still puts out carrots for the reindeer as well as mince pies and whisky out for Santa!

Favourite Christmas food?

Roast potatoes in goose fat.  They have to be fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside.  We always fight over the last few and every year mum makes more.  Yum!

What's your favourite Christmas film and why?

I love The Muppets Christmas Carol because of the songs and I've always loved the Muppets.  But my favourite it The Holiday.  I love the romance!

What's the story behind your Christmas jumper?

I am ashamed to say I haven't got one- yet!  I will be buying one before my holiday though as we are having a Christmas jumper night and as I am going with 3 boys, I can't be the only one not in a Christmas jumper.  I have actually seen a Reindeer onesie which I would rather wear but I am under strict instructions it has to be a jumper.

Confetti_Baubles_ Christmas_Confetti_Baubles_

What's your favourite of the SP Christmas collection and why?

I love the new baubles they are so versatile as you can have any colour petals and add things such as glitter and coloured ribbon.  You could even add a photograph or special message and give them to family or friends as gifts.

When decorating your Christmas tree do you go for traditional or modern?

I don't have the patience for decorating the tree but it is always my job.  I don't like to decorate it perfectly, there is nothing worse that something that looks like it has walked out of a shop and placed itself into your living room.  We have a tradition where we buy one Christmas tree decoration every year.  We buy a decoration that we like and not because it matches a theme.  It think it looks more homely.  This year, mine is a Shropshire Petals Christmas confetti bauble.

With love as always SP x x 

13/12/2013  |  Christmas robins, Baubles and Elvis Presely

The fifth member of the Shropshire Petals team pulled out the Christmas cracker to spill the goss on how they spend their Christmas...

Meet Margaret


 Margaret, Suzie, Rose and Michael

  • What do you love about the run up to Christmas? Have you been busy?

I love the pleasure of looking for and buying of presents, anticipating the surprise of the recipients, I love Christmas. Having just been away on holiday I am now extremely busy, sorting things out, baking and planning.

  • How will you be spending your Christmas?

Christmas Day will be spent with visits from/to my daughters, son-in-laws and grandchildren. Christmas lunch with my sister Denise at home and then buffet tea at my eldest daughters house.

  • Any Christmas traditions?

To spend as much time as possible with the family

  • Favourite Christmas food?

It has to be between mince pies and Christmas pudding.

  • What’s your favourite Christmas film & why?

Anything with Elvis in it, Christmas or not it has to be watched!

  • What’s the story behind your Christmas picture?

Having just come back from Memphis with some Christmas ornaments mostly of Elvis (who else) they needed to be shown!


 Margaret loves Elvis!

  • What’s your involvement in the Christmas collection?

I didn’t have any involvement with it, busy making sure everyone got paid, and therefore kept everyone happy!

  • What’s your favourite of the SP Christmas collection & Why?

I love the baubles and the robins, traditional Christmas items.

Confetti_Baubles_ DSC_0182

Confetti baubles and Christmas robin 

Love as always Margaret - SP x x 

12/12/2013  |  Off the beaten track

I hope you all tuned in on Friday night to watch what happened when Christine Bleakely and her team from ITV visited us at SP over the summer to get some footage for their "Off the beaten track" series.


ITV's visit 

They spent time getting to know the team here and learning all about life at Shropshire Petals. 

Did you know that Shropshire is one of the least populated counties with 85% made up of agricultural land? Which makes it the ideal place to grow our beautiful flowers.

ShropshirePetals_1209_114 wheat_sheaf_bouquet

 Where the confetti process begins

I hope you spotted the blue t-shirts the team were wearing during filming, which arrived just before ITV turned up! 

shropshire_petals_t_shirts jess_and_jim_off_the_beaten_track

 SP t-shirts

Flowers aren't the only thing blossoming at SP, as over the years 25 couples have met while working here. Jess and Jim, and Toni and Florin are two SP couples who tied the knot over the summer.

Bubb_0148 confeti_shot

Jim and Jess 

toni_and_florin_2 Toni_and_Florin

Toni and Florin 

Our paegen ancestors used to throw leaves, flowers and seeds at the newlyweds for good luck. Throwing confetti is an ongoing tradition that has become a colourful matrimonial must have! 

We loved having Christine Bleakely and her team here at SP. 


Picking out confetti 

Our confetti won Christine over and she even picked out the confetti for her own wedding!

 Love as always SP x x

5/12/2013  |  Talulah truffles competition results

The highly anticipated moment that you've all been waiting for has finally arrived! The winner of the Talulah truffles competition has been decided after much deliberation owing to the stacks of beautiful confetti pictures we received. The lucky winner will be sent a selection of Talulah Truffles delectable chocolaty treats.


 Talulah Truffles

Thank you for all of your entries.  First of all I'll quickly introduce myself; I'm Jo, the newest member of the SP team, and one of my first tasks was to look through all of the confetti photos and choose the winner, which has been very difficult!

Congratulations to our competition winner Jennifer Jarlett who sent in this stunning black and white photo of their confetti moment, we love it! Some yummy Talulah truffles are on their way to you!


Congratulations to our competition winners

Owing to the stacks of lovely pictures that you sent in we have also awarded 2nd and 3rd places.

In 2nd place are Simon and Lorna Norton, congratulations! What a beautiful photo and love the colour scheme.


 2nd place 

Congratulations to Mr and Mrs Joyce who scoop up 3rd place with this beautiful snap of their confetti moment.


3rd place 

The fun doesn't stop there as we've also chosen five runners up as we loved your photos so much! We especially love how different each confetti photo is, no two confetti shots are the same but as you can see from the photos below everyone's having a blooming lovely time! 




 The Runners Up

Thank you all so much for sharing your confetti photos with us here at SP. It was an absolute pleasure to look through them all, but very hard to choose my favourites, as they’re all superb. 

Keep an eye out for the next competition!

Love as always SP x x 

3/12/2013  |  Christmas Advent Ring

Sunday 1st of December was the first Sunday in advent, my family has always begun the Christmas celebrations with the lighting of an advent ring.


This was very exciting for us when we were children as it was our countdown to Christmas!

We would take turns to light the candles in the four Sundays before Christmas eve and sing a Christmas carol or read a Christmas story, I am from a large family so we could really belt out a Christmas carol! On Christmas eve when we would light the fifth candle there would be a little present left in our advent boxes, if we had been good of course!

We even have a special Christmas book that has been kept throughout my childhood and withstood a lot of family Christmas’s, it even still smells like Christmas!

This is a tradition that we all carry on even though we are not all at home anymore!

I was a little late preparing my Advent ring, so I cheated ever so slightly!

I used one of our lovely Green Christmas Wreaths and adapted it!


First I needed to fix the candles in place.

Dawn came up with a great idea! She suggested that I attached tea light holders to the wreath (just a dab of glue was needed) and then melt wax into them, so I could push my tapers into the hot wax to secure them. This worked a treat! But you have to be very carefully melting the wax, you do not want to burn the house down!

advent_ring___candles advent_ring__4candles_

I wanted to add a few little extra touches to the wreath, so I decided to get creative and make a few paper roses and flowers and just add a little glitter to the edges.

Ribbons and a robin and the advent ring was done!

complete_advent_ring Advent_ring_lit

Just need to wait for those Advent fairy’s to fill the little boxes with a gift on Christmas eve!

Love as always SP x x 

30/11/2013  |  Baubles, baubles, baubles

The fourth member of the Shropshire Petals team pulled out the Christmas cracker to spill the goss on how they spend their Christmas...

Meet Katie


(Katie and Helena, Katie loves Christmas hats!) 

  • What do you love about the run up to Christmas? Have you been busy?

Christmas tree, my best friend has a Christmas tree farm and we always go pick out the best of the trees- I’m rubbish at decision making!  Biggest thing though is family, that’s the most important part of Christmas, as you’ll probably see from all my comments, pretty much everything is family related - that's Christmas!

  • How will you be spending your Christmas?

I’m going to see my sister in Australia, my first Christmas over there, I have no idea what to expect- I can’t imagine Christmas without a woolly jumper, a lit fire and a big Christmas Turkey!  

  • Any Christmas traditions?

Always too excited at Christmas, we’ve always been allowed to open 1 present on Christmas Eve. 

  • Favourite Christmas food?

Pigs in blankets! If they don’t get burnt- Christmas is always at mum and dad’s- mum’s renowned for burning the little piggies!  

  • What’s your favourite Christmas film & why?

Lazy Christmas afternoon in front of the TV with my pops (Dad), he always finds the best Christmas films that I’ve never heard of and they turn out to be brilliant, if not a little soppy! Though Home Alone steals the show, it is the Ultimate Christmas film!


  • What’s the story behind your Christmas jumper?

Steevie bought it me, my Brother Steve gave it to me 3 christmas’s ago- before the Christmas jumper phase came out – I love it!

  • What’s your involvement in the Christmas collection?

I helped in all the festive ideas, on the festive photoshoot and put the products on the website.

  • What’s your favourite of the SP Christmas collection & Why?

The baubles, because you can change the confetti each year to suit your Christmas colour scheme


Have a SPlendid Christmas everyone! See what I did there, SP - Shropshire Petals - SPlended! oh dear, obviously too excited for Christmas!

Love as always Katie - SP x x

29/11/2013  |  Wreaths, Hats and Christmas tree's

The third member of the Shropshire Petals team pulled out the Christmas cracker to spill the goss on how they spend their Christmas...

Meet Jim 


(Jim and Des at the Chistmas party - Jim's a fan of Christmas hats) 

  • What do you love about the run up to Christmas? Have you been busy?
The collecting of the Christmas tree – That is my only job (apart from making sure we have enough beers for the Christmas period)

  • How will you be spending your Christmas?

Our first Christmas at our new home

  • Any Christmas traditions?

Not allowed to open presents until you have been to church on Christmas morning

  • Favourite Christmas food?

Obviously roast turkey!

  • What’s your favourite Christmas film & why?

Christmas Carol! It's Jess' favourite too.  


  • What’s the story behind your Christmas jumper?

Every year my friends and I have to wear a Christmas jumper on at least one days shooting in December.

  • What’s your involvement in the Christmas collection?

For me it is not so much the Christmas collection I am busy with, as I am trying to plan next year’s harvest

  • What’s your favourite of the SP Christmas collection & Why?
It has to be the Christmas wreath.


Love as always Jim - SP x x

28/11/2013  |  It makes you feel Christmassy!

The second member of the Shropshire Petals team pulled out the Christmas cracker to spill the goss on how they spend their Christmas...

Meet Jess


(Jess and Jack posing in their Christmas hats- loving Jess' pheasant jumper) 

  • What do you love about the run up to Christmas? Have you been busy?

Christmas shopping and wrapping presents, making yummy treats and planning meals.

  • How will you be spending your Christmas?

At home with Jim and some of my sisters, Rose & Michael are coming to Christmas lunch. 

  • Any Christmas traditions?

Stockings, advent ring and church on Christmas eve (although Jim's family go Christmas morning so we will be doing both)

  • Favourite Christmas food?

Christmas pudding & brandy sauce

  • What’s your favourite Christmas film & why?

Christmas Carol! This is a tradition, it's always on at Christmas and is just something that you have to watch and it makes you feel Christmassy! 


  • What’s the story behind your Christmas jumper?

I liked it! It was a good mix between practical and Christmas cheesiness

  • What’s your involvement in the Christmas collection?

I made the Christmas wreaths

  • What’s your favourite of the SP Christmas collection & Why?

The Christmas wreaths, I like the little robins


Love as always Jess - SP x x

27/11/2013  |  Dawn's first out the Christmas cracker...

The first member of the Shropshire Petals team pulled out the Christmas cracker to spill the goss on how they spend their Christmas...

Meet Dawn 


(Dawn loves her cracker prize and Freda is donning her Christmas hat) 

  • What do you love about the run up to Christmas? Have you been busy?

Buying and wrapping of presents, carols and Christmas decorations, smiles, hugs and greetings, being with people you love.  Always busy in the run up to Christmas. Making name tags at the moment, then all the different jars I have collected over the year will be placed on the wall in the garden with tea lights, ready to light up the small trees down the drive way in the dark nights, I have a secret ingredient to put on my trees to make them sparkle in the candle light. I have chocolates to make along with mince pies etc. Bedrooms to be made ready for the arrival of family. I love every moment of it, not that you would guess. 

  • How will you be spending your Christmas?

With family and friends at home and in Ireland 

  • Any Christmas traditions?

Family meal first Saturday of December, Christmas eve fish and chips or curry with the whole family again. Every one helping with the preparation and cooking on Christmas day. Joseph and Mark organising the Christmas quiz, and wearing our latest Christmas jumpers. 

  • Favourite Christmas food?

Home cooked ham joint 

  • What’s your favourite Christmas film & why?

Over these last few years , as a family we go off on mass to watch Lord of the rings 


  • What’s the story behind your Christmas jumper?

Our Christmas theme at home is to wear a Christmas jumper along with anything else we have, so everyone has got Christmas socks for when we go for our afternoon walk 

  • What’s your involvement in the Christmas collection?

Making of the small bundles and the sheaves, which I do enjoy 

  • What’s your favourite of the SP Christmas collection & Why?

I like the baubles, as you can multy task with them throughout the year


Bring on the carols, merry Christmas every one x

Love as always Dawn - SP x x

18/11/2013  |  Has Christmas come early?

Everyone's been saying Christmas has started early this year, I think the war on Christmas Adverts has a huge impact on this.  It's all in the spirit of things, like picking your favourite out of a box of chocolates, everyone has their favourite and everyone's favourite is different.  

Personally I love the fact that Christmas has come early, it means people are planning ahead so there's no last minute panic and more time to enjoy the true meaning of Christmas.  So if you're up with the trend of early prepping why not bag a bargain with a festive SP Christmas wreath, handmade by our very own SP team using our home grown wheat.


There's a selection of wreaths on the website, priced at just £25, as a dried product they'll keep beautifully for Christmas's to come.  To celebrate their arrival we gave one away in a competition over the weekend on our Shropshire Petals Facebook page.  At 9am every morning we have our daily planning over a pot of tea, today we picked the winner out of a woolly hat... Jess is a big fan. 


The winner gets to choose one of the wreaths from our collection...  There's a Natural & Green Christmas Wreath, a Green Wheat Christmas Wreath and a Natural & silver Christmas wreath, all with a pretty robin and your choice of ribbon: red, gold or silver. 

Natural_ green_wheat_christmas_wreath natural_and_silver_christmas_wreath

There were 37 entries in over the weekend so lots of papers in the hat and Dawn chose the winner...  Natalie Sawcer 


We've been in touch with Natalie so she can pick her Christmas wreath, the wreath will go out this week, perfect timing before the Christmas decorations start to go up... oooh it's getting close now.  

Love as always SP x x 

13/11/2013  |  There's a chill in the in the air...

Brrrr it's getting a bit chilly down on the confetti farm and the petal shed is starting to shiver, never the less it's a great place to be; who doesn't love a woolly hat, a good old pair of boots and some snuggly layers, we think Jess has been rocking her woolly hat during the winter tidy up.  The winter chill has set in so Jess has been putting the flowers to bed in the Shropshire Petals garden.


The team are quite excited about the garden, it's our new project... Apparently we each get a patch (a tyre, a trough or a pot) and there's elements like scents, bee-friendliness and colour.  The Garden project combines biodiversity, recycling old tractor parts and re-using an old area; the back of our petal shed has gone amiss for a while now, we want to inject a bit of colour and add some life, so come summer we'll pop a table and chairs out the back and it should be a little haven for wildlife and a little hive for the SP team - our chance to have a cuppa and quiet relax during the busy harvest.      


Jess has been removing the old plants, weeding to create a stale seed bed and adding organic matter - once the area is put to bed it will be left until the spring when the planting and growing commences.  In the mean time we get to choose our seeds, decisions decisions!  Should I go for a colour theme, a scent theme, or a big mix, there's oodles of options!      

We've also each acquired a few lovely geraniums that wouldn't withstand the winter frost outside so we've took them home for safe keeping indoors, though mine is now very settled at home so I can't see it returning back to work in a hurry, far too pretty at home! 

Love as always SP x x 

8/11/2013  |  Lithuania- The Key to a Happy Marriage

Collected from work in the afternoon, Katie headed down to Luton to hop on a plane to Lithuania.  Travel is so easy in this day and age that Weddings Abroad are becoming even more accessible.

Never mind checking in baggage, just hand luggage consisting of dress, shoes and of course… Shropshire Petals confetti. There’s always plenty of room for confetti, it packs in nicely between some clothes and is light as a feather. Tying neatly round my wrist it’s ready for the special moment…

lithuania_confetti pretty_organza_bag_to_tie_a

There were some lovely traditions including giving gladioli to the Bride, a champagne toast outside the square after the ceremony, and of course… a confetti shot.


And as if by magic, a beautiful petal path was created from the confetti. Just had to snap this lovely one as the bride walked away.


Now my favourite tradition has to be when the Groom carried the Bride across a bridge. They stopped in the middle to attach a padlock engraved with their names; signifying their new bond. They then threw the key over – the key to a happy marriage- into the water to be washed away, sealing their marriage with a kiss.

traditions key_to_a_happy_marriage

throwing_the_keys_over_the_bridge key_to_a_happy_marriage_tradition

The wedding ‘bridge’ cake even followed on this age old tradition.


Then everyone changed into casual clothes, the party started and the night turned in to a merry affair… Hiccup!


Traditional Lithuanian weddings carry on for two days if not more, this was not to disappoint for the events carried on late into the night and started again the following morning, I certainly embraced the tradition.

Katie certainly enjoyed Lithuania, we can’t wait for the next wedding abroad, with confetti in hand it’s certainly getting SP on the map!

Love as always SP x x 

5/11/2013  |  Interflora Creates "Flowerworks" For Bonfire Night Using Shropshire Petals Confetti

If you’re heading to a fireworks display tonight the chances are you’ll be entertained by fireworks named after flowers - that’s because fireworks and flowers are intrinsically linked. 


With this in mind Interflora teamed up with the country's best fireworks experts to see if it was possible to create a fireworks display using real flower petals... And who did they ask to supply the petals? Well Shropshire Petals of course!


We sent off a variety of confetti mixes to be used in these flowerworks including 'Black Tie' cornflowers, 'Midnight Blue' deep purple delphiniums, ‘Raspberry Fool’ pink delphiniums, ‘Honey ‘B’ yellow calendula, ‘Ginger Snap’ orange calendula and ‘Amethyst’ purple delphiniums. We also sent off two larger petal mixes - ‘Cerise’ pink rose petals and ‘Golden Slumber’ yellow rose petals.


The flowerworks display was brought to life by Rob Farrow, Special Projects Director at Alchemy Fireworks.

Rob explained: “The effect we created wasn’t without a challenge - we couldn't use any traditional launching techniques as they were too powerful and the petals would be ripped apart. Therefore we needed to pack the petals tightly into the shell without breaking them to ensure a decent mass for launch.”


“Here at Interflora we are always looking for ways to use flowers in totally new and exciting ways,” explains David Ragg, Head of Product Development at Interflora.

“This time we have been influenced by the beautiful fireworks displays that are seen all over the country at this time of year. We carefully selected the flowers for best effect, using dried petals from roses, calendula, cornflowers and delphiniums and created our very own floral firework display! The results were truly spectacular.”


To capture the action a super slow motion camera was used. The breath-taking film is available to watch here: http://youtu.be/wt32qGZqz8Y it's a stunning video by http://www.interflora.co.uk/content/firework-flowers/

Good right? We especially love how they've used a mix of large and small petals to mimic the falling light of regular fireworks!

So, "remember remember" these flowerworks tonight as you gaze up at the nights sky watching rockets and roman candles wizz by. We will be!

Love as always SP xx

31/10/2013  |  Trick or Treat - Part 2

Happy Halloween everybody!

This week the SP team have welcomed a few new members to The Petal Shed. Taking a leaf from Dr. Frankenstein’s book we’ve created our very own creatures to keep us company during Halloween. Ok, so perhaps they’re not quite as creepy as Frankenstein’s monster but we think our creatively carved pumpkins are the perfect addition to the shed this week!

Why not use a carved pumpkin and a decorative scattering of confetti as a Halloween centrepiece?


It all started when Katie came in to work with a mysterious box and a great big “Do Not Open” label stuck on top… Intrigued, we had to wait till the end of the day before taking a peek inside.

After imagining all the gruesome things that could be dwelling inside we were pretty happy to see they were two not so scary pumpkins.


So, after a few giggles and quick cuppa we got to work!


... Wow! Look at the concentration on those faces.

With only two pumpkins and four eager pumpkin carvers Jess decided to go in search of something else to carve… and what did she find, a pretty gruesome looking potato of course!


“How do you even begin to carve a potato”…


We’re not too sure Jess, but the finished result was something to be proud of.


As a finishing touch we decorated our pumpkin and potato monsters with a sprinkling of Halloween inspired confetti like mysterious 'Black Tie' and bright 'Ginger Snap'. We also added a few gruesomely green 'Envy' hydrangea petals and vivid orange 'Clementine' rose petals! If you look carefully you can see our potato witch donning an 'Envy' petal on her hat!  


Now all that's left is to fight over who gets to take them home!

Love as always SP xx

28/10/2013  |  Trick or Treat - Part 1

With Halloween just around the corner how are you getting into the spirit? Have you been busy carving pumpkins and stocking up on apples for a game or two of apple bobbing? Here at Shropshire Petals we've been playing around with confetti of course – the end result being our seriously spooky confetti collages! 


We are a creative bunch aren’t we? Can you guess who did which? 

We have some superb confetti mixes for you to include in your Halloween celebrations this year – who says confetti is for weddings alone?

Pick and mix your confetti to include pumpkin orange ‘Ginger Snap’ calendula, ghostly white ‘Icing Sugar’ delphiniums and dark and mysterious ‘Black Tie’ cornflowers. The perfect Halloween mix!

Halloween_Confetti_Mix Halloween_Confetti_Mixes

Maybe you’re having a Halloween wedding? If so these confetti mixes will be great to throw for your photos.

Go all out and dress your bridesmaids to match your confetti too!


Whether you're off to a wedding or not remember to send us in some of your pictures. We’d love to see how you celebrated All Hallows Eve this year!

As for us, we have the confetti sorted - now we just need to decide on our costumes. Hmmm...

Love as always SP xx

25/10/2013  |  Confetti and Cake

As we’re sure a lot of you are aware it was the final of The Great British Bake Off this week and the pièce de résistance was none other than a confetti wedding cake!

With our feet up and a cup of tea in hand we watched as winner Frances Quinn baked her way to first place with this confectionary masterpiece. 



Maybe it’s the bake off hype or the change in season but it seems that we’re all craving a bit more of the sweet stuff recently. As a result we’ve been getting a lot more enquiries about whether our confetti can be used as cake decorations.

Although our petals haven’t been through the strict procedures needed for an edible product they can still certainly be used as decoration to your baked goods. 

Our freeze dried rose petals come in a spectrum of colours and look wonderful when placed delicately on top of iced cupcakes. Elegant, simple and easy to remove just before eating…


The same can be said for our dried peony heads which are perfect for decorating larger cakes - like wedding cakes!


Being dried these flower decorations will stay looking wonderful for 3 to 4 months - plenty of time for all your cakes to be gobbled up!  

Another great tip when it comes to using real flowers as cake decorations is to crystalize them first. Do this by painting your flowers with egg white and sprinkling with icing sugar. Leave your flowers to dry overnight and voila – the next morning you’ll have pretty crystalized posies to use as decorations!

We hope we (and TGBBO) have inspired you to use flowers in your cake decoration! If we have then send us in your snaps for our Facebook page and customer gallery

Love as always SP xx 

22/10/2013  |  Flower Of The Month

October! The month of the calendula or marigold flower - a flower that just happens to make up some of our favourite confetti mixes.

This year we've added two new permanent mixes to our confetti collection after a very successful trial period last year. ‘Sunshine Kisses’ and ‘Orange Blossom’ are both made using a mix of cream ‘Icing Sugar’ delphiniums and dried calendula petals. To make ‘Sunshine Kisses’ we add a touch of yellow calendula known as ‘Honey ’B’ and for ‘Orange Blossom’ we use orange ‘Ginger Snap’ calendula petals.


The result is two rich and vibrant confetti mixes that are perfect for this time of year - the golden hues remind us of fallen autumn leaves.

Seeing as October is the month of this lovely little flower (and because we love it so much) we’ve found a few interesting facts about the calendula or marigold flower that you may not know...


1. The name calendula comes from the Latin calendae which means "little calendar" – a name which may stem (pardon the pun) from the fact that they tend to bloom at the start of each month.

2. Calendula flowers are edible and can make an attractive addition to salads and soups – but we prefer to use them for confetti!

3. Calendula was once considered a sacred flower and in India is still placed around the necks of holy statues.


(Source: http://faerymother.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/marigold-garland-tutorial.html)

Quite a busy little flower isn’t it? It’s also worth noting that the marigold symbolises both passion and creativity – two very important factors if you’re currently planning your wedding.

Choose one of our calendula confetti mixes in your wedding celebrations for an additional sprinkling of vibrant colour and passion! And don’t forget to send us your photos!

Love as always SP xx

18/10/2013  |  Christmas Is Coming!

Is it too early to start thinking about the Christmas season? Here at SP we think not, so we’ve put on our thinking caps (or should that be Santa hats?) and come up with some wonderfully festive products for you to sample this winter! All our Christmas products are now available to order from Not On The High Street so go take a peek if you’re looking for a touch of festive inspiration over the coming months.

Using our home grown Shropshire wheat we’ve crafted a range of Christmas Wreaths that are perfect to decorate your home this season.  Display above the fireplace for a homely touch or spread the Christmas cheer by sending one to a friend or loved one as an early Christmas present.


Our wheat has also been used to make a variety of Christmas Wheat Sheaves which can be used to decorate your Christmas table or place around your Christmas tree for a touch of countryside chic this winter! These wheat sheaves would also make a great gift idea, keeping well and bringing festive cheer for years to come.


Also available are these fabulous Christmas Confetti Baubles -  a very pretty and eco-friendly alternative to regular Christmas baubles.


We wouldn’t be Shropshire Petals if we didn’t feature a bit of natural petal confetti in the Christmas celebrations now would we?

These clear baubles can be filled and refilled with your choice of confetti and used to decorate your Christmas tree, your fireplace garland or even your Christmas table centrepiece (as we’ve done in the picture above).

For the full range of products and optional extras visit our Not On The High Street page. Quick, before Santa gets his hands on them!

Love as always SP xx

16/10/2013  |  Say Cheese!

With my camera bag securely fastened over my shoulder and a few spare batteries in my pocket I made my way to Birmingham yesterday to spend the day on a photography course! Focussing on close up or “macro” shots (as they say in the biz) it was the perfect opportunity for me (Fran here) to learn about getting even better product shots for our website.

Every year we have a photo-shoot courtesy of David Golding Wedding Photography. It’s a great chance for us to get lots of new and exciting photos for the year ahead, learn what it takes to get the perfect shot and of course have a bit of fun with confetti in the process…


Getting a good photo is really important to us. Almost all of our confetti is sold via our website and for that we need good photos to show our customers exactly what they are getting. After all… a picture says a thousand words!


A lot of the course was spent introducing the basic functions of your camera – Which buttons do what, how to change the depth of field and what words like "aperture" mean. It was very interesting and highlighted just how much I’d been relying on ‘auto’ mode up until then.

I've already started putting these new skills to the test by taking a few snaps of the new Christmas products we have coming to ‘Not On The High Street’. We now have a range of festive wreaths and wheat sheaves to choose from, as well as some adorable confetti baubles - A great eco-friendly alternative to hang on your Christmas tree this year. 


Sound like your sort of thing? Find out more about these jolly products in Friday's blog...

Love as always SP xx 

11/10/2013  |  My First Wedding Show - Part 2

After a few cups of tea and a well-earned lie-in I was back in The Petal Shed on Wednesday after a very busy but successful weekend at The National Wedding Show in Birmingham. As this was my first wedding show (Fran here) I worked all three days so I could get a feel for how everything worked during the show. With buckets full of anticipation I started Friday morning with a smile on my face that didn’t leave all weekend!


The show was a hive of activity with lots going on and lots to learn about the wedding industry as a whole. But what I enjoyed the most was getting the chance to meet the happy couples who were buying (and throwing) our confetti. I was really looking forward to it as it’s always a good feeling to know your hard work is putting a smile on someone’s face... and a few petals in the air.

Friday! The first day of the show and the perfect day to get settled in…once I’d found the stand of course (reading maps was never my strong point). After a quick cup of coffee and a blueberry muffin on the train in I was buzzing and all set to learn how things worked at the show!


The first thing I noticed was just how big it was! From cakes to confetti, everything you could possible want at your wedding was there. After having a bit of a mooch around I was even more excited for the day to get going. Our stand looked amazing (even if I do say so myself) and the effort Jess and Jim had put in the night before setting it up had really paid off.


With three of us behind the stand I soon learned the importance of “getting an area!” With limited space, lots of glass jars and a clumsy member of staff or two (I’ll put my hands up to that one) I soon choreographed my way around the stand.


To make it a little easier for ourselves we had hundreds of sample packets already made up so that we could give them out as quickly as possible to everyone who came to visit our stand. This made for quite a few Blue Peter moments with the odd “here’s one I made earlier” being thrown about as much as the confetti!

As people came to collect their free samples they also had lots of questions for us to answer! For those visitors who had already heard of us there were questions about postage and how to store their petals. For those who hadn't heard of our natural petal confetti there were hundreds of questions ranging from "are they dyed?" to "are they edible?" (for future reference the answer to both those questions is a no). We were very happy to give everybody the answers they were looking for - and for anyone else wanting to know the answers we have it all covered in the 'Petal Advice' section of our website. 

I really enjoyed my first wedding show and I'm already looking forward to the next! But before then I get the exciting job of choosing a winner from our confetti competition... Watch this space as a name will be picked from the hat very soon.

Love as always SP xx 

11/10/2013  |  Our Weekend At The National Wedding Show - Part 1

After a very busy but successful weekend at The National Wedding Show in Birmingham it was back to the farm on Monday to get all the orders out in traditional tip top fashion. With a few cups of coffee and a bit of teamwork this is exactly what we did, so tomorrow we’re looking forward to a well-deserved lie-in. As for last weekend it was all about confetti, bunting and our brand new SP t-shirts as we headed off the The National Wedding Show! Here’s a snippet of how we got on…  

From Friday to Sunday the Shropshire Petals team were working hard promoting our natural petal confetti to hundreds of excited brides and grooms who had travelled the length and breadth of the country for this wonderful event!

So, with our stand all set up and loaded with colourful confetti we took our places and got on with the show!


Friday got off to a flying start and gave us the opportunity to speak to lots of brides, grooms, bridesmaids, mothers, sisters and a few very excited flower girls about their confetti needs! Our free confetti samples went down a treat and of course all future flower girls got a handful of confetti from the flower girl basket to practice their throwing skills! It was great to help everybody find the perfect confetti to match their special day!


Saturday was by far the busiest day of the weekend with lots of people coming to visit our stand. After speaking to everyone about their plans for the big day it was great to see how enthusiastic they all were about using natural confetti in their celebrations.


We used an old printing press filled with confetti as a guide for everyone looking for a sample. It was a great way for our visitors to have a quick look at which mix would match or complement their colour scheme! We’re glad to say it was loved by all!


Sunday! The final day of the wedding show and another busy one! By the last day we’d spoken to lots of couples all with wonderful ideas for the big day. We’d also drummed up lots of entries for our fab confetti competition. One lucky couple will win over £100 pounds worth of confetti for their wedding day! Up for grabs is a Shropshire Box full of confetti to match their colour scheme, 1 litre of Larger Petal Confetti, 1 litre of Delphinium and Wildflower Confetti, a medium Wheat Sheaf and a Lavender Bunch! Everything you need to get that wow factor confetti shot on the day!


We think it's safe to say that the weekend was a huge success! Everyone seemed really interested in our products and it was good for us to get an insight into what confetti colours seemed popular for the year to come... If I had to guess I'd say blue is going to be big this year! Our 'Something Blue' confetti was a huge hit! 


After a great weekend we're already looking forward to the next show in spring! Keep your eye out for new dates by checking our 'On The Road' section of the website.

Also keep your eye out for part 2 of the blog coming up this afternoon! We're giving you inside scoop - My first ever wedding show (Fran here!)

Love as always SP xx

4/10/2013  |  Wedding Show Season!

It’s that time again - Time for us to pack up our petals, gather our wheat and head off to another wedding show. This month we’re heading to The National Wedding Show at the NEC, Birmingham!


This weekend from the 4th – 6th October Shropshire Petals will be busy at work promoting our natural petal confetti at the one of the UK’s largest and most established wedding shows! It’s particularly exciting for me (Fran here) as this will be my first ever wedding show!

I’m not too sure what to expect from my first wedding show with Shropshire Petals (and my first wedding show ever come to think of it) but judging by all the preparations going on in The Petal Shed this week its set to be busy!
Jess has been working hard at the back of the shed this week to make sure our stand is brimming with lots of natural petal confetti. It’ll be exciting to see it all come together… after a little stalk of the pictures from previous shows it should look a little something like this!


So if you’re coming to The National Wedding Show at the NEC this weekend remember to pop by and say hello! There’s a free sample of confetti to get your hands on as well as a 10% discount code to use on your next order. Tempting, ey?

See you all at the stand!

Love as always SP xx

1/10/2013  |  October’s Mix Of The Month

Is it really October already? Summer seems to have flown by here at Shropshire Petals - time flies when you’re busy harvesting confetti for the year ahead.

Perfect for this autumnal time of year is our October 'Mix Of The Month', featuring a few new confetti petals!

October is a warm mix of our NEW ‘Chocolate Sunrise’ confetti - which combines brown sunflower petals and ‘Icing Sugar’ cream delphinium petals - ‘Lady In Red’ rose petals and 'Aubergine' rose petals. Not only is it NEW but it’s also a BARGAIN at 2 litres of Autumn Confetti for £24. That’s enough for 20 people to throw for a fabulous seasonal confetti shot. 

October-Mix-of-the-Month-Cones_1 October M.O.M_1

If you’re having an autumn inspired wedding then October’s 'Mix Of The Month' is a must have! With its rich reds and russet browns we’re proud to say that our newest confetti mix captures this season perfectly!


Remember that confetti needn’t be for throwing alone! It also looks great when scattered on your wedding tables.


In fact there are lots of different ways you can display your October 'Mix of the Month' confetti to carry your autumnal theme across your entire wedding.

Why not dress your bridesmaids to match your autumn colour theme and get them all to hold a handful of confetti for a fab photo moment! Something a little like this... 


Check out our 'Fields of Ideas' section on our website for lots more confetti inspiration! 

However you display your October confetti we're sure you'll love it! Remember to get snap happy too and send in all your lovely confetti shots to us! You'll be entered into our latest confetti competition and be in for a chance of winning a very scrummy prize...

Love as always SP xx

27/09/2013  |  Autumn Has Arrived

As we head towards the end of the month the days begin to shorten and the nights draw in. Summer leaves change from luscious greens to rich reds, nights on the town are swapped for nights in by the fire and we dig out our winter coats to ward off the chill of Jack Frost!

Autumn has arrived and with it comes the start of harvest festivals up and down the country! 


We can definitely feel the change in season here at Shropshire Petals. We’ve been harvesting all summer and have watched our confetti fields change from awash of colour to a last few sprigs of devoted delphiniums. They have served us well and after a very busy harvest season we now have a petal shed full of confetti for the year ahead!


So as we enter autumn what can we expect for weddings?

As the season changes so do the plans of excited brides and grooms. Colour themes take on warmer tones like berry red and russet brown – the kind of colours that perfectly embody this rich season.

Autumn is possibly my favourite season (it’s Francesca here by the way) so I’ve taken this opportunity to do a bit of autumn wedding research of my own. With a brand new autumn inspired Pinterest board created especially for you there’s no need to troll the internet for inspiration - we've got it all on one handy page!


Here are a few of my favourite autumn ideas...  

We were sent in a lovely photo from one of our customers last autumn, perfectly capturing the beauty of an autumnal wedding. Of course it went straight up on our Pinterest board! I love the contrast between their colourful confetti and the carpet of autumn leaves!


Love the idea of an autumnal inspired wedding but don’t want to use fallen leaves? Instead sprinkle your wedding tables with rich 'Clementine' rose petals from Shropshire Petals! Just like golden autumn leaves, only prettier!


It's always a good idea to carry your theme across all aspects of the wedding. From the invites, to the venue, to the brides hair - it all helps to tie your day together (so you can get on with tying the knot!) 

I love this seasonal inspired up do! Perfect for an autumn bride! Why not recreate this style using 'Orange Carthamus'? A great way to add a natural spin to this romantic style.


Another detail ideal for an autumn wedding is a customised wheat sheaf. Buy a wheat sheaf from us – they start at just £6.50 – and customise with flowers from your local florist. Opt for warm shades of orange and red for an autumnal theme.


And last but definitely not least, give your special day one final flourish with a sprinkling of autumnal confetti!


Our new ‘Sunshine Kisses’ and ‘Orange Blossom’ mixes are picture-perfect for this time of year with their warm and autumnal hues. Create a magical confetti shot by throwing these golden mixes up high in celebration! 

Ahhh autumn, I think I love you even more now!  

Love as always SP xx

24/09/2013  |  A Prize That Will Melt In Your Mouth

Our last confetti photo competition was a huge success and the deserving winners were awarded with a delicious Afternoon Tea Extravaganza, kindly donated by Delimann.

We have just launched the next confetti photo competition and already the entries are pouring in. Couples love to share their special confetti moment with us, perhaps the melt in your mouth prize is also having something to do with it – a Luxury Chocolate Truffle Box courtesy of Talulah Truffles.


We have teamed up with duo Lulu and Hatts to provide you with a delicious prize. Best friends Lulu and Hatts met at University with plenty in common including their “slight” addiction to chocolate (what woman doesn’t have one of these!). With years of experience in the food industry and plenty of time spent tasting chocolate they preceded on their own cocoa adventure.


Lulu and Hatts

From market stalls across London, Lulu and Hatts produced and sold a wide range of melt in the mouth 100% organic chocolate truffles to hundreds of chocoholic shoppers. Using locally sources ingredients, they have developed their business into a successful venture now selling their scrummy truffles online.

From weddings, parties and special occasions Talulah Truffles have something to meet your needs. Truffles are available to buy in a variety of flavours; mint velvet, raspberry ripple, Prosecco and salted caramel to name but a few.


Salted caramel truffle


Raspberry ripple truffle

This wonderful prize consists of a luxury chocolate truffle box, 10 beautifully decorated cake pops and a bag of 10 chocolate truffles of your choice.

For your chance to win this mouth watering prize to share with your loved one on a romantic evening in talking about your wedding day (or just for your ‘me time’ moments) send us your confetti photo. Visit the competitions page on our website for entry details.


James and Charlotte Hall – winners of the Delimann confetti photo competition

For more information about Talulah Truffles visit www.talulahtruffles.com.

Love as always SP xx 

20/09/2013  |  A Day in the Field Supervisors shoes - By Jess Edwards

Over the summer months when the sun decides it’s finally ready to make an appearance, I can be found in the flower field at Shropshire Petals. Accompanied by my chief helper Kipper of course.

Jess Kipper

With over 45,000 flowers in bloom and in need of picking, a summer here can be very hectic - but never without its rewards. This year it was my job to ensure that the 130 million petals grown here were harvested with care by hand and made it down to the yard in perfect wedding condition.

The fields have been alive this year with constant appearances from hare, partridge and the occasional herd of local deer. They usually appear around dusk and can be seen admiring the view of our flowers. This means there are plenty of interesting scents for Kipper to follow whilst I carry out my supervisory tasks.


The cornflowers are by far my favorite flower we have here at Shropshire Petals. I relish the chance to go and pick them so I can ensure that every head grown has the best chance of making it to a wedding!

On the other hand Kippers favourite flower is the calendula! Not only because the colours are bright and attract lots of insects for him to investigate, but because they are rather tasty too!


Shropshire Petals grow Calendula as a lovely addition to the confetti, but before it's dried it can also be used in salads to create a more aesthetically pleasing dish, therefore it’s no surprise that Kipper is partial to a petal or two in the field!

The flowers and wildlife are not the only things to be found in the fields at this time of year, there is also our team of students here to harvest the crop. With some returnees that come back every year and new additions, the team is never without its smiles.


This jumper was my find of the year. One of our students was supporting this rather creative number and needless to say I was impressed with their choice. I love how he’d captured Jim in such a great light!


The harvest is hard work and this year the SP team have done their part in acknowledging and rewarding the effort the students have put in. This year we have had our perfect petal award, with prizes going to the hardest working student in that week.

Here we can see one of our students receiving a Shropshire Petals “Perfect Petal” t-shirt.


I was expecting to see an appearance of the t-shirts at work once a few had been given out. But when asked the students told us that they didn’t want to remove them from the packets and risk dirtying them, as they wanted to save them to show their families back home! Undoubtedly the prizes are a keepsake, a memento from their time here and a lovely souvenir to take back home.

So it seems the SP name will be traveling to Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary in a few weeks time as our season draws to a close.


Just as we are reaching the end of the season we thought it would be a nice treat to take the students to Alton towers for the day, even the 2 hour queues could not dampen their spirits. So here is a picture of the motely crew, with Jim and I “reppin’” the SP t-shirts and Ivo supporting the infamous bunny ear prank! What a great way to draw my 4th year at Shropshire Petals to an end before returning to University this October!

17/09/2013  |  Time For a Bit of Team Building

This week in the petal shed the team have been spending some time getting creative with confetti!

With harvest season almost at a close we’re looking forward to a few more events coming up on the calendar… Harvest Festivals, Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas are just some of the celebrations we have yet to come.

With this in mind we thought it would be fun to spend our Thursday catch-up meeting making confetti masterpieces against the clock! We focused on four upcoming holidays and had five minutes to make a confetti collage for each.

Ready…Set…Grab your petals!


We started with Harvest Festival! As we approach the end of the month people up and down the country will be celebrating the end of harvest. With our minds full of wheat sheaves, fruit ripe for the pick and autumnal shades of orange, green and brown we started the clocks.

With five minutes and a shelf full of confetti these are the pictures we created to do with harvest...

FransHarvestFestival DawnsHarvestFestival

These are mine (Fran's) and Dawn's harvest collages. I went for all things wheat and a few cans of soup (remember the harvest festivals at school?) and Dawn went for something more minimalist with her harvest apple. 

JessHarvestFestival KatiesHarvestFestival

Jess and Katie both went for wheat sheaves to signify the harvest festival, with Jess adding a few pieces of confetti fruit too!  

Not a bad start! Yes even you Dawn (who later admitted she'd been saving her creative energy for the next picture).


With round one over we moved on to the next... Halloween! With our eyes all set on the dark and mysterious 'Black Tie' confetti we started the clocks.

FranHalloween DawnHalloween

I got resourceful and reused my mini wheat bunch from my harvest festival picture as the witches broom in my Halloween collage. Dawn also went for a witch theme, remembering the very important black cat of course!

JessHalloween KatieHalloween

Jess also created a scary confetti witch but Katie went for something a little different and used bright orange 'Ginger Snap' confetti to make this smiley pumpkin!

Two down and two to go...

By this point we'd honed our confetti sculpting skills and the competition was beginning to heat up in the Petal Shed! 

'Heat' being the operative word because next on the list was Bonfire Night!  

FranBonfire DawnBonfire

I got a shock when I realised I'd drawn all over my piece of paper and we weren't allowed to swap it for another. Luckily I thought of a way around this problem and decided on a confetti firework skyline! Dawn also went for fireworks focusing on two of the more well known ones - a Catherine wheel and a Roman Fountain! 

JessBonfire KatieBonfire

Jess opted for a traditional take and created a confetti Guy Fawkes escaping into a tunnel! Top marks for historical effort! Katie made something more personal and used confetti to design a log burner. As she told us later this is how she always spends Bonfire night, all snug and toasty in front of the fire watching the fireworks light the sky outside. 


Last but not least we moved on to the final event coming up this year (and one of my favourites)... Christmas of course!

FranXmas DawnXmas

Again I had a skyline to include in my picture... So with a few smokey chimneys added I started work on my picture of Santa and his sledge. Dawn used confetti to create a cuddly teddy bear, Santa and his sack, a couple of Christmas presents and an angel for the top of the tree. 

JessXmas KatieXmas

Jess used a confetti cone to make this Christmas tree and Katie went for a 3D work of art with her confetti Christmas card!

Our time was up and it was time to drop our confetti and step away from the petals! We had a great afternoon discovering all the different ways our natural petal confetti can be used - it really doesn't stop at throwing!

Why not have a bit of spare confetti at your wedding that your guests can use to make personalised pictures of your special day. Leave a Polaroid camera next to your creation station so each guest can take a photo of their work of art. Use these photos as an alternative to a guest book!

Creating confetti pictures is a great thing to do with the kids as well! Take a tip from Katie and get your little ones to make Christmas cards using confetti this year!    

We hope we've inspired you with a few new ways to use your Shropshire Petals confetti! We sure had fun in the process!

Love as always SP 

13/09/2013  |  Lucky Friday 13th!

So today may be Friday the 13th a day of the year shrouded in superstition, but fear not because at Shropshire Petals we like to look at it in a slightly different light…


(see, no.13 isn't so scary when it's made from our super sweet 'Raspberry Fool' confetti) 

This Friday 13th (the first of the year) just so happens to fall during September which according to an old wives tale is one of the luckiest months to be married… “Married in September’s golden glow, smooth and serene your life will go.”

We’ve made it our mission to put an end to any superstitious thoughts this year and highlight the benefits of choosing a Friday 13th wedding! Here are just a few reasons why it’s time for Friday 13th to shrug off its bad reputation…

1. Firstly, you’ll not forget your anniversary in a hurry! 

2. A day which is one bride’s no-no is another brides chance to bag a bargain. Your dream venue is more likely to be available on Friday 13th and you might snag it at a better price too!

3. 13 is actually a lucky number for many people. In Italy 13 is considered a lucky number so why not go the whole hog and elope to the classically beautiful streets of Rome or Venice on Friday 13th – don’t forget your confetti of course!

ItalianWedding ItalianWeddingConfetti

This year’s second Friday 13th falls in December and guess what? – December is another lucky month to be married in! “Married in days of December cheer, loves star shines brighter from year to year.” But just in case you’re still feeling a little superstitious you could also throw a special kind of confetti for some extra luck...

Take a tip from Chinese tradition and opt for lucky colour red! According to tradition red symbolises good fortune and joy! So choose our ‘Romeo and Juliet' mix for a sprinkling of joy at your wedding...

romeo_juliette Romeo_Juliet

Or you could take some inspiration from another traditional wedding rhyme and include ‘Something Blue’ in your wedding day…

SomethingBlue something_blue_in_blue_cones

So if you’ve decided to get hitched on Friday 13th then we wish you the happiest day! Let us know how it goes and send us a few pictures of your special day!

Love as always SP xx

10/09/2013  |  Colour for 2014… Part 2!

Another hot wedding trend for 2014 will be to use bright and bold colours! That’s right one colour is just not enough anymore… in fact the more the merrier! If you decide on this idea for your wedding then there is room for a lot of fun. You could dress each of your bridesmaids in a different colour creating a beautiful bridesmaid rainbow!



And it needn’t stop there. Add even more colour by giving each bridesmaid a different basket of brightly coloured confetti. Each guest can take a handful to throw over the happy couple as they leave the ceremony as husband and wife. What a great way to start married life - under a blanket of rainbow confetti! 


 A brightly coloured mix of 'Blush', 'Envy' and 'Cerise'

A wedding is a celebration after all so let’s celebrate in colourful style! Make your bridesmaids feel pretty in pink. Be brave with multicoloured bunting and of course get pick and mixing your Shropshire Petals confetti for a final flourish of colour! 

RainbowConfettiMix Rainbow_Confetti_Mix

Visit our ‘Brights’ Pinterest board for more inspiration on how to get creative with colour!

Remember, if you have a colourful wedding coming up soon then make sure to take lots of photos and send a few to us! Simply send them to enquiries@shropshirepetals.co.uk or like our Facebook page and upload them to our wall!

With our autumn confetti competition now launched you could even win a delicious chocolaty prize…

Love as always SP xx

6/09/2013  |  Listen Up… We Have the Scoop on Colour for 2014!

If you’re in the midst of planning your wedding you’ll be very aware of the important part colour plays in the run up to the big day. Most couples planning their nuptials will decide on a main colour theme for their wedding as it gives the day a sense of continuity and occasion. Once a colour has been chosen it starts to feature everywhere…. The flowers, the bridesmaid dresses, the table setting and of course the confetti.

We love colour here at Shropshire Petals which is why we are so excited to share 2014’s hot colour trend with you!

2014 is all about different shades of the same colour!


Having a main colour is great but who says you have to stick to just one hue? Next year will be all about incorporating different tones and shades into your wedding, an idea we just love!

We really like this way of using colour so we’ve been having a think of ways you could recreate it for your wedding…

If your main wedding colour is pink for example, why not dress your bridesmaids in varying shades from the deepest cerise to the palest baby pink. This theme could be continued by using pink flowers during the ceremony, introducing a different shade of pink to each table setting and of course choosing our own mix and match confetti to throw for your confetti shot.

To fit in with a shades of pink theme why not opt for a mix of ‘Candyfloss’, ‘Raspberry Fool’ and ‘Cerise’

ShadesOfPinkConfetti_1 HandfulsOfConfetti

Or perhaps each of your bridesmaids, all looking pretty in pink of course, could have a different shade of confetti each. This way your different shades of confetti can mix prettily in the air as the bride and groom walk underneath.


A lot of our confetti mixes already incorporate this brilliant use of shade. Our ‘Summer Sky’ confetti incorporates deep ‘Frosted Blue’ delphiniums and light ‘Duck Egg’ blue hydrangea petals. With two different shades of blue our ‘Summer Sky’ confetti mix would fit in perfectly with 2014’s colour trend!


Pick and mix from our other blue confetti mixes for even more shades! 


With our mix and match option creating your own confetti mix to include as many shades as you like is easy peasy. If you have a purple wedding theme then choose ‘Midnight Blue’, ‘Amethyst’ and ‘Wisteria’ for a punch of purple confetti!



If we've inspired you to feature a spectrum of shade in your wedding then make sure to take your camera and get snapping so you can send in your confetti shots to us at enquiries@shropshirepetals.co.uk

Love as always SP xx 

3/09/2013  |  September’s Mix of the Month is here!

Introducing our brand new 'Mix of the Month' for September - An autumnal mix of our new ‘Ginger Snap’ marigold petals, cream ‘Icing Sugar’ delphiniums, delicious ‘Damson Wine’ larger petals and a sprinkling of marjoram to add a final flourish.

September confetti mix_1 September-Shropshire-Box_1

If you’re planning an autumnal wedding then this mix is a must! With gorgeous warm hues September’s confetti mix is just what’s called for after the heat of summer.

Make the most of these petals by displaying them in your very own confetti basket! Or create a contrast by displaying them in our Shropshire Box and opting for green cones.


Don’t forget that our ‘Mix of the Month’ confetti is one of our special offers. So if these lovely golden and plum colours aren’t enough to convince you, remember you’re also getting a brilliant deal too!


With our new competition just around the corner why not choose Septembers 'Mix of the Month' to use in your confetti shot! Simply buy, throw and get snapping for your chance to win a very yummy prize…

Love as always SP xx

28/08/2013  |  A Touch of Romance at Shropshire Petals

It’s nice to know that even through the busy harvest time our dedicated petal pickers still have time for a touch of romance here and there! Being a wedding confetti company we always have a soft spot for a romantic tale or two.

So you can imagine how happy we were when we received a sweet request from one of our students this week. He asked us to make him a wheat sheaf that he could send to his girlfriend for their anniversary! Of course we were very happy to oblige and Dawn (the wheat sheaf chief) came up with this wonderful creation…


It’s safe to say we were all impressed here in The Petal Shed! Dawn used lavender and fresh herbs (picked from her garden that morning) to decorate the wheat sheaf. The contrasting purple and green colours worked really well and it smelled blooming lovely too!


We're sure she'll love it - good job Dawn!

What's really great about our wheat sheaves is that they keep brilliantly and last for a long time too! This means they're perfect as a keepsake and a great memento from your special day! 

Dawn’s creation just goes to show how versatile our wheat sheaves are. Adding fresh flowers, dried flowers or herbs is just the start when it comes to decorating yours.

If you want to customise your own wheat sheaf then just follow these simple steps.

1. Buy a plain wheat sheaf from us – they start at just £6.50

2. Decide which flowers you want to use (whether they’re from your garden or your local florist)

3. Ideally keep your flowers in water until you’re ready to use them

4. Then simply stick your flowers into the top, pushing the stem into the wheat sheaf until it’s secure

Our wheat sheaves are very adaptable so there’s no need to take them apart. Your flowers will easily fit in between the ears of wheat.

We've had a lot of people contacting us to ask what flowers look best in a wheat sheaf and the answer is…they all do! If you’re having a blue wedding theme then fresh cornflowers will look beautiful - they’re great if you're going for a rustic or countryside themed wedding as well. If you’re looking for something more vintage or traditional then roses, both dried and fresh, look pretty when displayed in a wheat sheaf. 


So as we head towards autumn why not consider including a wheat sheaf or two in your wedding celebrations. They're chic, versatile and as you can see from these pictures, look wonderful when adorned with flowers. We’d love to see all the different ways you decide to decorate your wheat sheaves. So get snapping and send your photos in to enquries@shropshirepetals.co.uk .

Love as always SP xx 

26/08/2013  |  A buzzing good blog

The Humble Bumble-  A petsup’s thoughts by Helena Robertson

This summer I have been the petal supervisor, better known as a petsup! This has involved looking after the pickers,supervising the de-petalling and keeping the sheds tidy!

Here at Shropshire petals, the buzz right now is all about the humble bumble bee. They're vitally important to agriculture and with harvest well underway they have been hard to miss, taking a special fancy to our bee friendly, ‘Blue Bird’ Cornflowers, delphiniums, calendula and sun flowers!


 As well as hiding amongst the crates of harvested petals, the bumble bee has been spotted buzzing around the shed and has even inspired a friendly ‘Buzz off’...

confetti_bumble_bee confetti_bumble_bee_2

Can you name the different types of confetti we have used? Jess was very proud of hers…who do you think won? (only a little sisterly rivalry occurred between Jess and I)

There are hundreds of interesting facts about the humble bumble. Here are some of my favourite ones.Did you know there are at least 300 different types of buzzy bees and 24 of these are found in the UK alone?


Honeybees communicate with one another by "dancing" to give the direction and distance of flowers. Through ‘throwing some shapes’, scouting bees can report the distance and direction of food sources over 3 miles away.


Buzzy Bees are the only insects we get food from, They're like little striped cows with wings.



Their honey can be used for all sorts of things and recently studies have found that bee venom, royal jelly and propolis have cancer fighting properties; slightly more exciting than your average cheese wouldn’t you say?


It would cost UK farmers £1.8 billion a year to pollinate their crops without bees. With this in mind I’ve decided on a little campaign to convince Jim that a bee hive or two in the flower field would be a great idea. With all the bees buzzing about, we could produce lots of lovely honey for wedding favours. What do you think? Shropshire petals honey anyone?

It could look a little something like this...


There are bee keeping associations all over the country for beginners (Shropshire beekeepers association taster day this year is on august 31st) so if you fancy a new hobby, why not help save the bees and make some yummy honey too!

Writing to you from my shed,  

Love as always, SP xx

23/08/2013  |  Happy Bank Holiday!

Happy bank holiday to you all! The Petal Shed will be closed on Monday but we'll be back to business on the farm on Tuesday! 


We hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Love as always SP xx 

20/08/2013  |  Popular Purple!

Sample requests and orders for purple confetti have been coming in thick and fast to the petal shed. It appears that purple is back on top as the most popular wedding colour.

And that’s absolutely fine by us because purple is one of our favourite confetti colours too! Incidentally, we have a spectrum of different purple confetti’s for you to choose from - In fact we’d say you’re a little spoiled for choice…

Ocean Mist


Highland Fling


Purple Rain


My Fair Lady


Our purple petals which look really great as confetti also look pretty amazing when growing in the fields! It’s a great sight to see when we are busy harvesting.


Or when we just fancy a little bit of a stroll...


Purple is a glamorous colour which signifies romance and femininity so it’s easy to understand why so many of our brides to be want to include it in their wedding celebrations.

And that’s where we come in! We're here to help you make the most of your purple theme by making a feature of your confetti.

Why not use your petal confetti to decorate your wedding tables? You could even use the names of the confetti mixes as the table names just like Jim and Jess did at their wedding!


Or show off your confetti in our Shropshire Box - perfect for getting all your guests involved in the confetti throwing action! 


Really make the most of your purple theme by opting for a lilac confetti pail to display your petals in. Perfect for a pretty in purple flower girl too! 


We hope we've persuaded you to introduce a splash of purple into your wedding day! And if you're still not convinced then go take a peek at our 'Mix of the Month' for August. You'll never guess what colour it is....

Love as always SP xx

16/08/2013  |  We Have A Winner!

The snaps are in, the confetti has settled and our Delimann confetti competition is over. It has been a great success and we are absolutely delighted that so many of you sent in your fabulous confetti shots for us to judge. It was really tough having to choose just one as every single photo we received had that “wow” factor that we love so much here at Shropshire Petals. But choose we did, and now it’s time to reveal the winner…

Congratulations to James and Charlotte Hall who sent in this wonderful shot. We love how happy you two look as you’re being showered with our confetti!


It’s such a brilliant photo and completely deserving of the prize - a Delimann Afternoon Tea Extravaganza - that will be winging its way to you as we speak!


Over 90 photos were entered into our Delimann competition so we want to say a big thank you to everyone who took the time to enter. Although we could only choose one winner we couldn’t resist having a 2nd place, 3rd place and runners up choice too. With so many fantastic photos how could we not?

So here they are…

2nd place goes to Ellie and Rob! We loved this shot and the champagne toast!


3rd place goes to Victoria Martin and her new hubby for this adorable confetti kiss!


Our first runner up prize goes to Lizzy and Steve Last for their beautiful photo that got the most likes on Facebook! 


And our second runner up prize goes to this stunning shot! We love how the colourful confetti matches the colourful guests! Thanks for sending this in Sandi!


Our new competition will be starting soon so for all of you who missed the entry deadline for the Delimann competition, don’t panic... You’ll be entered into the next round. For everyone else, keep sending us your confetti shots and they’ll also be entered into the next competition. The prize will be announced when the competition launches in Autumn 2013. So watch this space!

Love as always SP xx

13/08/2013  |  George and Tess Discover the Delphiniums...

This week at Shropshire Petals we have welcomed two furry friends back to our confetti fields. George and Tess the adventurous Welsh Terriers took a trip around our fields at the beginning of the week and were kind enough to send us a few pictures of their escapades. Of course we wanted to share these all with you.


George and Tess came to visit us last August and were so impressed with our lovely larkspur that they decided to come back for this years harvest! They were in for a surprise as this year we are also growing calendula for our yellow and orange confetti mixes. But it looks like these new flowers got their approval too! 


Aren't they just so cute! 


George and Tess' photography skills were so good that they managed to capture the biodiversity of our fields in action. Our bees, butterflies and lady bugs are very pretty and also very important to us here at Shropshire Petals! Thanks for catching these moments for us George and Tess. 

bees_1 ladybird


We're so happy that George and Tess decided to come visit us again and we hope that they'll come next year as well! I'm sure we will all agree that their photography skills are top notch. Thanks again for sharing them with us G&T! 

We always welcome photographers who want to come and take photos of our fields - especially if they then send them to us to promote on our blog. So if you're a budding photo fanatic feel free to come take a look around our fields at harvest time. As you can see from the photos taken by George and Tess the fields are really beautiful when they're in bloom. 

See you next year George and Tess! 

Love as always SP xx

9/08/2013  |  Coming Soon!

We have some exciting news for you all… Harvest is in full swing and with it we are reintroducing two mixes that we trialed last year! During our petal research and development in 2012 we searched for a yellow and orange flower that we could make into beautiful sunshine confetti. The result was our 'Honey'B' yellow and 'Ginger Snap' orange petals! These two golden themed mixes proved so popular that we've decided to add them to our permanent petal collection! Hurray!  

We are very excited about these mixes and wanted to give you the inside scoop before they start flying off the shelves here at the petal shed.


Both mixes will be made from our bright and beautiful calendula flowers. Once the petals have been picked and dried we will have the perfect hues to create a yummy yellow and outrageous orange confetti mix.

So let’s start with our yellow confetti mix - better known as ‘Sunshine Kisses’…


This mix will consist of our yellow ‘Honey’B’ calendula petals and our cream ‘Icing Sugar’ delphinium petals. It’s sunny and striking and perfect as we head towards the end of summer and into autumn. Of course like all our mixes the yellow calendula will be available as a mix on its own or to pick and mix with other colours. If you're one for complimentary colours then maybe you could opt for a purple and yellow mix? Or you could carry on that sunshine theme by pairing these pretty little calendula petals with big and bright 'Golden Slumber' rose petals – the possibilities are endless!

And let's not forget about our second confetti mix. Our gorgeous orange mix that we've named 'Orange Blossom'...


This vibrant mix will be made up of our orange 'Ginger Snap' calendula petals and cream ‘Icing Sugar’ delphinium petals. Like the yellow 'Sunshine Kisses' it is also perfect as we head in to autumn, especially if you are having autumnal colours as your wedding theme. 

We can't wait till we start getting orders for these two brilliant confetti mixes! Not only do they look great on their own but they're going too look even better when all dressed up in our packaging options! Imagine a Shropshire Box full of sunshine shades! In fact, you don't have to - we have a picture especially for you... 


So remember to keep an eye out a for these two beautiful mixes! They'll be on our website soon and ready to order in time for all those autumn weddings!

Love as always SP xx

6/08/2013  |  Customising Your Confetti Basket!

A confetti basket is a great way to display confetti on your wedding day. They’re pretty, they’re traditional and with a confetti basket everyone can get involved when it comes to grabbing a handful of these lovely petals!


Here at Shropshire Petals we sell two different types of confetti basket. The first is our aptly named ‘Confetti Basket’ and is perfect for bridesmaids or those handing out confetti to guests!


The second is our small but sweet ‘Flower Girl Basket’ which, when filled, will make your flower girl feel like a petal princess walking down the aisle!


These baskets look great on their own but we also have a few little tips on ways to customise them to add an extra bit of merriment to your day…

Why not use cones of confetti to fill your basket instead of just using loose confetti! We think this looks great as well as being nice for guests as they can each have their own cone to hold. We’ve called this one 'The Bo Peep Basket'!


Using ribbon is another great way to customise your confetti basket! Wrap it round the handle to create a delicately pretty effect, tying a bow at the end to finish it off!

Or why not think outside the box and go for a different type of basket - a bicycle basket for example... 


Using a poem alongside your confetti is another idea we really like. The confetti baskets at Jim and Jess’ wedding were decorated with ribbons and poems and we thought they just looked fab!


So there you have it, just a few ideas on how to snazz up your confetti baskets for your special day! We’re sure there are plenty more ways to wow your guests so if you have any ideas you’d like to share with us then feel free to get in contact… We love to hear your ideas (especially if they come along with a picture).

Love as always SP xx

2/08/2013  |  August's Mix of the Month

It’s August and that can only mean one thing – time for a new ‘Mix of the Month’!

This month we have something marvellously mellow for you to see you to the end of summer. August is a mix of cream ‘Icing Sugar’ delphiniums, lilac ‘Amethyst’ delphiniums and green ‘Envy’ hydrangea petals.


Just lush, don't you think? We think this month's mix is colourful and fresh and absolutely perfect for weddings towards the end of summer. So if your wedding is this August, or you're invited to an August wedding, why not fill your pockets full of this gorgeous mix to throw on the big day! 


And if you're pockets aren't big enough then don't worry, we also have a range of packaging to display this delightful mix in! Make a feature of the gorgeous green 'Envy' hydrangea petals by displaying them in our Shropshire Box and choosing green cones to match. Or go for a rustic countryside feel by displaying this mix in our wicker confetti basket.

However you choose to display your confetti - we're sure it'll look fab! You could even get really creative... confetti spelling anyone? 


Love as always SP xx

31/07/2013  |  Here's Something Pinteresting...

Do you like crafts? Scrapbooking? Inspirational pictures? Then it sounds like Pinterest will be just your cup of tea!

Here at Shropshire Petals we have our very own Pinterest page where we like to pin all the ideas and notions that creep into our heads on a daily basis. When it comes to confetti, weddings, and colour (and anything else pretty that takes our fancy) the more ideas and pictures the better. Our Pinterest page is a great source of inspiration for anyone planning a wedding in the near future. With boards on colour, decoration and packaging (just to name a few) you’re bound to find a few wedding ideas to tickle your fancy.


We have made a couple of new Pinterest boards over the last month that we are particularly excited about. One of our most recent boards is full of ways to display your confetti! Who says confetti is just for throwing alone – it can also look great as a wedding decoration too!


We’ve also dedicated a board to pastel colour weddings! We think pastel colours are perfect for creating a fresh and summery themed wedding. Our ‘Summer Nights’ is a great pastel confetti mix - we just can’t get enough of these delicate tones!


We’re so keen on our Pinterest boards here at Shropshire Petals that we’ve gone and made some real life ones around the Petal Shed to keep us constantly inspired! We like to think of them as our mood boards! Found an interesting picture or idea? Then get sticking!


We are always getting positive comments from customers who pop in to the shed and see these boards – and it’s nice to know that they might go home with a few new ideas for the big day! Making your own life-size Pinterest board might be a good idea before planning your wedding – you’ll be surprised how little pictures and ideas can inspire you as you finalise the details of the day!


So remember to stop by our Pinterest page every now and then, especially if you’re in need of a little creative encouragement!

Love as always SP xx

25/07/2013  |  Harvest is in Full Swing!

The heat wave we’ve been having over the past couple of weeks has obviously coxed our confetti fields out of their shells. What was looking a little shy a few weeks ago is now really coming into bloom – and that can only mean one thing, harvest time!


Summer is our busiest time here at Shropshire Petals! All our confetti for the year is harvested and processed during the summer months so its very important that we pick as many petals as we possibly can! So its all hands on deck, wellies at the ready and forearms flexed for some serious flower picking action. 


(But in between the hard work, who can resist a good sniff of those fragrant flowers...) 

First to be picked was the calendula! Once dried these yellow and orange calendula flowers will help make up our ‘Sunshine Kisses’ and ‘Orange Blossom’ confetti mixes! We’re very excited about these new and summery mixes which will be on our website and ready to pick and mix very soon!



The larkspur is also looking really lovely! Last week I braved the blistering sun to take a walk up to the fields to see on how it was getting along. It’s safe to say it looked very happy indeed!


We’ve been busy bees picking the larkspur whilst it’s in full bloom as only then will it become the best confetti it can be. As we’re sure you already know all our delphinium and wildflower confetti is picked by hand. Being handpicked limits bruising and damage to the delicate petals whilst being completely eco-friendly too! 


Once picked and the crates are filled with flowers they are brought back to the farm buildings ready to be de-petalled.



Once all the petals have been patiently picked off the flowers they are put into the driers overnight ready to be turned into the confetti we all know and love!


The confetti process has changed a lot over the last 20 years. It started with Rose drying petals in the kitchen from beams above the Aga and now involves a workforce of passionate de-petallers all working hard to get the best confetti we can! But one things for sure, it’s still very much a team effort – and Rose still does her bit drying petals at home the old fashioned way...


Love as always SP xx

24/07/2013  |  Wedding Confetti on a Budget!

Did we hear the word budget!?

Planning a wedding can be an expensive endeavour. After the venue, the food and of course the very important wedding dress it’s easy to be left a little out of pocket.

Luckily for you we have an idea for how you can save a few extra pennies when it comes to your wedding confetti!

As I’m sure you all know we love to see your wedding and confetti shots so it’s just great when our customers send them in to us! We were recently sent this beautiful picture of our confetti displayed in adorable little handmade cones


This got us thinking… If you’re looking to make the most of your money and don’t like to see things go to waste then why not make your own confetti cones out of things you can find around your home?

This couple have opted to make their cones out of paper doilies which are quite readily available online and are real value for money. You could also use scrap card or paper that you have hanging around at home – or if you want you get really resourceful, why not use that old roll of wallpaper that’s been hiding at the back of a cupboard for years.

And to go with your budget cones we have the perfect budget confetti! Our 10 litre bag of ‘Mix it Up’ confetti is a real bargain at £42. That's 100 handfuls of confetti for just £42! It comes from our second’s stock but is still gorgeous and perfect for throwing confetti. But don’t just take our word for it - here’s a picture so you can see for yourself…

mix_it_up MIX_IT_UP

And here's the all important confetti shot in action!..



So, we hope that has given you a few ideas of ways you could save money when planning your wedding. Reusing old things you may have forgotten about is a really great thing to do – every little bit of recycling helps after all. And who says it needs to stop at confetti… If you're going for a traditionally British theme at your wedding, why not make some bunting out of old curtains and other material? Just a thought….

Love as always SP xx

19/07/2013  |  Competition Countdown…

If you haven’t heard already, we currently have a very scrumptious competition for you to get your teeth in to! All you need to do is send us your confetti shots for a chance to win - But you better get your snaps in soon as we will be picking our winner at the end of this month!


Our Delimann competition is your chance to win this delicious Afternoon Tea Extravaganza. This hamper which is perfect for special occasions consists of 10 award winning Devonshire Cream Teas & freshly baked rich Chocolate Brownie Squares, 2 extra moist traditional Tea Bread Loaves, Tea Lover biscuits and organic clotted cream fudge - all sent beautifully packaged with a Baked With Love ceramic tag.  


Sounds good right? So how do you enter…

If you’d like to win this deliciously delectable prize (and who wouldn’t?) simply like our Facebook page and upload your confetti photos on to our wall! It’s really as simple as that.

Entries close on the 31st July when we shall we picking our lucky (and soon to be well fed) winner!

Good luck to everyone who has entered! We’re really looking forward to having a good gander at your confetti shots in a couple of weeks!

Love as always, SP xx

16/07/2013  |  July – The Month of the Larkspur!

It’s July and it’s the month of the larkspur, more commonly known as the delphinium!

It seems quite fitting that our blog this week should be dedicated to the larkspur as our confetti fields are just about ready to bloom with them (it’s like they know!)


As I’m sure many of our petal fans will know the majority of our throwing confetti is made up of dried delphinium petals. When dried these petals keep their colour beautifully and of course have that super floaty factor that we look for in our confetti. Needless to say we are big delphinium fans here at SP!


So with a little research we’ve found a few interesting facts about the larkspur flower. Not that you’d need convincing but here are a few reason why you should all be delphinium fans too!

1. The larkspur symbolises cheerfulness and lightness (which is probably why it makes such excellent confetti!)

2. Its name is derived from the Greek word "delphis" which means dolphin. It can sometimes go by the name of Lark's Claw, Lark's Heel or Knight's Spur too.

3. Larkspur is said to keep away venomous scorpions and snakes… but we wouldn’t recommend trying this one out yourself.

4. In pagan folk mythology larkspur was used as protection, as a cure of ailments and used in celebrating the Summer Solstice.

5. Some species can grow to over 6 feet tall! That’s certainly a very big bucket full of confetti!


Quite the illustrious flower - don't you think? 

So if you’re getting married this July, why not include the bright and breezy delphinium in your celebrations. It makes wonderful confetti when dried and is beautiful when fresh and used in flower decorations or bouquets.

Love as always SP xx

12/07/2013  |  What A Wonderful Wedding!

The day we’d all been waiting for finally came on Saturday – Jim and Jess’ wedding! With our best dresses on, our hats securely fastened and our confetti in tow the SP team made our way to the church to celebrate the big day!


As I’m sure everyone knows the weather at the weekend was glorious! It was the perfect day for a wedding. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and love was most definitely in the air. When it was time we made our way in to the church which was cool and fresh and lovingly decorated with the flowers from Rose’s garden.


The flowers looked wonderful and really created the feel of a summer countryside wedding…which it was! Well done flower ladies! You did a fabulous job!


The whole ceremony was stunning. Jess wore a beautiful vintage dress (which we all got a good peek at as she walked down the aisle) and the pair looked perfect together as they took their vows. It was a truly wonderful ceremony.


As all the guests made their way outside they were greeted by baskets full of confetti held by the bridesmaids and flower girls.


As this was the wedding of Mr and Mrs SP it wouldn’t be complete without a commemoration confetti shot would it? And it was definitely a confetti moment to remember… as the new Mr and Mrs Bubb walked down the path out of the church the guests lined each side and showered them with a spectrum of colourful confetti!

confeti shot_1

After every last petal of confetti had been thrown it was time to head to the reception! We all jumped in our cars (not as easy as it sounds in a dress and heels) and headed off to party the night away. 

The reception was held in a marquee back at Jim and Jess’ new house. As we got to the marquee we were greeted by glasses of Pimm’s and lemonade – perfect for the summer’s day we were all enjoying.


One thing we were all particularly excited to see was Jim’s potato box bar! The finished result went over and above what we all were expecting – it looked so great and was definitely a talking point of the evening.


As the sun went down we all headed inside the marquee for a spot of food. Remember those table place names Jess had been working hard to make? Well they looked superb!

The tables (that were named after the different confetti mixes remember?) looked brilliant too and really got people talking - I was sat on ‘Summer Sky’.


With good grub, good grog and good guests we all had a wonderful evening. The speeches were also a highlight of the evening with a lovely speech from Jess’s dad and a traditionally witty speech by Jim’s two best men!

As the sun finally set we all headed to the dance floor (that seemed to be lit up by stars) to watch Jim and Jess take their first dance as husband and wife. As the live band played everyone began to join in and that was it, the dancing had started for the evening. Luckily Jim had been kind enough to think of all the ladies whose feet might have been sore after tottering around in high heels all day. There was a suitcase full of flip flops at the side of the dance floor with a clever note that read “When you feel your feet get sore, grab a pair so you can dance some more”.

Once again congratulations Jim and Jess, it was a perfect day. We hope you enjoy your honeymoon!

Oh and thanks for the homemade chutney wedding favours – they are supper scrummy!

Love as always SP xx

9/07/2013  |  July's Mix of the Month

Yes it’s that time again – time for a brand spanking new ‘Mix of the Month’!

This month we are packing a punch with pink! July is a mix of 'Raspberry Fool' deep pink delphiniums mixed with 'Cerise' hot pink rose petals and white 'Daisy Daisy' hydrangea petals. Perfect for summer!


Isn’t it fab!?

This vibrant mix would be perfect for pink and white themed weddings! We also think these hot pink petals contrast beautifully with teal and Tiffany blue – food for thought if teal is your colour theme.


Step up the wow factor of this mix by displaying it in our Shropshire Box! The Shropshire Box comes with the option to choose your own coloured cones so you can pack even more of a punch by choosing pink ones! This mix would also look brilliant in our confetti baskets with a few of the larger petals displayed delicately on top. 

So if you're looking to add even more colour to your summer wedding then why not go for our July 'Mix of the Month! It's pink, its pretty, it's perfect!

Love as always SP xx 

5/07/2013  |  The Day Before The Big Day!

Yes it’s that time already! In less than 24 hour’s we’ll all be on our way to the wedding of Jim and Jess – confetti in tow of course. How exciting!


In celebration the team here at Shropshire petals have a few words to share with the bride and groom to wish them well…


“Congratulations Jess and Jim, I hope that your wedding day will be as happy as the rest of your lives together, Love Margaret x”


"Congratulations Jim and Jess. Here's a little poem especially for you..."

He's putting on his best suit

She's putting on her white dress

Ready for today.

We have grown and bloomed together

Happiness for ever

So the stories say.

Petals will be scattered

Silence will be shattered

With our  joyful cheers.

Memories to treasure

Love and bliss together

Are the wishes for today.

Raise your glasses high

As you wave goodbye

To the newlyweds.

Here’s to Jim and Jess

We wish you all the best

Love and happiness

From this day forth.


“After seeing hundreds and hundreds of Bride & Groom’s sending us their confetti shots I cannot wait for our very own Mr & Mrs Shropshire Petals to be added to the collection! Ready to dance my socks off… Love Katie x”


“Wishing you both the happiest day. I’m really looking forward to celebrating with you both – and throwing lots of confetti of course. Love Francesca x”


“To Jess and Jim, have an amazing wedding day, relax (Jess!) and enjoy.  I'm looking forward to seeing your 'wow' factor confetti shot and the wonderful potato box bar.  Lots of love. Emma x”



"All the best for the big day, after renovating, moving house and organising a wedding, the few days off will be a well earned break. No doubt it will be a day to remember and there is one thing for sure there will be plenty of confetti!"


"After all these years to get to this point is very special. We knew Harper Adams was going to be a great experience for you but maybe never appreciated just how much of an effect it would have on your future happiness after meeting each other there."


“This is a most special day, please do ensure you both enjoy every moment. Remember everyone wishes you all the best health and happiness in the years to come”

And just as a final flourish before the big day, and continuing our poetic theme – we have composed a poem for the happy couple from all of us here at Shropshire Petals…

Back in December they set a special date

The day has arrived and it is time to celebrate

It’s Jim & Jess’ wedding day

And Shropshire Petals have some words to say

So let’s get ready… Rubba Dubb Dubb

A nice change from the shed… best have a good scrub

We’ve all chosen our outfits, I’ve picked my dress

Shawls, hats and heels, they’d expect nothing less

And hey presto… Hi Ho Hi Ho

it’s off to the wedding we go…

The Church Awaits

Best not be late

They’ll be a lovely hymn

Of course we’ll all sing for Jess & Jim

Then they’ll walk down the aisle as man and wife

And we’ll throw confetti to wish them well in their happy life

Then it’s over to the marquee

It’s at their new home, a beautiful site to see

We’ll drink champagne and eat good grub

And raise a toast to Mr & Mrs Bubb!

Love as always SP xx

2/07/2013  |  Something Blue...

Who hasn’t heard of the well-known saying “something old, something new something borrowed something blue”. It’s so well know that we even named one of our confetti mixes after it! Throw our ‘Something Blue’ at your wedding and you already have one base covered!


Our ‘Something Blue’ confetti is a mix of our cream ‘Icing Sugar’ delphiniums and our bright ‘Blue Bird’ cornflowers.  Because our confetti is 100% natural and completely free from dyes we wanted to find a really true blue petal that when dried would keep its colour. With our cornflower this is exactly what we got and now our ‘Something Blue’ confetti is one of our most popular mixes!


Anyway, as I was saying about its name…    

We love those special wedding traditions that add an extra bit of meaning to the big day. Whilst I stood making up some orders of our ‘Something Blue’ this morning I began to wonder what other wedding traditions there were out there…

Turns out, there are quite a few. So here’s a countdown of our top 5 wedding traditions…

5. Choosing the day

So you’ve met the one, agreed to marry and now all you need to do is set the date! Easy right?

Let’s start with the day…

Sundays used to be the most popular day to be married as usually it was the day that everyone was free from work. This was stopped in the 17th Century when puritan rule taught that that it was improper to be celebratory on the Sabbath day. Now Saturday is the most popular day to get married!

But according to the rhyme you could choose “Monday for wealth, Tuesday for health, and Wednesday the best day of all” … so who’s says weddings need to be saved for the weekend?

But it’s not just the day you need to think about, the month needs to be taken into account too.  If you’d like a summer wedding then why not “Marry when June roses grow and over land and sea you'll go.” That sounds nice doesn’t it? Likewise if it’s more of a winter wedding you’re after you could choose December and “When December snows fall fast, true love will last.”

4. Wedding Dress Colour

Today most brides marry in white or shades of cream and according to the rhyme “Married in white, you have chosen right.” Yipee!

Traditionally white was a symbol of maidenhood and was started by the rich in the 16th century. Prior to this a bride would choose their best dress to marry in and the colour was a matter of preference…


(Photo from - http://pinterest.com/search/pins/?q=rainbow++wedding+dress)

So if you're deciding to break tradition and go for a coloured dress instead why not go for  something blue as according to the rhyme Married in Blue, your love will always be true”

3. Something Old, Something New…

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something blue
And a silver sixpence in your shoe

Ahhh that old chestnut! We’re sure you’ve all heard it (although maybe not the last line) but what does it mean?

As an Old English rhyme its origin and meaning has been lost somewhat over time, but here’s what most people believe…

The "something old" represents a link to the past such as the bride’s family or friends. Traditionally this would be a family heirloom or a piece of jewellery passed down to her.

The "something new" symbolises good fortune and a prosperous future for the newlyweds – traditionally the wedding dress was the something new.

The "something borrowed" is often lent to the bride from a family member or friend who has had a good marriage in hopes it will bring them the same fortune.

The custom of the bride wearing "something blue" on her wedding day dates back to biblical times when blue represented fidelity.

And “the sixpence”, well that represents both financial wealth and wealth of happiness throughout the marriage. 

2. Throwing the bouquet


This is probably one of the better known wedding traditions… but do we know where it actually comes from? Well that’s what we’re here to answer. Centuries ago it was considered lucky if you could get your hands on pieces of the bride's dress and flowers. In order to escape from the crowd the bride would throw her bouquet in the air and run away. Today it’s believed that whoever catches the thrown bouquet will be the next to marry.

And last but definitely not least…

1. Confetti!!!

Yes! That’s right – confetti is the ultimate wedding tradition in our eyes!  The throwing of confetti is an age old tradition that symbolised fertility and prosperity for the new couple. Traditionally handfuls of grain or nuts were thrown because they are 'life-giving' seeds - We like to think we’ve not stepped too far from tradition with our completely natural and eco-friendly petal confetti!

front page 3_1

So there you have it, our top 5 wedding traditions.

We hope you've enjoyed learning as much about these wedding customs as we have! 

Love as always SP xx 

28/06/2013  |  June - The Month of Roses

Tis June, the fairest month of all, Bright June, the month of roses. 

-Elva May Root 

It seems almost too perfect that this month is the month of the rose! With Jim and Jess’ wedding just around the corner love is most definitely in the air here at Shropshire Petals. And what better way to celebrate than with a blog about the most romantic flower of them all, the rose…


So let’s start with a little history lesson shall we…

The rose, quite fittingly, has a very colourful history. It has stood as a symbol of love, beauty, war and even as an emblem of England itself.

Recognise this…


(Tudor Rose - taken from http://talesofcuriosity.com/v/Tudors/)

The cultivation of roses began in ancient Babylonia and over generations gradually made its way to Europe. Popularity for this charming flower blossomed and shrivelled overtime. One peak in its prestige was during the 17th century when the rose was so popular that European royalty considered it to be legal tender!

Commercial cultivation of the rose didn’t start until the 19th century when breeders began purposefully crossbreeding different rose plants. This resulted in a vast number of new rose varieties, many of which are still popular today and used here at Shropshire Petals.

SP has the Rose Factor

The rose is a big feature here at Shropshire petals. A lot of our larger petals are dried rose petals as they offer a sensational spectrum of colour. From our creamy 'Buttermilk' rose petals to our intense 'Aubergine' rose petals we like to think we have a colour to suit any theme.



We also specialise in dried rose heads which can be put to use in a variety of ways - We like to use them in our wheat sheaves to add an extra bit of rustic colour.  They can be easily wired to add into floral displays or bouquets for a longer lasting arrangement, and because they are dried they will keep well for months before the big day!




One reason we love rose petals so much is because they can be used in a variety of ways. They are particularly great as table confetti and can also be used as a focal point if displayed decoratively in things such as vases and teacups. We think that one of the most exciting uses for rose petals is using them to create a petal path! A rose petal path is perfect for weddings as it brings a touch of spectacle to this naturally romantic feature.

But it’s not weddings alone where the rose can come in to its own. Being a longstanding symbol of love and romance why not use roses to inject a bit of love into other days of the year. One great idea for Valentine’s Day is to sprinkle rose petals in a lovely warm bath for that special person in your life. But hey, who says romance has to be limited to one day of the year! Stock up on rose petals and you can make sure your loved one comes home to a petal strewn pillow every night! 


Another way to use your rose petals is as an embellishment on a focal point. Use them to decorate a feature on your table like a vase, the centrepiece or the name places. If you’ve got a slightly more vintage theme or are going for something quintessentially British why not use them alongside a teacup!


And the ideas don't stop there... Our dried flowers mean you have even more option when it comes to creatively using roses. As I’ve already mentioned, dried rose heads can look great as an additional feature to flower arrangements. And when used within wheat sheaves they really capture the feel of a rustic summer wedding.

Another use for our dried rose heads can be as decoration on the wedding cake itself. Who wants sickly sweet marzipan when natural rose heads will add a naturally elegant element to your cake – simply remove them just before serving. 


So if you’re planning on having your wedding in June, or at any other time of the year for that matter, I hope we’ve inspired you to include the rose in your celebrations! We think it’s just fab!

Love as always SP xx

25/06/2013  |  It's All About The Wedding!

There’s less than 2 weeks to go till the big day for Jim and Jess and it’s definitely an exciting time for everyone involved here at Shropshire Petals. Emotions are charged, confetti is flying and more and more wedding stuff seems to be magically appearing in the petal shed.

As this is the wedding of the future Mr and Mrs Bubb we’ve all got stuck in to help them in whatever way we can.


So where do I start… Well I thought I’d catch up with Rose, the mother of the groom and original Mrs Bubb, who has been extremely involved in all things wedding.


Rose has been growing the flowers for the wedding in her back garden and has been trialling a few different types so that they will be just right for the special day. Here’s what she had to say…

1. I hear you are growing the flowers for Jim and Jess’ wedding – What are you growing?

I’ve decided to try growing some flowers that I haven’t grown before. I’ve chosen Cosmos, which are an annual stock, Marigolds, Larkspur, Bells of Ireland and Geraniums for the tubs.



2. You’ve done a few trials. How have they gone?

I’ve tried a few different things out because you can’t always say for certain what’s going to happen. I sowed them individually as plugs to start and then potted them up - as you can imagine there were pots everywhere! Eventually I got them into garden beds and covered them with fleece as they grew. It was very challenging trying to hold the fleece down in the wind but as you can see I got inventive with some bricks

rose_growing_wedding_flowers encouraging the flowers to grow_1


There are also some trial colours that we are experimenting with for the confetti, but as yet they are still to prove themselves…

3. Has it been an easy or difficult process? Has anything gone wrong?

Because of the unusual season I have found it a little bit difficult to grow the plants. I do have a backup plan though… If these plants don't flower I can always go to a wholesaler and luckily I have already found an alstroemeria grower not too far away. I also have some friends who have very kindly offered their garden flowers too as ideally we would like really natural looking flowers.

4. How involved have you been in the wedding in general?

Well I have been helping friends with their children’s weddings for many years so feel really lucky to be helping Jim and Jess organise their wedding now. These friends and I have become known as ‘the flower ladies’ as we always come a few days before the wedding to help out.


Also the night before the wedding I am preparing a meal for both families as it’s a good chance for us to spend some quality time together before the big day!

5. What has been your favourite part so far?

I’ve enjoyed every part of it so far. I’ve really enjoyed helping to prepare the service and the hymns as well as speaking with the vicar and the organist who we know well. 

6. So apart from the flowers, are you helping to make anything else for the wedding?

I’m helping to make a lot of the decoration for the church which will all be very natural. We are planning on using a lot of our own wheat in the arrangements to compliment the flowers. They’ll also be wheat sheaves and wheat and lavender to decorate the pew ends. I’m also trying my hand at the bouquets. I have never made bouquets before but I am really looking forward to making them.


Another way Shropshire Petals is featuring in the day is through Jim and Jess’ choice of table names. They’ve decided to name all the tables after our different confetti mixes! Very fitting, don’t you think?

When I first heard about this I started to wonder whether the guests would have a connection to their table in some way...

Are you always dressed up the the nines? Maybe you’ll be on the “Tuxedo” table. Are you a diehard Prince fan? Off to the “Purple Rain” table you go. And for the slightly more mature guests, only “Timeless Elegance” will do.

We think it’s a great idea to have the confetti mixes as the table names. It’s different, it’s fun and if nothing else it’s sure to get people talking about what they mean! I wonder what other wild and wacky table names have been used at weddings over the years… As always we love to hear your ideas and stories so if you've had any particularly quirky ideas for table names let us know about it on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

It’s been lovely chatting with Rose and really getting an idea of how she and Shropshire Petals are contributing to Jim and Jess’ wedding. 

We wish Jim and Jess all the best for their approaching nuptials. No doubt a bit of pre-emptively confetti will be thrown around the petal shed in celebration!

Bye-bye for now!

Love as always SP xx

21/06/2013  |  Francesca's First Week in The Confetti Shed

Hello petal fans!

So I guess the first thing I should do is introduce myself! My names Francesca and I’m the new girl here at Shropshire Petals. In amongst other petal related roles I'll be writing the blog and helping to answer your confetti questions and queries on Facebook and Twitter!


I thought I’d practice my blogging skills by letting you all know how my first week has gone here in The Petal Shed. I’ve been a busy bee getting to grips with how everything works on the farm, getting to know the rest of the team and studiously learning all the names of our confetti mixes (and there are a lot!).

There’s lots to tell and I can’t wait to get started, so here we go...

Day 1 

So it’s day one and first things first, I need to start swotting up on my confetti knowledge. My first job has been to put together all the sample boxes. What are sample boxes you ask? Well, let me tell you… If you’re still unsure about which confetti to go for or just want to see our confetti up close and personal, we have the solution. Our free confetti sample option on the Shropshire Petals website is a great way to try before you buy.

Putting together these sample boxes has been a great way for me to get to know a lot more about our products and really get a feel (literally) for the confetti myself. I couldn’t resist scooping up handfuls of the stuff and sneakily throwing it a little in the air to see what happened. It’s super floaty!


As 1pm approaches it can only mean one thing - lunch time! I found myself a lovely little picnic bench tucked away in a sunny corner. I almost had to pinch myself as I sat looking out over the fields whilst eating my ham sandwiches. This is the life, ey!

After lunch I’m back on the petal production line! This time I’m helping Jess with the big trade orders. It’s lots of fun and I get another chance to play around with the confetti by measuring it out using a good old fashioned kitchen measuring jug. If you didn’t know already our confetti is measured by the litre and a kitchen measuring jug is perfect for the job. It's also worth noting that 1 litre = 1.76 pints! That's almost two pints of petals - that's certainly a lot of confetti! 

Day 2

Today has been about learning all things “website”. I love our website and so getting to see how it works behind the scenes has been a big treat.

I think I’ve been a bit spoilt during my first two days here as we’ve had absolutely brilliant sunshine the entire time. I thought I’d take advantage of this (being in England and all – we might have hail next week) and so have been out to take a few photos of around the farm. The flowers aren’t in bloom yet but it’s exciting to see all the fields and imagine what they’ll look like in July. 


Hopefully they'll soon look like this – Imagine how much confetti that will produce! 


I also had a companion on my travels around the fields – this is Maris Jim and Jess’ dog! Isn’t she photogenic? 


Prior to this photo she was running all over the place and making a lot of noise. Now I know that all she wanted was her photo taken. As soon as the camera was pointing at her she stopped, posed, then ran off again. What a diva!

Day 3

Its day number three and I feel like everything I’ve been learning over the past few days is really starting to sink in. I think Maris, Piper and Bramble (the Shropshire Petal dogs) are getting used to me too! There’s not quite as much barking anymore and they even stayed still long enough for me to take this photo.


Today I’ve been on phone duty and have gotten some great first-hand experience helping our customers choose the right products for them. From colour advice to packaging advice to more information on our confetti special offers, we’re always here to help. You can find most of the answers to your questions in the petal advice section of our website, but if you ever need an extra bit of advice then don't hesitate to give us a call. 

The suns decided to disappear today which is a bit of a shame - but there is still lots to get on with inside the shed. Today’s been quite varied really. I’ve helped with some of the orders, uploaded some new press coverage on to the website and started organising all our petal pots we use to make up the samples.

I’ve also focused quite a bit on our Facebook and Twitter pages today. If you haven’t already, go take a look and click ‘like’ on our Facebook page now! It’s a great way to find out more about our confetti mixes, our inspirational wedding ideas and our competitions! - What are you waiting for?

Day 4

Wow! I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. The week seems to have gone really quickly (must be all the fun on the farm).

I’ve spent the morning putting together the day’s orders. With tonnes of different orders, confetti mixes and packaging options to get right it’s no surprise that I got a little bit covered in confetti - I think there was sometimes more on me than in the organza bags.


It’s been a lot of fun helping to sort and send out all the orders - I’ve learnt a lot about all the different products we have, which colours and combinations are on trend at the moment and which packaging options seem to be most popular.

Colour appears to be what everyone is after this summer. Our ‘Kaleidoscope’, ’Summer Nights’and ‘Blush’ confetti seem to be flying off the shelves which is great! I love that everyone seems to be injecting lots of colour into their weddings this year. It’s a celebration, why not!

Day 5

It’s the last day of my first week and it sure has flown by. To top it all off the sun has decided to greet us once again which meant I could go for another stroll around the fields at lunch time.

I’m really getting to grips with things now - the sample boxes that took me all morning (and some of the afternoon) on Monday now only take me an hour or so…Talk about progress. And it’s just as well that I’m getting super speedy because orders have been coming in thick and fast and that means all hands on deck!

Today we were visited by a very lovely customer who brought us all some sweets to munch on. In-between sweets and all the biscuits I can eat during my tea break (thanks Margaret) I might soon be twice the woman I was when I started.

All in all I’ve had a blooming great first week (pardon the pun) and feel really lucky to be working with lovely people, creating wonderfully natural products in a truly beautiful place. As Michael (the original inventor) said, “We like to think that we bring a little bit of the beauty of the Shropshire countryside into somebody’s life through our confetti”. I couldn’t have put it better myself.

So that’s it from me and my first blog. I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading about my first week here at Shropshire Petals - I know I've enjoyed writing about it.

Catch you all next week!



17/06/2013  |  DIY Wedding Details

Here at Shropshire Petals we are big on DIY and love to get stuck in creating something unique. Many brides have the perfect idea of what they want their wedding details to look like. However, even with the variety of wedding details available now, some brides have difficulty in finding exactly what they want.

From invitations and favours to the cake and reception details, more and more brides are choosing to hand make their own wedding details to ensure they fit their wedding theme perfectly. 

We would like to share some of our own DIY wedding detail ideas to give you some inspiration:

Table centrepieces

Making your own reception table centrepieces is the perfect way to create your own unique decorations.  For a romantic centrepiece place a large candle in a fishbowl, tie a colour co-ordinated ribbon around the middle and surround with petals.  Have subtle lighting at your reception and light the candles to add a little more romance to the atmosphere.


As country weddings are a big wedding trend at the moment, why not create your own wheat sheaf table centrepiece.  Insert seasonal flowers or items matching your wedding theme and tie a piece of raffia or ribbon around the base of the wheat heads.



The cutting of the wedding cake is the first thing a married couple does together.  Make your cake a focal feature by hand making it.  Decorate your favourite flavour cake with white or coloured icing and place fresh or dried flowers on top and surround with natural petal confetti creating exactly what you want.


If cake decorating isnt your thing, either buy or have a friend make some cupcakes and place rose petals on top of wet icing and arrange on a cake stand for your guests.


(Please note our petals are not edible.)

Reception details

Weddings are all about uniting a madly in love together.  Place hand decorated wooden hearts around your wedding venue to help spread the love.  Take a wicker wooden heart and glue dried rose heads on to it.  Not only will these look stunning, they can also be given to guests as favours to decorate their home and to remember your wedding for years to come.


Many couples have ‘Mr & Mrs’ words on the top table – make this a feature by surrounding the letters with natural petal confetti to make the letters stand out.


Order of service

Make sure all of your guests have their own confetti to throw once you are married by attaching a small organza bag to each order of service and ensure you get a wow factor confetti shot.


Chair covers

Cover your reception or venue chairs with a white or coloured chair cover and tie a wheat and lavender bunch to the back of the chairs with a pretty ribbon.  These can then be taken by guests as a keep-sake from your wedding day.


Wedding favours

Make your own wedding favours – we recently featured a how-to make natural petal bath bombs on our blog which make great favours for ladies.  Use different coloured confetti and add some food colouring to match your wedding theme.


Are you hand making any of your wedding details?  Our Jess is making lots of her own wedding details... more on this in the weeks to come.

Love as always SP x x

14/06/2013  |  We would like your feedback

Here at Shropshire Petals we always love to hear your comments and feedback. 

We have created a short survey to help us understand how customers order confetti, who orders the confetti and when customers order their confetti.

So please make yourself a brew and take a few minutes to complete our short survey.


How to complete the survey: 

The survey is on our Facebook page.


Click here to go straight to the survey.

A huge thank you from all of us at Shropshire Petals.


Love as always SP x x 

10/06/2013  |  A very Polish wedding

We have a special treat for you today; a real polish wedding attended by the Bubb family:

Well we all replaced our overalls and boots, dusted off our dancing shoes and the Bubb family was ready to go off to Brzeg, Poland to attend the wedding of Simon and Angelika (Jim’s cousin)!

After ridiculously (6am) early planes, bus and train rides we arrived in Brzeg a town in the Southwest of Poland.

The service took place at St Nicholas’s church in Brzeg at 3 o’clock, each guest was presented with a Ribbon pin on entering the church, although the service was in Polish, it was lovely, with lots of the service being sung! Archie had the honour of carrying the rings!


Upon leaving the church the guests were handed confetti (Kaleidoscope & mix it up) in handmade paper cones from our confetti basket. The guests really enjoyed covering the newlyweds in confetti!

What a great confetti shot!


You could certainly tell Shropshire Petals were in town!


Before the reception can begin the newlyweds are welcomed by their parents and given bread and too shot glasses, one glass contains vodka and the other water.  Depending on who gets the vodka and who gets the water, it is supposed to say something about the couple’s future, but I’m afraid I did not quite catch what that is!



After they have downed the shots the couple throw the glasses behind them and then everyone cheers and the party begins!


Polish weddings are not just a 1 day event but can be 3 days. They are all about eating, drinking and dancing!  Oh boy did we all embrace these traditions!  There were no speeches but lots of toasts (normally proceeded by Shots of Vodka) and throughout the reception guests shout 'Gorzko, gorzko' ( bitter, bitter) which means the bride and groom need to kiss.

We lost count of the courses of food, the amount of Vodka consumed and there were definitely some very tired feet the next day!




A Great time was had by all!

Have you ever been to a wedding with different traditions?  We'd love to hear about them.

Love as always SP x x 

7/06/2013  |  Colours of the rainbow

So as a bride (or groom) planning your wedding, you will know that there is a wide variety of wedding colour themes to choose from.

Over the past few years we have seen three common colour trend; pink, purple and nude colours.

Well, not this year.  Here at Shropshire Petals, as you know, we LOVE colour, pink, blue, red, yellow, green, orange, purple – all the colours of the rainbow.  This is why over the past few months we have been excited to see what customers have been ordering – every order seems to be for a different colour theme.

2013 colour trends

We have been seeing bold, bright and pastel colours, as well as colour themes featuring mix of different colours.  Here are our top confetti mixes for some of the most popular themes:

Purple – as much as we have been seeing different colours being ordered, purple is still very popular.

Our tip – if you cant get the shade of purple to match your colour scheme, try mixing a few shades for a purple splash of colour.


(Purple Confetti Pail with Icing Sugar and Wisteria and Cream Confetti Pail with Midsummers Night Dream)

Pink – there are many shades of pink; dusky, pale, hot pastel.

Our tip – for a subtle effect choose a pale pink mix or add some cerise rose petals for a bold shower of colour.


(Pink Confetti Cones with Pink Lemonade confetti and Cerise rose petals)

Green – green signifies nature, life, youth, safety and hope – the ideal colour to celebrate a newly married couple.

Our tip – there aren’t many natural green flowers so mix our pale green Envy petals with ivory or white petals for a delicate confetti mix.  If you want something with more vavavoom, add seasonal colours such as yellow for Spring, Blue for Summer, Aubergene for Autumn and Purple for Winter.


(Green Confetti Cones with Enchanted Woods Confetti and a pick and mix of Raspberry Fool, Envy and Golden Slumber)

Yellow – yellow is such a fresh, light colour which works really well with a variety of colour themes.

Our tip – don’t be scared of mixing yellow with a totally different colour such as pink or even black – these would look beautiful on your confetti photos.


(Pick and mix of Icing Sugar, Tuxedo and Golden Slumber and a pick and mix of Icing Sugar, Duck Egg and Golden Slumber)

Blue – something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.  Blue is featured at every wedding somewhere so why not have your confetti as your something blue?

Our tip – place your chosen confetti mix in blue confetti cones to enhance the blue colour.


(Something Blue Confetti and our Shropshire Box with Blue Cones filled with Summer Sky confetti)

Teal and Tiffany Blue – is a very popular theme.  Unfortunately there are no natural teal or Tiffany Blue petal colours.

Our tip – as you won’t be able to get teal or Tiffany Blue flowers, mix with another colour such as hot pink for a stunning colour clash.


(Confetti Basket with Blush confetti and a pick and mix of Raspberry Fool, Daisy Daisy and Cerise)

Multicoloured – many couples are having English Garden and country themes or themes with no colour scheme at all – the more colour the better.

Our tip – for multicoloured weddings choose a confetti mix with a variety of colours.


(Mix it Up confetti and a Cream Confetti Pail with Kaleidoscope)

Have a play with our pick and mix tool to see what colours would work best with your theme.

We are having a new photo shoot very soon and would love to hear what confetti colours you are having with your theme – please tell us on Facebook or Twitter.

Love as always SP x x  

2/06/2013  |  English Country Garden Confetti

Hello everyone,

Wow, can you really believe it is June already?

Continuing our ‘country’ theme which we featured last week, our June Mix of the Month is a great confetti mix for a beautiful country summer wedding.


This stunning pastel mix is a colourful blend of lilac, cream, pink and green ; perfect for this seasons top wedding trend – English country garden.


June’s Mix of the Month is made up of some of our most popular delphiniums – Icing Sugar, Frosted Blue and Candyfloss, as well as our beautiful Envy hydrangea petals.


This mix would look wonderful in confetti cones, placed in a basket or loose in a flower girl basket - don’t forget to send us your ‘confetti shot’.

Take advantage of our 2 litres for £24 and get the June Mix of the Month in this offer until 30th June. Larger wedding? Go for our great value 5 litre bag for £57.

Love as always SP x x

31/05/2013  |  Follow the Bride #8: 6 weeks to go!

This week on ‘Follow the Bride’ we are back to Jess.  Its been a while so lets have a catch up and see how the organising is coming along with only 6 weeks to go:

  • There is only 6 weeks to go now until the big day, have you got everything organised? It is 6 weeks until the big day; things are getting a little hectic! I would love to say that everything is all organized and that we can sit back and relax, however we still have quite a few things to do.  

  • What is left to organise? Jim has decided that he is going to build the bar himself using potato tonne boxes from the farm, so he still has that to do!  (It looks like Bramble wants to help too.)
  • Wedding__4_

    (Bramble - Katie's dog) 


    (Bubb potato boxes) 

    We have just sorted out Jim and the best men's suits.  I sent my little sister Hells off with the boys to sort them out and she has not stopped teasing me about the colour - so there will be a surprise for me on the day.

    I am waiting for the flower girls dresses to arrive, they are being made by Gilly Grey in London and they are supposed to be arriving this week. Hopefully we measured all the girls correctly otherwise there is going to be some last minute alterations by Rose!

    I still have the wedding favours to finish, place settings, the table plan and the order of service (might be roping Katie in for this!

    Oh and I still have to decide on my hair and the bridesmaids hair, the old up or down debate!

  • We have seen you making details for your wedding such as your bunting and your place cards.  You are a creative person, what else are you making for the wedding?  As mentioned Jim is making the bar, I have made all the wedding favours (pots of chutney), we are growing all the flowers obviously! The bunting has been made by Rose mostly out of old curtains!
  • Wedding__3_

    (Jars for the homemade chutney) 

  • Have you found sourcing everything you want an easy process?  Yes luckily finding things have been easy enough, shoes were a bit of a problem (one bridesmaid as size 9!) and colour was a bit difficult so I got the shoes dyed, the bridesmaids may have blue feet by the end of the day but they are not my feet!!!!
  • What advice have you got at this stage for other brides-to-be when organising their wedding?  Don’t leave things to the last minute! Don’t try and do everything yourself and don’t stress eat because you will not get in your dress!

Thanks Jess, good luck with the rest of the organising and we'll catch up again soon. 

We will also be catching up with Jim in a few weeks to see how the bar turns out - these potato boxes will soon become a feature for the wedding:


Love as always SP x x 

27/05/2013  |  Add a touch of the country to your wedding

The glorious bank holiday weather has inspired today’s blog post. Sunshine, fresh air and the beautiful countryside are the perfect ingredients for a countryside wedding.


(Ahhh look at the lovely Mr and Mrs Shropshire Petals to be.)

During our photo shoot last summer we shot a range of countryside reception ideas in our stunning confetti and wheat fields.

When styling out shoot we used plenty of natural countryside materials including fresh flowers, straw, wheat and confetti (of course).


Styling Ideas:

Add pretty rose heads to a plain white wedding cake, place on a table and decorate with smaller petals, such as delphiniums or cornflowers, to create a focal feature at your reception venue.


Add a natural touch to your tables with a Lavender Wheat Sheaf as a centre piece. Continue the theme by tying a stem of lavender to napkins with a piece of raffia.


Place Wheat Sheaves around your reception venue for a rustic country feel.


Sprinkle some confetti petals into vintage teacups and wine glasses to create classic table decorations.


Wheat sheaves make wonderful alternative bouquets – add some rose heads and lavender to add a splash of colour against your wedding dress.


And don’t forget the confetti! Have fun with it – your guests will love it too.


For more styling ideas and inspiration visit our ‘fields of ideas’ section on the website.

Love as always SP x x

24/05/2013  |  Mouth watering goodies all the way from Devon

A delicious cream tea followed by some sweet short biscuits and few cheeky pieces of clotted cream fudge is our idea of the perfect afternoon treat.


As you will all know, our latest confetti photo competition is underway and with plenty of amazing entries so far, the winner will truly deserve the amazing prize from Delimann. We have had lots of lovely comments from couples wanting to win who are yet too be married which is why we thought we would feature Delimann on today’s blog.

Delimann is based in the ‘Gateway to the Moor’ town of Bovey Tracey, which is only a stone’s throw away from the stunning hills of Dartmoor. The award winning Delimann is proudly owned by partners Gill Mann and Deborah Trott. Delimann, ‘one of Britains top 50 foodie destinations’ offer fine food and luxurious gift hampers with their most popular gift being their Afternoon Tea and Devonshire Cream Tea which are delivered all over the country by next day delivery.

This seasons top wedding trend is having an Afternoon Tea rather than a traditional wedding breakfast. Due to this trend Delimann have recently launched their ‘Catering for Crowds’ section which contains products for weddings, anniversaries, gatherings and parties for 10 to 300 guests.


We think a ‘Best of British’ confetti mix would be perfect for Afternoon Tea inspired weddings.


Deborah and Gill have kindly donated their Afternoon Tea Extravaganza for the lucky winning confetti photo.


This delicious Afternoon Tea is sure to wow and contains freshly made extra large Devonshire Scones, rich Devonshire Farmhouse Clotted Cream, extra fruity award-winning Strawberry Jam, gorgeous gooey Chocolate Brownie squares, delectable Traditional Tea Loaves, sweet Tea Lover Biscuits, luscious Organic Clotted Cream Fudge, West Country Afternoon Tea and a beautiful ‘Baked with Love’ ceramic gift coaster.

To enter our competition, visit our dedicated blog page or our Facebook competitions page.

For more information and to order your very own Afternoon Tea visit www.delimann.co.uk or follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Love as always SP x x 

21/05/2013  |  Eco-friendly cards perfect for any occasion

As the Summer approaches, so does the busiest wedding season.  Eco-friendly weddings are going to be one of this seasons hottest wedding trends.   As producers of a natural and eco-friendly product, we love all other eco-companies.  Today we are featuring a wonderful guest post for an eco-friendly card company; Katie’s Cards.

Katie’s Cards was set by Katie Davies when she started making animated ecards almost 5 years ago.  With a passion for the environment and always on the look out for eco-friendly ideas, it wasn’t until she was searching the internet for an ecard to send to her Mum when she realised she could make ecards with more quality and beautiful animation than was available at the time.  With help from her husband, Nick, the family-run business based in a converted butchers shop in Teddington, has gone from 25 ecards when they first launched to now having over 180 in their collection - perfect for any occasion.


Katie’s Cards are an eco-friendly way of keeping in touch with friends and family all over the world. As the cards are sent via email, there is no printing and they do not affect the environment at all, providing a truly environmentally friendly service.

And this is our favourite bit – Katie’s Cards have created a stunning collection of vintage-inspired wedding ‘Save the Date’ ecards.  The ‘Save the Date’ ecards are the perfect way of sending your wedding invitations as they can be personalised to convey any message you want to send.  If you are providing your own natural petal confetti, don’t forget to tell your guests so that you don’t end up with a shower of paper or synthetic confetti!



Katie’s Cards have an in-house illustrator to design all of their ecards and they are constantly adding to their collections as well as increasing the diversity of the events and cultural celebrations.

Here is the best bit.  Katie’s Cards are very cost-effective; simply take out a membership for a small fee (£5 for three months) and send as many ecards as you want.  Using Katie’s Cards for your invitations could save you a lot of money!

Katie’s Cards are launching their corporate ecards website soon for company Christmas cards and other corporate communications – keep an eye out for announcements about their new website.

If you would like more information about Katie’s Cards visit www.katiescards.com.

Follow Katie's Cards on:



Love as always SP x x 

17/05/2013  |  Follow the Bride #7: The Stag Do!

As promised here's part 2 of the all important stag do, 

  • So Jim, did you have any idea at all what they had in line for you? I had managed to get a few bits of information from the stag party but could not manage to make it all fit together! So basically I had no idea at all! Quite impressive really!
  • Where did you go / what did you do?  Well it was based on a Top Gear challenge, 4 of the group had a budget of £300 to buy a car off eBay for the event. So on the Friday morning they all turned up at the farm in what were amazingly quite respectable cars. The first challenge was to decorate the cars to a theme, ranging from a Cow to best of British.  Then the challenge began, our destination was Langholm in Scotland.
  • The aim of the day was to gain as many points as possible, from getting pictures of your car outside a particular pub to having your picture taken IN Lake Windermere! (It was VERY cold). That evening the scores were collected and of course the Stag’s team didn’t win, penalties were found at every conceivable option. Night one ended in the local town hall with a local Scottish band dancing the night away with the locals.  

    The morning of day two was a very steady affair, however some Kayaking in a very cold lake soon sorted us out, I think more time was spent swimming rather than actually kayaking! Followed by a very scenic drive over the hills to our evening destination, Edinburgh. The night was a more normal affair with a few pubs and bars.  Over the whole weekend it was quite remarkable that not even a single bonnet had to be opened on any of the cars!


    Jim- aka the landrover nut loves engines and had high expectations for the "serious" stag do! 

  • Jason said this was going to be a ‘serious stag do’ did it live up to expectation? It did indeed, however as there were more single than married people in the party the singletons knew that I have a very long memory!
  • Less than 2 months to go, are ‘your’ jobs complete yet and have you actually sorted the suits yet?  All of the easy jobs are done, marque, food, band. The two main jobs remaining, the most important one of all is to build the bar, and this will be a surprise, I have a good idea for this one up my sleeve! The other is the one I’m dreading – suits! I have no idea, just simple.
  • Apparently “you can’t meet a more relaxed groom.” Getting closer to the day, is this still true?  Well up till now nothing has been a problem as we have been so busy on the farm doing all of the spring work, the next job is to move house then the wedding so I have a few more weeks before I only have the wedding to worry about.

Thanks Jim, sounds an eventful stag do.  Well we've lots to catch up with Jess about now so we'll be back soon with some more Follow the Bride. 

Love as always SP x x 

16/05/2013  |  Follow the Bride #6 : Best Man & Stag Do!

Jim's best man Jason popped by early last week.  With the stag do last weekend we thought, what better than a 2 part series, the role of the best man and then Jim's report on the stag do itself.  So here we go:

Part 1: The Best Man!  

  • Hi Jason, so how do you know Jim and how did it come about for you to be best man?  I've know Jim since the age of 7 when we met at school, he was always standing on the back of my shoes when walking at school! Jim's good fun but likes to take the mick out of me, he's very level headed and a good reliable friend who would help out with anything.  I've never met a more relaxed groom!  There's actually two Best Men, it's quite common now a days to have two. 
  • What's the role of the best man?  I've not been a best man before and now I'm best man for two this year, but that's not been yet either.  I'm sure the main jobs are organising the stag do, giving the best man speech and just being there all day making sure everything runs smoothly.  Besides that weddings in general are more of a girls thing!
  • Have you started your speech?  I've not sat down and started it yet, we may have a shared speech but I won't think about it until I put pen to paper, I've loads of stories on Jim but I'll be careful what I say as he'll get me back.  
  • What about the first dance, traditionally the best man dances with the head bridesmaid? Yes it's tradition, but I'm 6 ft 2 and she's 4 ft so I'd probably drop her!  
  • So, the all important stag do, what have you got planned?  Well Jim said "I don't mind what we do as long as it's got an engine in it."  He's loves engines so it will involve travel and with 16 people involved it will be a challenge to organise it, but this is going to be a "serious" stag do!  People are easy to organise but keeping secrets is hard.  That's all I'm saying as Jim has no idea!  

Join us tomorrow for part 2 where we catch up with Jim for his report of the stag do and his anticipation for the big day! 

Love as always SP x x  

13/05/2013  |  A Confetti Competition with a Yummy Prize...

Win an Afternoon Tea Extravaganza Gift Set  


Anyone for Tea? 

Shropshire Petals has teamed up with Delimann of Devon to give away one of their award winning Afternoon Tea Extravaganza gifts - a delicious Cream tea with all the trimmings that will serve at least 10 people! The Delimann has noticed a big upturn in demand for their freshly baked products this Spring fuelled by the current trend of Afternoon Tea’s being served at Weddings.  Their freshly baked scones, clotted cream from the local farm and extra fruity strawberry jam has just been voted “best in the countryside” by the Heart of Devon Campaign. 

Yummy! How do I win?

A good cuppa and a good confetti shot are two of our favourite things here at Shropshire Petals so we want to see your photos! Nothing beats sitting down for afternoon tea with a good browse at inspiring customer photos. 

Simply like our Shropshire Petals Facebook Page and upload your confetti picture, entries close on 31st July when we will pick our favourite (over a cuppa and scones of course!) and they’ll win the Afternoon Tea Extravaganza Gift.    


Alternatively send us your pics and we will enter them for you.  Jessica won the competition last year with this amazing confetti shot, so we're crossing our fingers for an array of fab photos! 

And of course if you do want a browse at the lovely Delimann check out the Delimann website or Delimann facebook page.  

Love as always SP x x 

Competition run by Shropshire Petals in association with Delimann.  You are providing the information to Shropshire Petals and not to Facebook.  All photos uploaded may be used by Shropshire Petals for promotional material so please get permission from the photographer and people involved in the shot.  

3/05/2013  |  Summer Wedding Confetti

What are you up to for the bank holiday? Hope you all have a lovely long weekend. We'll be enjoying the sunshine!  Keeping our fingers crossed for plenty of sunshine and some night time rain, the perfect weather for our beautiful flowers! So what are you up to?  Well, Whether it is a walk with the family...


A gathering with friends... 


Or a fun filled party... 


or doing a spot of confetti shopping... (Maybe our new mix of the month... Summer Wedding Confetti?) 


Whatever you decide to get up to on the bank holiday, have fun!

We will back in on Tuesday so do go ahead and place lots of orders over the weekend as we look forward to coming back to them on Tuesday - all hands to the pump- or should I say kitchen measuring jug- we do like our good old fashioned measuring jugs!  Remember a litre of confetti provides a good 10 handfuls of confetti don't you know.  

Love as always SP x x 

30/04/2013  |  Confetti Cone Wedding

Well here's a story and a half, I've been at Shropshire Petals for four years now and have yet to actually hold a confetti cone at a wedding! I've been to lots of weddings and there's been a lot of baskets of confetti and organza bags of confetti but this was the first wedding I've been to that had our biggest seller... The Shropshire Box! That's our amazing confetti cone box that everyone loves I just haven't been blessed with the chance to have one.. until Saturday!  


So here's me, Katie, pleased as punch to be able to hold my confetti cone.  Chris and Lou's wedding was amazing, they chose highland fling confetti to go with their purple theme and I also managed to get a few photos too: 


I love this one, Lou looks stunning and so happy, such a natural shot it's gorgeous.  The photographer got lots of confetti shots, I was a little too busy joining in on the confetti fun but still got some good photos. 


Last week we were asked about phrases to go next to the box encouraging people to take cones, here's the one they used, love it!


And after all the confetti had been thrown and the crowds had left to Church onto the reception a pretty scatter of petals was left, just like blossom off the tree, ready to biodegrade back to nature.  


So I enjoyed my first confetti cone experience, i loved the idea of creating a walk way for the bride and groom to walk through as everyone threw their cone high up in the air.  Am I now converted to confetti cones? Well I'm not sure, I do love a basket of petals still for everyone to grab a handful, but for the more organised people of us I think the cones are really simple, straightforward and very VERY... FUN!

Love as always SP x x 

29/04/2013  |  A Monday in the Petal Shed...

So what does a Monday in the petal shed consist of?  Well there's usually a whole host of orders that have come in over the weekend so the first job is downloading and processing them all- Jess gets this role. Then there's customer queries and emails, Jess is often at the end of the phone with a good old friendly 'Hello Shropshire Petals...'  I myself (Katie) take a good interest in what people are ordering so i'll have a quick look at what the colour of the day is.  


I do the same with our the samples we send out as they show us what colours people are looking for - there's lots of new colours in the pipe line for this summer!  Our petal pots are full of our colours and the most popular mixes, we use these ones for making up sample requests.  So today's colours were Pink Lemonade, Candyfloss and Lady Grey- looks light light pink and grey are top of the trends. 


Today's favourite is a mix of 'Lady Grey' and 'Icing Sugar', grey and white confetti in a Shropshire Box with pink cones.  The Shropshire Box has 25 cones and all your confetti included so it's a complete confetti package.  


The confetti pails are selling well too, cream is very popular at the moment, a popular base colour as it goes with everything so order a nice bright confetti mix for a cream pail and let the confetti stand out. 


I went to a wedding at the weekend, my first of the year so looks like wedding season is now most certainly upon us.  So with the petal shed buzzing with orders and the general madness of a Monday there was a lot of chatting, not a bad day at the office (I mean shed!).  I'll put the pics up from the wedding tomorrow so be sure to have a looksie.

Love as always SP x x 

23/04/2013  |  Wise Words of Wisdom...

We had a nice request yesterday over on Shropshire Petals Facebook page for some confetti phrases, "Can you help me - looking for a poem to put with my confetti for outside the church to say on the photographers Que to throw it. Have you ever come across one?" - Joanne Burns.  Not one to shy away from a challenge we got our thinking caps on...

"Confetti to celebrate our special day, throw up high when the usher's say!"

"When the Bride and Groom Walk your way, throw your confetti in the air and shout Hip Hip Hooray!"

"Ladies... here's some confetti just to say, thank you for coming to our special day!"


Thank you to Jacky McKevitt for the fab confetti phrase in her photo.

Well what a fab response we've had from our Facebook fans as they've sent in some beauties:

"After the kiss, be ready for this; the couple will smile as they walk down the aisle. And that is your cue to toss high in the air, these petals of love for this happiest pair!!"  Hayley Cutts 

"To celebrate the bride and groom, let's make the air fill with blooms!" Polly Foster

Anyone for a confetti quote!?  Shakespeare eat your heart out!  (well, I think Hayley and Polly come close, not sure about us here at SP!)

Love as always SP x x

19/04/2013  |  Business is blooming!

What a week... business is blooming!  I spoke last week about cultivating and drilling, well what a week it has been, more seeds have been sown and as summer beckons we are eagerly anticipating harvest.  I'm currently reminiscing over last year's harvest, with all the wind and the rain it was an awful year but we still managed a stunning supply of petals and even found the perfect day for our photo shoot, I loved it!   


It's really fantastic to be in an industry that merges weddings with the farming community, such a diversified business.  I can't wait to get back in the field again and look at all the beautiful flowers.  They usually start blooming late June ready for picking in July.  This year we've so many colours going in and a whole host of trial colours, it certainly will be THE sight to be seen in the Shropshire countryside.  

Love as always SP x x 

12/04/2013  |  Katie tries her hand at Cultivating...

No two days are the same at Shropshire Petals, especially when it comes to April; there's a whole host of orders as wedding season starts up, the men are busy drilling in the fields and we're all prepping and planning for the busy harvest ahead.  It's the key time to start crossing you fingers for some sunshine and rain to spur our flowers on.  If it could just be sunny all day and then rain at night I'm sure that's not too much to ask from the British weatherman!  


My Day was spent looking through job applications, it's very exciting thinking of who might be joining us in 'the petal shed' and we can't wait to welcome the next member of the team.  We're still very much open to applications so if you think you've got what it takes we'd love to hear from you! I've also been helping with the orders today, for a Friday it's been really busy, no rest for the wicked!  Then just as the post goes out the phone goes again...

"Katie, it's Michael, bring your camera outside"

So off I go, little did I know I was trying my hand at cultivating.  It's nice to see how much goes into the job and when you get the whole experience watching the petals from field to pack and then off to a customer who sends in a great confetti shot it being used it just makes it a great place to work. 


So cultivating is all about preparing the land, keeping your lines straight so the cultivator doesn't go off course.  There's three of them in the same field today, Michael's been driving a Challenger, then Shaun is following him and Rob is drilling the land they have prepared.  The drilling is done by GPS to get it spot on but Michael's job of cultivating requires a steady hand.  I took to the wheel to try my hand at driving and from the view out of the back I don't think my lines are too bad...    


Michael and I had a good chat about all the job applications we have received so far and I left saying he's very welcome to a 10 minute chat on the tractor again, any time!   

So we all know what I'm going home tonight saying...

"I got to do some cultivating today..."   Ahhh, all in a days work at Shropshire Petals!  

Love as always SP x x 

9/04/2013  |  Shropshire Petals are recruiting!

Graduate Trainee for Sales Administration and Marketing Role 

Shropshire Petals is an expanding farm business involved in the growing, harvesting and sale of natural petal wedding confetti and dried flowers.

Reporting to the General Manager we are looking for a person to carry out a range of duties including website and social media management and analysis, sales performance monitoring, attending wedding fayres and sales promotion. 

Applicant must have strong IT and numeracy skills, confidence, creativity and be very flexible for this hands on role working in a small team.  Joining the team at peak harvest season you will be expected to bring a pair of wellies!

Training and personal development will be encouraged. 

Please send CV and covering letter with current references to: Katie Plant via email only to katie@shropshirepetals.com


Here at Shropshire Petals we are excited to announce that we are looking for a new member to join our team!  With the busy summer harvest and peak wedding season nearly here Shropshire Petals are on the look out for a new member to join us in a full time position.  


So if you're a Facebook and twitter addict, love blogging and keeping up to date with the latest trends whilst still having a head for figures and an eye for detail then send us your CV.  It can get a bit cold in the shed in winter so warm clothes are a must and obviously wellies are important in the summer for all those trips up to the fields.  

If you think you've got what it takes to join us in this exciting role we'd love to meet you.

Love as always SP x x  

5/04/2013  |  Nectarine Confetti from Shropshire Petals

Hello everyone,

Have you seen our mix of the month for April?  With two tone petals of coral, orange and yellow hints mixed with peaches and creams it's a coral and yellow confetti lovers dream.  Or pretty much the mix of being whisked off into the sunset with the rich golden orange hues.   


Mix of the Month

Nectarine Dream... A delightful mix of 'angel delight' pale peach rose petals and 'clementine' orange coral rose petals mixed with 'icing sugar' cream delphinium petals.  Trending for 2013 colour schemes.  A delphinium and larger petal mix with mostly cream delphiniums and then a nectarine twist of rose petals. 

nectarine_confetti_pink_con nectarine_confetti_white_co

For a spring/ summer wedding it looks great in both pink and white cones so if you're thinking of combining a few colours in your scheme why not go for a mixed confetti and then different colour cones to accessorize. 

april_confetti_mixes nectarine_weddings

 Don't forget to check out the special offers section a you can grab a bargain with 5 litres for just £57, that's 50 handfuls of confetti.  Or supply each of your guests with a confetti cone... look no further than our Shropshire Box on offer 2 boxes for £73 - that's a total of 50 cones filled with confetti presented in a keepsake box for just £73.  Remember it's mainly the ladies who throw so half your guests as a guide, or share a cone between two.  Two boxes will give an AMAZING wow factor confetti shot! 

Love as always SP x x  

31/03/2013  |  Happy Easter...

Just a quick one to wish all our customers a Happy Easter.  We will be back dispatching orders on Tuesday as per usual, looking forward to lots of orders coming through over the Easter weekend.. then roll on the summer! After the poor weather last summer we are crossing of fingers for a brilliant summer this year with plenty of sunshine to showcase our fantastic flowers.

easter easter_banner

Happy Easter everyone! We've had some confetti fun trying out different colours for Easter themed weddings, with Easter eggs too of course, yum! 


Love as always SP x x  

28/03/2013  |  Pick & Mix your own unique Confetti...

Here at Shropshire Petals we are firm believers that the customer should get exactly what they want... it's your wedding day, your big day, you'll only get it once and everything should be perfect!  Confetti is no exception to the rule, our confetti pick & mix section means you can have fun mixing up your own unique confetti.  So add a bit of this, a dash of that and a sprinkling of the other and make your own mix to match or contrast your colour scheme.  


We've just launched our new 'Share tool' on the pick & mix section.  This new tool lets you share your natural petal confetti creations with your friends and family over lots of social media channels.  Simply click the 'Share this mix' button and you will receive your own personal web link to your own unique confetti mix!  There's also a variety of icons so you can share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or email it. 

blue_and_orange_confetti grey_and_yellow_confetti

So if you just can't decide what to choose, have a go at mixing and then email it to your mum or share it on facebook with your bridesmaids and see what they think.  Whether it's a couple of colours; orange and blue, yellow and grey or lots of colours;pastels for a country garden theme, rich purple and pink with a lavender scent, the possibilities are endless!  

cottage_garden_confetti purple_lavender_scented_confetti

We'd love to see some of your confetti creations!  Oh and don't forget to get sharing... your pretty mix might just give other brides inspiration for their wedding too, you might just start your own trend! 

Love as always SP x x 

25/03/2013  |  An overseas experience

G'day mate! How's it going?

So Katie who writes our blog is off on holiday in Australia... that's me by the way so hello everyone!

I'm visiting my sister, Jo, who is actually a Bride to Be herself so it has been quite an appropriate visit, Jo's thinking of getting married over here in Oz.  Jo lives in Perth.  We were walking in King's Park the other day, it's is a huge park in the center of Perth and coincidentally there was a wedding going on in the park.  


I felt slightly intrusive asking for a photo on their big day so decided to take a photo of the scene where the photos were being taken, so here's the photo below- with the stunning view!  Kings Park has one on the most picturesque settings for photos, you do need a permit for your photos to be taken here but it's included if you get married in the park itself.  


The park overlooks the city, so the views are stunning, especially at night when everything is lit up and the lights reflect in the water below.  This is a popular spot for weddings, especially for the view's at night time.  


So, what have I noticed about Oz weddings?  The biggest difference is that you can get married anywhere in Oz, outside weddings are top of this list, and why not when the whether's gorgeous!  The couple need to get a registered copy of their marriage certificate but unlike the UK they do not need to get any venue licensing which means you can marry on a beach, in a park, by a lake...  


These were taken at Bunker Bay, an amazing beach in Margaret River.  Once again, we were lucky enough to see them setting up for the wedding so I grabbed my camera, isn't it a stunning setting for a wedding! 


The UK is quite different in that a wedding must be performed in a licensed venue which has a permanent structure with a roof and walls.  However, finally it is possible to get married on the beach in the UK, Beach Weddings Bournemouth is the only beach in England and Wales where couples can marry on the beach itself. Take a look at their website for more info http://www.beachweddingsbournemouth.co.uk/ 

Another difference up until recently was time, you can get married 24/7 in oz - anyone for a moonlight wedding?  This was introduced into the UK in October up until which you could only get married until 6pm.

And how about confetti? They are a little behind on this one- they like rose petals for the flower girls but rice is still quite traditional. So with the first beach wedding venue in the UK and now the introduction of moonlight weddings, looks like a few Oz wedding ideas are working their way into UK weddings.

Jo's thinking of getting married in a winery, needless to say we have visited a few down in Margaret River on our travels! 

Love as always SP, or should I say Katie Down Under in Oz x x

16/03/2013  |  Follow the Bride #5 This one's for the Groom

Welcome back to follow the Bride, this time we've a bit of a twist as we're meeting the groom!

  • Hi Jim, you're the Groom to Be, the one who asked the lovely Jess to marry you on that romantic hillside.  Introduce yourself to our blog? Hi I’m Jim Bubb, a 28 year old engineering graduate from Harper Adams, and that’s where I met Jess.
  • What’s your job at SP? I’m the Flowers Manager; I took over from mum and dad a couple of years ago.  I’m pretty much an all-rounder on the tractor, in the office, at the wedding shows and chief tea maker!
  • 3 likes and 3 dislikes please…? Some here at Shropshire petals might not believe me but I hate being dis-organised. I hate being late for things. I hate public transport! I admit I love eBay, could easily spend all night every night on it, always a bargain to be had! I am a bit of a land rover nut, I am hoping to get at least one of my land Rovers involved somehow in the wedding. I love being busy.

  • Who’s the Best Man? Was it an obvious choice? Well it is more like Best men…I will be having two - both going all the way back to school days, co-incidentally we all went to Harper Adams together as well so there is certainly no shortage of stories for them!!! The choice was both easy and difficult; it was always going to be both of them.

  • And same for your ushers? How do you know them, how did you choose? I have to admit I have not got this far yet; the only person that has been asked so far is Mr Richard Goodwin, master of ceremonies. He loves to be heard and he would have probably done the job whether I had asked him or not. I will update you on the rest…

  • Suits –have you sorted your suit yet? What a pain! I’m not shy in admitting that I hate shopping and Jess normally buys all my clothes for me, it’s a lot easier!! But I have been told that she is not going to help me on this one, I have a few ideas up my sleeve but that is all I’m going to tell you!

  • What can you tell us about the all-important stag do I have absolutely no idea; I have given them the list of people I would like to come and a few ideas. The one thing I have told them is that I am willing to do most challenges, however as I’m one of the first out of my group of friends I will not forget…

  • What other wedding related jobs have you been involved in?  Is it stereotypical that it’s the Brides job!   Traditionally I suppose it is the brides job, but this is not a traditional wedding, we want it to be more like a party than a wedding. I love to organise things, to a limit thought, flowers, invites etc not my department! But marque, Band, DJ and of course food I have been there to help with the decisions.

  • Any advice for other grooms to be?  So far it has all been relatively simple, we always said that we wanted a short engagement but there is a lot to do and I thought 6 months was enough…it will be but it takes a lot of organising! People that know me, I’m the most unromantic you can get, however you really only get one chance to propose so if you’re going to make any effort that is your time to shine.

Cheers Jim, next time on follow the Bride (or Groom!) we’ll be taking a look at just how many uses there are for confetti and what confetti Jim & Jess will be having for their wedding. 

Love as always SP x x

12/03/2013  |  Green with Envy for 2013 Weddings

Purple was without a doubt the colour of 2012 and it’s still keeping strong into 2013 with aubergine, plum, damson and amethyst. However, with certainly are envious of the latest colour trend which is going to be HUGE!


Yes we predict big things for Green in 2013, it’s a spring in your step for spring weddings, the country chic in your pastels for summer weddings and then mixed in with oranges and yellows for Autumnal schemes.  Then of course you can’t miss red and green for Christmas weddings, or with browns and glistening sparkle for woodland themed wedding- yes bark is going to be huge so with all things woodland green will be trending.


Pink & green especially pale pink and green was a stand out colour scheme at the National Wedding show- sage green and dusky pink is top of the list.  There's also schemes with flashes of green or accent colours, how about using purple from 2012 combining with green for peacock colour schemes or bright green, yellow and pink for a carnival theme.


And of course: How can we forget… It’s St. Patricks Day this weekend, still plenty of time to celebrate with some green confetti!  Our spring green petal confetti pinterest board has lots of green wedding ideas.

pink-lemonade-angel-del-and august_3


Are you green with green with envy over Shropshire Petals confetti, have a play with the confetti pick & mix tool to add a touch of green to your colour scheme with your own unique confetti mix.

Love as always SP x x 

8/03/2013  |  How to make up a Shropshire Box: Box with 25 cones and natural petal confetti

The New Shropshire Box, complete with 25 floral embossed cones and enough petal confetti to fill, all in an ivory dispensing box that can be used as a keepsake box tied together with a pretty satin ribbon! White floral embossed cones are standard, or choose from pink, blue or green as optional extras.


It’s not our biggest seller for nothing, with everything you need for 25 guests to throw a good helping of confetti the Shropshire Box is the complete confetti package.  

Here’s our simple how to guide for making one up on the big day itself!

Step 1: I’ve received my order it’s all nicely tissue wrapped up, I have 1 Shropshire box and 2 bags of confetti.  Inside the box there are 25 cones and an insert with holes in. 

300346_194407940632706_1626972484_n nspb2

Step 2: So I’ve flipped the insert over so it sits just below the lip of the box- it will perfectly hold the cones in place.  The insert is removable which is great as I can use it later as a keepsake box for all my wedding day photos- and of course the confetti shot!

Step 3: There’s 25 holes in the insert one for each cone.  All you do is pop your cones in the holes and fill them up with the confetti.


Step 4: Once all the cones are in the holes and you’ve added your confetti that’s it, off to the wedding I go!   You can either leave the pretty ribbon hanging loosely or tie it up around the front of the box.


Step 5: Have your guests take a cone, smile and enjoy your confetti moment! Photographers are fab for organisation, just tell them you have confetti and they’ll find the perfect place and organise your guests for the best group shot.  


Now there are two nice options to this package, you can either make it a lovely 5 minute job for the bridesmaid or mother of the bride on the big day itself whilst everyone’s bustling about, or you can make the box up ready in advance of the wedding then just pop the petals in on the big day itself.  It’s up to you but whichever you choose, rest assured it’s a 5 minute fun project for a fab confetti shot!


Check out our confetti testimonials section and customer gallery for fab pics using the Shropshire Box. 

“I just wanted to say thank you for the perfect petals you sent us for our wedding confetti.  It was one of our favourite parts of the day and the Shropshire box was perfect for handing out the pretty cones to all the guests.  With many thanks, Holly and James Rankin” 13th June 2012

"My Shropshire Box arrived on Saturday and is beautiful.  Your service is second to none.  Many thanks for my mix of confetti, as what I wanted had been discontinued but you went out of your way to help me get what I wanted." Elaine Elder - 7th February 2012

"I just want to say a big thank you for sending the Shropshire Boxes.  I have spent the morning saorting out my wedding memory box and it's so nice to be able to store all my wedding cards in such pretty boxes." Katey Wood - 26th November 2011


"This was summer nights... it was lovely... we caught some of our guests stealing some of it haha.  This is definitely one of my favourite photos from our wedding... x" Josie McCutcheon

"Confetti Shot from our wedding 30.07.11 - we had the Kaleidoscope mix (the church steps looked great for the next two days as well!) Our beautiful petals ready for the guests at our wedding 30th July."  Megan Ruggles

Love as always SP x x 

5/03/2013  |  A cuppa with Rose

It's Mother's Day this weekend and as a special treat we caught up with the very own Mother of Shropshire Petals for a cuppa and a chat...

Just to catch you up here's Roses's biography in our 'meet the team' section...  Meet Rosemary Bubb

rose_1The original dried flower expert! The other half of 'The Bubbs' Rose knows all when it comes to dried flowers. Often found hidden under a pile of raffia, Rose is the Queen of the wheat sheaf and always looks forward to harvest time when wheat is a plenty and she can put her creative skills to the test!

Between looking after the grandchildren, asking us 'how many orders today?', 'anything I can do?' and of course keeping Michael in line, she's an all-rounder and never stops!

We asked Rose to recount her favourite moments from last year and here’s what she came up with:

rose-thumb michael-thumb

My best year was 2012 as we had some great achievements which I take with pride.

We have been growing and producing dried flowers for 25 years, but because of fashion change we now grow natural petal confetti.


Last July it was the Queen’s Jubilee and one of celebrations was at Cosford including a pageant of 3000 children. Just as the children came in front of the queen they threw handfuls of our natural petals ...what an amazing site that was. Wheat is also grown on the farm which we harvest into bunches and make wheat stooks We were honoured to be asked to put one in a hamper for the queen.

rose jubilee_banner

Our next highlight was having a phone call from a wholesaler asking us if we grew anything that looked grassy.  I explained that we dried the wheat for decorations. After dispatching a sample and asking how they be interested in if they liked the sample whilst on the phone he said 5 stems x 5000 so I immediately thought of bouquets for the Olympics. They were not allowed to say yes or no.  After many rules and regulations re the growth of the wheat we managed to secure the order. The pallet of bunches of wheat were dispatched to go towards the bouquets for the Olympic medallists. What great excitement it was to see the bouquets on the tv not just 1 but 5000.


This all came about during the year when the business has been passed to the next generation so it all seemed so appropriate and well worth all the hard work of the past 25 years.

With Jim taking over the flower side of the business and Rose stepping back on her wheat sheaf making, she’s never far away and is always keeping check on our current projects.  Rose continues to plant flowers outside the farmhouse and hangs them up to dry in front of the Aga every summer, experimenting with what different flowers grow and dry and for any new colours for the petal range.


A big thank you to Rose for her look back at 2012 With her son Jim and Jess’s wedding coming up in July, Rose is helping with all the flowers so it will certainly be another big year. 


Don’t forget that our wheat sheaf bouquets make a beautiful mother’s day gifts and you’ve still got time to order before Mothering Sunday.

Love as always SP x x

1/03/2013  |  Follow the Bride #4 Wedding Shows

We caught up with Jim and Jess at the National Wedding Show at London Olympia over the weekend for a quick catch up to see what they think of the shows.

  • What shows have you been to? 


Jim: we’ve both been to the National Wedding Shows at the Birmingham NEC and London Olympia, The Scottish Wedding Show at the SECC in Glasgow, The wedding Show at Tatton Park in Cheshire and a local fair at Comber mere abbey.

Jess: Today we're at Olympia in London for the National Wedding Show


‘Jim and Jess at hand giving advice on the Shropshire Petals Confetti stand’

If you didn’t exhibit at the shows would you have considered going to a show and on what scale. Has it changed your mind now by exhibiting at them?

Jess: I wouldn’t have thought of going before but I would go now, I like Tatton Park as it’s a nice relaxed atmosphere with lots of ideas.

Jim: It depends on what stage of planning you are at.

Jess: The National shows are great if you haven’t got your dress as they have big show discounts etc and if you need lots of ideas the shows are packed with them but we had a lot already in mind and I’d already got my dress so a show like Tatton for the extra bits would be perfect. 

Jim: The shows are a nice day out for the Bride and Groom to go to together to bounce ideas off each other.  

Jess: Weddings can be a bit overwhelming so it’s nice to have everything under one roof.  

Jim: But generally I’d say it’s a nice day out for bride to take her maids and mother of the Bride for a girly day with a glass of bubbly! 


 ‘Jess practising for her confetti moment!’

  • Have you picked up any samples or found anything you wouldn't have thought of at the show?


Jess: cheese cake!  What a great alternate idea. 

Jim: The Band, we saw one that we loved at the NEC, sadly they were booked up on our day but it helped us decide what sound to go for, it’s good to have a listen and see them at the shows, we wanted a band to get people dancing!

  • Is it easier giving advice on the SP stand now that you are engaged too?  


Jim: Not really, but it has highlighted few things.  Budget is super important, the little extra’s like confetti make a big impact, confetti keeps the guests occupied for a while and is one of the most fun and relaxed photos, it gets everyone involved so will be remembered by everyone after the big day.  However, there are lots of added extras so it’s important to get your budget right from the start.

Jess: Someone asked me, canapés or confetti?  Confetti is much cheaper, everyone will always remember the ‘food’ but canapés come under this so will not be mentioned afterward whereas the confetti shot is one of the most prominent photos in the wedding album.   It’s just finding the right balance to suit your budget.


Jim and Jess had a great time on the stand with a little help from the family who popped over on Sunday to say hello... Oscar had a go at handing out confetti samples and Emily looked beautiful as ever as a flower girl throwing confetti over all the visitors to the stand!  


We’ll be back soon with some more Follow the Bride!

Love as always SP x x

25/02/2013  |  Easter Weddings

March is nearly here so there's a spring in our step here at Shropshire Petals, Easter weddings are on their way.  We're full of ideas for Easter confetti including the March Mix of the Month which is yellow and blue confetti.  

mix_of_the_month_MARCH_1 mix_of_the_month_march_shro

Duck egg blue hydrangea petals, 'golden slumber' yellow rose petals and 'icing sugar' cream delphiniums make up the March mix.  Why not go for a Shropshire Box- complete with 25 cones and confetti, you could even have blue cones to match!  The mix of the month matches the season or popular wedding trends, we have lots of inspiring ideas on our pinterest boards- here's how we chose our mix of the month:     


So Spring is full of pastels green, orange, lilac and peach with blue and yellow as the main stand out colours.  We've just got back from the National Wedding Show and it seems people tend to agree, there is a lot of blue and yellow on the horizon- but not simply block colours on their own, blue and yellow together is huge! Looks like mixes of colours or one main with flashes of another are very much taking over individual colours.  Are you having more than one colour for your wedding?  We'd love to hear about what colours you're mixing, have a play in our confetti pick & mix tool to make your own unique confetti mix.


Country weddings are oh so popular at the moment, the 'hand-picked' from the garden feel adds a fresh relaxed, welcoming atmosphere to weddings.  Did you see our wheat sheaf bouquets on the catwalk at the National Wedding Show? They used the wheat sheaves as bouquets for their country scene and we think they look gorgeous!


We'll also be providing the sheaves for the NEC too so for those who missed us, come see Shropshire Petals at the Birmingham NEC this weekend at the National Wedding Show 1st- 3rd March 2013. Spring is definitely in the air!  

Love as always SP x x 

21/02/2013  |  A Little Reminder for Mother's Day...

Yes with Mothering Sunday around the corner there’s plenty of time to order a special dried flower bouquet as a Mother’s day gift.   A pretty alternative to fresh flowers, a wheat sheaf bouquet will last a great deal longer and is ideal for a window display, table centrepiece or mantelpiece decoration. The rose heads will keep at their most perfect for around 4 months, but will gradually fade; however being dried the wheat sheaves themselves will keep beautifully for years to come. We love the medium cream rose and lavender wheat sheaf pictured left and it smells gorgeous too!


Why not add one of our flower picks in for just an extra 45p, it’s a mini peg clip that would hold a lovely mother’s day gift card.  wheat sheaves look great on a mantle piece, a customer sent in this great photo of their wheat sheaves decorating the mantle piece.  We also have a picture of the farmhouse where Rose has a couple in the kitchen by the aga (not when it's on of course!)

wheat-sheaves-on-mantle wheat-sheaf-ideas

Or of course, there's wheat and lavender bundles, lavender bunches and lavender grain which smells beautiful for scented pouches... a scented smelly for your sock drawer!

wheat-and-lavender-bundles lavender

lavender_grain lavender_grains

The beauty of dried flowers is that they keep for years to come, so treat your Mum this Mother's Day with a pretty gift with a thoughtful touch.   

Love as always SP x x

19/02/2013  |  Follow the Bride #3 spotlights

It’s follow the bride time again and this week we asked our Bride to spotlight a few items on her wedding checklist.

  • So we’ve been dying to hear about the engagement ring! You said your brother Tom was making it? Tom is my elder brother by 3 years, I was his partner in crime when we were little. He was always very interested in how things worked and use to love taking things apart and putting them back together! They didn’t always work in quite the same way afterward though! He has always been one of the more artistic of my siblings (I am 1 of 7) and has always been very creative! He is a working jeweller so he mends, alters and makes jewellery. He can make anything you want, he even made someone a replica sword once! He has just launched a Facebook page (Tom Robertson Jewellery) and he does have a website which has his contact details www.tomrobertsonjeweller.co.uk

  • And you said that Jim had helped design it?  I did not have any input into the ring, it was all Jim and Tom (although I think Tom had a fairly big influence in calming Jim’s mad idea’s down). Each piece is different so is will vary, my ring took about 8 weeks, mostly because Jim kept changing his mind!


  • Last time we caught up with you, place settings were the next job on the list, how are you getting on with making them?  Any pics to show us?   I have made 60 place setting so far, they are coming along nicely although I keep getting distracted, Rose collared me into helping cut out the bunting, we are cutting up old curtains and bed sheets! I also had to finish my wedding favours (jars of chutney), 100 jars made!

bunting bunting_cutting

  • Any helpful tips for brides who want to make their own place settings too? Well I always wanted to use brown labels and string, but wanted to cheer them up a bit and love sitting paper with sewing machine. I think it looks quite funky and it doesn’t even matter if your not very good at it, they still look great if the stitching is a bit wonky!


  • What do you think of the growing trend for DIY weddings? Making the odd thing for the wedding like the place settings, table plan, favours and bunting is great fun and adds a little something to the day, but it’s important not to go crazy and try and do too much otherwise not only will your inner bridezilla come out you may also have a nervous breakdown. Choose a few things to do and always rope in friends and bridesmaids for help. Not that my bridesmaids know it yet but they will be coming and helping me put tops on all the jars.


 (I spy with my little eye... Jess making tags... wearing her beautiful engagement ring designed by Jim and Tom Robertson Jewellery)


  • Anything else you would like to spotlight on?  I have just orders the flower girl dress from Gilly Gray http://www.gillygray.com/, which is quite exciting, I am having 3 flowers girls all nieces, 2 Jims (Emily & Alice) and 1 mine (Sophie). They are all very excited. It was originally just going to be 2 but we didn’t want to leave little Alice out so, I just ordered an extra Dress, what’s 1 more!  I have also now sorted out all the Big Bridesmaid shoes, great website called elegant steps, I bought 3 pairs of shoes (they go up to a size 9!) and I am going to get them dyed to the colour I want, it just so simple and means no more trolling round the shops looking for the right colour shoe in the right style!

Thanks Jess!  Next time we catch up with you will be down at the National Wedding Show at Olympia in London Friday 22nd Sunday 24th February where we will be seeing what Jess and Jim both think of the Wedding Shows.

Love as always SP x x 

14/02/2013  |  Happy Valentine's Day...

Yes to all those love birds out there, happy valentine...  


Happy Valentines day everyone! We've been selling loads of 'Romeo & Juliette', our red and white natural petal confetti.  May we pass on a huge congratulations to Lyn & Mike who used Romeo & Juliette for their wedding in December, they sent us in this stunning confetti shot.  We hope they are enjoying their first Valentine's Day as a newly married couple.  


"We just wanted to send you a photo from our wedding on 23rd December, as the confetti looked amazing! Luckily the weather stayed nice all day so we were able to have the confetti shot outside." Lin

Love as always SP x x 

12/02/2013  |  2013 Wedding Trends in the style of Shropshire Petals Confetti

2012 saw weddings with lots of 'stuff', they had to have everything, 2013 is much more relaxed, less is more with a fest of finds and DIY projects.  Not one's to shy away from a task, we've used our resources to hand and come up with our top 10 wedding trends in the style of Shropshire Petals... all images taken by SP, for SP or sent into SP!

So, here's our tops picks for 2013... Just picked out of the Petal Collection...

1. 1920's - Downton Abbey- Vintage - Lace - Pearl Necklaces - Decadent - Elegant


2. Informal bouquets - button holes - just picked from the garden

A couple of sprigs of wheat and lavender make great button holes for the gentlemen  

ShropshirePetals_1209_231 ShropshirePetals_1209_299 ShropshirePetals_1209_147

3. Flowers in her hair 

Ahhhh.... simply stunning 


4. Green

This one is very on trend, spring greens, tender shoots according to Pantone.  

envy_jar green_1ShropshirePetals_1209_343

5. Nude colour palettes - cream - peach - ivory - white - linen   

Fresh, clean and delicate 


snow_confetti_polaroid autumn_greys

6. Lavender - lavender bags 

Whether it's the colour or the gorgeous fragrance, lavender sprigs are a pretty extra, the lavender bags are a lovely idea to make yourself for a DIY favour  

lavender_bags_1 ShropshirePetals_1209_168 lavender_sprig

7. Bark - Wood - Logs - Woodland

Pine cones, wooden tree stumps as center pieces- there's a lot going on with woodland towards the end of 2013 

potatoes ShropshirePetals_1209_271

8. Relaxed styling- rustic - unfussy 

A few bunches of wheat in a milk churn, some bales, it's all about finding and re-using 


ShropshirePetals_1209_173 bridesmaids_again ShropshirePetals_1209_272

9. Backdrops - Garlands - Pompoms -Bunting

Fab pic below from the Enchanted photoshoot using our kaleidoscope confetti on the tables 

Enchanted___135 josie_mcutcheon

10. Cheese cake!

Appleby's cheese we love your cheese cakes 


cheese_cake cheese

We hope our ideas for 2013 inspire you.  

Love as always SP x x 

8/02/2013  |  Shropshire Petals Confetti goes On the Road

It's spring at Shropshire Petals, and that means Wedding Shows!  Yes Shropshire Petals are back 'on the road' again going up and down the country with our new stand and a whole lot of natural petal confetti.  We've just got back from Tatton Park over the boarder in Cheshire, our new signage ensures that the Shropshire Petals name can be viewed by everyone on the journey, spreading the message of natural petal confetti. 

shropshire_petals_confetti_ tatton_park_show

We've got plenty of free samples for the Brides to Be to take away and if you're still in the early planning stages then our colourful displays may just help you choose your colour scheme. 


Everyone who visits the Shropshire Petals Confetti stand takes away a free sample.  We take all of the colour range with us so if you've something in particular in mind we will pick and mix your natural petal wedding confetti to match or contrast your colour scheme.  


We also have our famous wheat sheaves on display, the wheat of which was used in the Olympic bouquets given to all the winning medalists.

wheat_sheaves_at_show wheat_and_lavender_show_bun secc__wheatsheaf

The Shropshire Petals Competition's are always well received, with one lucky winner winning a complete package of wedding confetti.  



There's always lots of colour out on display with a pink confetti area and a purple confetti area, taking the most popular wedding colours as focal features then adding in extra splashes of colour for pic & mix confetti ideas.  Then of course we have our scented tags - Keep me I smell blooming lovely - that go in with all our orders, it's all in the details. 

pink_confetti_at_show confetit_scent_tags

Next up are the National Wedding Shows, first we're off down to London Olympia 22nd-24th February and then back up to the Birmingham NEC 1st-3rd March.


We love meeting people and finding out all the latest wedding trends.  Don't forget to stop by our stand for a free sample of confetti!

Love as always SP x x 

4/02/2013  |  How to make Confetti Petal Bath Bombs

Fancy a valentine's day treat? Need a way to surprise a loved one?  Look no further than confetti petal bath bombs.  They are so quick and simple to make, we used the basic downloadable recipe from bath bomb.com and added in our petal confetti for a pink valentine's theme.

Step 1: Gather your ingredients.  2 parts sodium bicarbonate (I used about 300g) to 1 part citric acid, lots of confetti petals (i used a litre of raspberry fool pink delphiniums and have loads left) and a tiny amount of water.  You'll also need a bowl, a spoon and some sort of mould for the bath bombs (I used old Christmas baubles).  


Step 2: Add into the bowl your dry ingredients; confetti petals plus 2 parts sodium bicarbonate to 1 part citric acid and give it a good mix.  

Step 3: Add in a 'spritz' of water and give it a really good mix, add your water sparingly until the mix starts to clump together, mixing all the while.  

step_2_confetti_bath_bomb step_3_confetti_bath_bomb

Step 4: Your mix should be still slightly powdery but able to compact and stay together.  

It's a good idea to have a bit of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid pre-mixed separately as if you add too much water you can add in some extra mix to soak it up.  I added too much water in my mix below but they beauty of bath bombs is that the mix is never wasted, just keep adding small amounts until you get the right consistency.   


Step 5: Pack your mixture into your Christmas baubles/ moulds, be firm with them!  

Step 6: Press your two halves together and give them a good squeeze.  

step_5_confetti_bath_bomb step_6_confetti_bath_bomb

Step 7: After about half an hour they should be dry enough to take the bombs out of your mould.   


Step 8: Leave your confetti bath bombs overnight to dry properly and then wrap them up and send to a loved one.     


Now, I have never made bath bombs before and these photos were from my first attempt so it's proof they are pretty simple to do, I had a lot of fun making them and the pink is perfect for valentine's.  

I was actually so pleased with them that I think I'm going to do a few changes and tweak the recipe for Mother's day... i'm thinking 'amethyst' delphinium petals with some lavender grain and a little bit of fragrance oil with a few sprigs of lavender to decorate, oh how I've got my thinking cap on! 

Love as always SP x x 

2/02/2013  |  Valentine's Confetti Ideas

Love is in the air...

Valentine's is just around the corner and a valentine's to remember just wouldn't be complete without some romantic valentine petals, Shropshire Petals is at hand with plenty of petals and bags of ideas! Take a look at our Shropshire Petals Confetti facebook album full of ideas of what to do with petals.  


We also have a Shropshire Petals Confetti on Pinterest mood board full of things we love! There's loads of fab finds for presents and yummy treats.  


Don't forget to check out our Mix of the Month, February is a valentine's confetti special, mixing 'raspberry fool' and 'icing sugar' pink and cream delphiniums with 'lady in red' red rose petals and 'cerise' hot pink rose petals, red and pink galore, a touch of true romance for valentine's.   


Or if you are getting married in the wonderful month that is February why not package your mix in a Shropshire Box with pink cones for extra pretty in pink. 


And if you are looking for one of those extra luxurious treats well look no further...   We got our mixing bowl out and made up a batch of bath bombs using confetti petals.  So simple to do, it literally requires just citric acid, bicarbonate of soda and petals! What can be more romantic than surprising your loved one with a romantic home made gift.  


So how do I make them I hear you ask...?  Well all will be revealed in next week's Shropshire Petals confetti blog.  So buy confetti petals now and we'll be showing you a step by step guide of how to make them.  I used a litre of 'raspberry fool' hot pink confetti petals and made loads! 

Love as always SP x x 

31/01/2013  |  Freeze Dried Rose Heads

Shropshire Petals are pleased to add freeze dried rose heads to the current collection of dried flowers.  They come in a pack of 10 in a neat Shropshire Petals protective packaging box.  The new rose heads come in three colours: burgundy, vintage pink and cream

burgundy_rose_heads vintage_pink_rose_heads cream_rose_heads

Rose heads can be easily wired to add in to floral displays or bouquets for a longer lasting arrangement.  Long-lasting, they make great decoration for cakes as they can be incorporated easily before the wedding day, easily and hassle-free, as opposed to fresh flowers that need to be added in at the last minute.  We used a pack of 10 vintage pink rose heads and a sprinkling of summer nights natural petal confetti to decorate a plain white three-tier cake.       


Being dried they will last at their most perfect for up to 4 months so are a great choice to order early and tick off your list.  In saying this I had have one perfectly placed on my desk for over a year!  No dried flower lasts indefinitely, when exposed to the outdoors they will naturally biodegrade in just a couple of days but inside they will gradually fade and become more brittle- but this is long term, they will remain at their most perfect, looking beautiful for a good 4 months. 


We've an album full of ideas using rose heads on the Shropshire Petals Confetti Facebook Page, a few of our favorite images are displayed above.  

ShropshirePetals_1209_147 photo_3

Here at Shropshire Petals we also use rose heads in our wheat sheaves, these make fantastic centerpieces on wedding tables and are beautiful bouquets, we usually the medium is the perfect size for a wedding bouquet, the cream rose and lavender wheat sheaf is one of our biggest sellers.

Love as always SP x x 

29/01/2013  |  Follow the Bride #2: Dress Shopping!

We caught up with Jess, our lovely Shropshire Petals bride to see how the wedding prep was going... 

  • So Jess, did you enjoy dress shopping, did you find.. the one!? Yes I have found my dress, in fact I found it not soon after Jim proposed. It is a 1950’s vintage dress in need of a little repair and that is all I am saying! Something’s have to be a surprise!  Sorry to disappoint but I actually bought my dress online, without having seen it in the flesh. I just saw it while I was looking for something else and thought “ I must have it!”. So I promptly rang Mother and asked her opinion, she loved it so I took the risk and bought it. When it arrived I was very relieved and I am off to York to see the dress maker shortly so she can make the repairs and alterations.
  • And shoes?  Shoes! Well anyone who knows me well knows that I am susceptible to crazy shoes and so could not resist a pair for the wedding, they are very un-weddingly!
"I would need a very big tree for all my dresses!"  Jess
  • What was bridesmaid shopping like? Well, I knew this was for me going to be one of the most stressful events of the wedding planning. It is really hard to find something that looks great on all your bridesmaids. Something they all like and something that is deemed suitable by the Mothers for church. Can’t be Strapless, can’t be too short etc....I did not go to a Bridal shop and opted for the Bull Ring in Birmingham and good old faithful Coast. 4 dresses have been purchase, they were the 1st dresses they tried on. I Think there are some mixed feeling among the bridesmaids but I just love them. A few dress were tried on after but I had already made up my mind so we went off for a lovely lunch in Selfridges. Where I had a few cocktails to steady my nerves for shoe shopping. Which was and continues to be a nightmare. The four bridesmaids have feet that range from a size 4 to a 9! Some of them are quite tall and need a small kitten heel and 1 bridesmaid is pocket sized so needs a big heel! The hunt continues!

Check out Jess's Wedding Ideas mood board on Pinterest! 

  • Have you decided upon a theme or a colour scheme yet? I would say it might be easier if I had a theme but I’m just going for a country relax feel with things I like and Jim likes, yes he does get a say! So lots of bunting and straw bales.  Colour scheme is everything goes, all the flowers are coming from the fields, hedgerows and gardens so it’s whatever is out in the 1st week in July. I plan on using some of the dried wheat for buttonholes and mixing it in with the flowers for the tables. Rose (Jim’s mum) is in charge of the flowers with her trusty team of friends. She keeps coming up with mad idea’s and i keep having to remind her that we are keeping it simple.
  • You seem to be on a roll with wedding prep, so what's next on the list? Invitations and making the place settings. We want to have something quite simple and understated for the invitations, really like the letter pressed invites so just waiting for some samples to come before we make a decision.  I am making all the place setting so got to get started soon as it’s going to be quite an ample sized wedding and they are going to be a little fiddley to do. But worth it I hope!

Thanks for the update Jess, we'd love to hear about the invites and how to make place settings, we'd love to see the photos!

Love as always SP x x

24/01/2013  |  Celebrate Burns Night with Highland Fling...

That's our Highland Fling Confetti of course!

Yes it's Burn's night tomorrow so we thought we'd take on a Scottish Theme, after our trip up to Scotland in September for The Scottish Wedding Show, where our Highland Fling confetti mix took the show by a storm, we thought we'd take a look at all things Scottish.

highland_fling_in_shropshir lavender highland_fling_in_lilac_pai

wheat_bundles_with_lavender bonnie_lass hannah_stubbs_highland_flin

highland_fling_white_cones thistles

cream_rose_and_lavender_whe highland_fling_confetti_sho thistle_cake_topper

Above images from left to right: Shropshire Box with blue cones and Highland Fling confetti, lavender bunches, lilac confetti pail with highland fling confetti, wheat and lavender bundle, bonnie lass confetti mix, ocean mist confetti mix falling, confetti heart made of highland fling petals, Shropshire Box with white cones and highland fling confetti. thistles, cream rose and lavender wheat sheaf, highland fling confetti mix being thrown, thistle head being used for decoration as a cake topper. 

Purple Wedding Ideas  


Purple was most certainly the colour of 2012, topping to colour trends, it's still a big hit moving into 2013 and being the colour of the Thistle- the National emblem of Scotland we're not surprised purple was the colour of The Scottish Wedding Show.  We have a whole Pinterest album dedicated to Purple Wedding Ideas to help get the ideas flowing so be sure to take a look for inspiring ideas. 


Did you know that Amethyst is also the Birthstone for February?  If you are a February Bride or would like your confetti represented by your birthstone for a unique idea why not Pick & Mix your petals and add our Amethyst confetti petals into your mix... happy mixing!


Love as always SP x x 

20/01/2013  |  Superstitions v Traditions

Suffering from Triskaidekaphobia?  Yes there's actually a name for fear of the number 13!  Not only is it 2013 but there are two Friday the 13th's this year.  So are you getting married this year or is 2013 really the year that everyone fears?  With the New Year here we decided to take a look at those pesky superstitions alongside a few pretty wedding traditions.

For most brides Friday 13th is a big no no but for those who aren't superstitious or even find the number 13 lucky it can be a big chance to bag a bargain with venues, photographers and florists all with top offers on board.  

Friday 13th September 2013: Maybe a bad day but according to tradition- Marry in September's shrine, your living will be rich and fine!

Friday 13th December 2013: Yes it's Friday 13th but as tradition goes- When December snow falls fast, marry and true love will last.


"When December snows fall fast, marry and true love will last" 

So the two Friday the 13th's fall on what traditions says are the top two months to get married, looks like tradition is giving a helping hand to 2013 brides.

If you do decide to get hitched in 2013, here's a few nice traditions to add a bit of luck:

Married in white- you have chosen right.

Married in blue- you will always be true.

Carry a horseshoe for good luck. 

And of course there's the old faithful: something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue and a lucky sixpence in her shoe.  


"Something blue" confetti

Maybe it's just us but we've also spotted a wedding trend that seems to creeping up for 2013- wood- with rustic charm there's a woodland theme evolving with bark, natural materials and wood, well 'touch wood' this has got to be lucky!

And... Does it ever rain for 40 days when it rains on St Swithen's day?

So superstition may have it's shadow cast on 2013 but we're optimists here at Shropshire Petals and it looks as though tradition is on side for weddings and 2013 looks set to shine.  

Love as always SP x x 

15/01/2013  |  The Wedding Ideas Awards

We supplied petals for the tables at the Wedding Ideas Awards ceremony that took place on Friday night, 11th Jan. 



There were 35 tables seating 10 people to a table. Generally we say 1 litre will lightly scatter on 5 tables seating 8-10 people so we sent 10 litres to ensure there was plenty and that they looked brilliant, with 350 guests for the Wedding Industry we certainly wanted to impress! 

Wedding Ideas chose 'cerise' rose petals to match their hot pink theme and the Wedding Ideas logo.  Black and Pink is a big trend at the moment, alongside black and red- statement colours to stand out.  Black and White weddings with an accent colour are proving very popular.  We think our pretty petals looked beautiful at the Awards and Wedding Ideas thanked us for supplying them. 

Love as always SP x x  

11/01/2013  |  Follow the Bride #Part 1: Let's Meet the Bride

Introducing part 1 of 'Follow the Bride', our latest round of blog updates where we follow one excited bride right up until the big day. What better choice for our first bride than the very future Mrs Shropshire Petals herself! Yes, presenting Follow the Bride...


  • Introduce yourself to our blog?  I'm Jess Robertson, a 27 year old Harper Adams graduate born and raised in Yorkshire as a Doctor's daughter.  But I love farming hence studying at Harper Adams, and that's where I met Jim! 
  • What's your job at SP? I look after all of the customer orders and enquiries making sure they are dispatched on time and perfectly presented as I'd like to receive, and trust me I have a love for internet shopping - especially now I'm a Bride myself!  I also look after the crop through the growing season, especially the trial area where we grow lots of new flowers for the petal range.
  • Describe Yourself?  Not a morning person and quite disorganised!  But I'm outdoorsie and a little eccentric.
  • 3 Likes and 3 dislikes Please...? Likes: Cake (and cups of tea), hats (especially woolly bobble hats), country pursuits, making chutney, Sunday morning lie ins, bunting... Oh sorry did you say 3! Dislikes: early mornings, having photos taken, the colour teal!  
  • Who's the Groom?  Jim Bubb.  Jim's Mum and Dad set up the flower business years ago and saw the development from the dried flowers to the confetti business, Jim took over the flower side of the business last year.  A keen engineer and farmer he's always out and about in the fields, or in the workshop.jim_polaroid
  • Come on the Jess, working in the confetti business Jim's got to have some romance in him, how did he pop the question? It was at Lake Semerwater in Rayale in Wensleydale Yorkshire near my home, we were going to stay with my sister in Coverdale.  A few years ago we stopped here for a drink when off-roading and I jokingly said 'this would be a good place to propose!'  Jim obviously remembered!
  • Awww, did he have a ring?  No, my brother Tom Robertson is making it! Jim designed it with Tom's help, I don't know what it's like. 
  • Did he get down on one knee? Well actually, Jim let the dogs out of the Discovery and they promptly started chasing the ducks- they thought they could out swim them! It was very cold and I refused to get out of the Disco.  So Jim opened the door and said, close your eyes so I did and he put a haribo sweetie ring on my finger and said "Will you marry me?"  My response was 'are you joking or is this actually a proposal?  He said Yes and so I did! (Of course I ate the ring, followed by several more!)Day_of_engagement

"Will you marry me?"

  • Have you set a date? Yes, 6th July 2013.
  • Wow, that's soon, you must have lots to do?  What's planned so far? Well the church is booked, as is the marquee and the band of course! We're just about to book the caterers and I'm taking the bridesmaid's dress shopping this weekend! It's been a busy Christmas but the farm is fairly quiet in the winter so I've had lots of time to prep!
  • How are you enjoying all the preparations? Any Bridezilla moments yet? Planning a wedding is easy, it's other people who make it hard.
  • Very wise words there Jess, definitely a good top tip! So of course we are dying to ask, is there going to be confetti? OF COURSE! In fact, we are going to use some of the confetti names for our tables.

Thanks for part 1 Jess, huge Congratulations to you and Jim, we look forward to hearing all about Bridesmaid dress shopping and the next item to tick off the list in part 2 of follow the Bride. 

Love as always SP x x 

9/01/2013  |  Shropshire Petals Shortlisted for National Award

Yes you heard it and we want to shout it from the roof tops! (Then again we're is set in the rolling fields of Shropshire and I'm sure if we did shout it from the roof tops no one would hear us!) But anyway, we're pleased as punch to be shortlisted.


So we entered the Wedding Industry Awards in the 'Best Special Touches' category, we didn't win (it was a big category with a lot of top class entries so well done to all the finalists) but we received so many wonderful customer comments.  

Why Did you use Shropshire Petals?

Once i knew about Shropshire Petals, I kept spotting them in lots of wedding magazines and read what positive feedback they had. Their website is fab and the customer service is 10/10. Highly recommend. We love Shropshire Petals! Thank you : )

General Comments:

Shropshire petals were amazing, I ordered the confetti at the very last minute and they made sure it arrived with me the very next day. The colour options and combinations for the confetti are all so beautiful and the wedding pictures including the confetti throwing are among my most cherished

And quite possibly my favourite: 

We loved the confetti we ordered from Shropshire Petals. The action shot we have is amazing and the smell from the confetti is just beautiful. Would highly recommend this supplier to anyone who wants real dried flowers on their big day! (the luckily remaining confetti is now in my knicker drawer!)

Shropshire_Petals_ipad closer

But anyway, The Wedding Industry Awards had another award up for grabs, 'Best Wedding Website' and please excuse my excitement but of all the entrants in the 19 categories for each of the 7 regions (yes that's a lot of entrants) we were selected for the Shortlist for the National Award!

The shortlist got selectively chosen by a panel of Wedding Industry experts out of all the entrants to the awards over all the categories.  The awards are happening tonight at the Bloomsbury Ballroom in London so we'll be keeping our fingers and toes crossed, but no matter if we win or not is it's a big honour to be selected for the shortlist!

Love as always SP x x  

7/01/2013  |  Happy New Year...

Congratulations and welcome to all the new brides who got engaged over the festive season!  Well as promised we had a very merry Christmas party so feast your eyes on all the photos of the team. 


Full of 'oh so witty' cracker jokes- oh dear do they get any better! Everyone had to wear their crowns and we tried to get everyone in a photo or two.  

xmas_party_1 xmas_party_2 xmas_party_3

xmas_party_4 xmas_party_5 xmas_party_6

We even had a few of the children at the party, do I hear budding Shropshire Petals team member in the making??  Well it was a lovely end to 2012 and everyone went off to enjoy the Christmas holidays in fine form.  


So, we're back to it now, just about caught up with all the orders placed over the holidays and it's back to normality, well sort of! It is going to be one big big year for Shropshire Petals and we have some lovely and exciting sneaky gossip... But more of that to come later this week! Haha yes we thought we'd keep you on your toes a little longer!

Love always SP x x

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