The TV crew behind 'Don't Tell the Bride' got into a lot of trouble recently after reports they left plastic confetti on a beautiful Dorset beach for a wedding, as part of the show. Here at Shropshire Petals we're committed to educating couples and wedding organisers about avoiding harmful plastic confetti and instead using eco-friendly petal confetti.

Why avoid plastic confetti

Not only is plastic confetti harmful to the environment, especially on beaches where it can wash out to sea and be eaten by wildlife. It can also take hundreds of years to eventually degrade, in which time it can already have caused damage long after the big celebration.

Why choose biodegradable petal confetti

Grown not made - Shropshire Petals confetti is grown on our family run farm so you know exactly where the confetti has come from and there isn't already lots of air miles for it to travel to you. Plus during the growing process the flowers offer food and habitat for wildlife.

Beautiful - As petal confetti is made from real flowers the confetti look beautiful when thrown or used as decoration. Plus you can choose from a huge range of colours and petals to match to your colour scheme.

Biodegradable & Natural - Once the dried petals are subject to the elements they naturally biodegrade leaving no negative effect on the environment, just like blossom falling from a tree.

Free from artificial colours - We never dye any of our petals so we never have an issue with colour staining.

What next?

If you're planning a wedding or celebration you can request some beautiful confetti samples to help you choose what colour petals to have, use our confetti calculator so you know how much to order and order as far in advance as you'd like with our delayed delivery service if your wedding or event is over 3 months away.

For more info on how we're taking step to be more sustainable take a look at our sustainability page. We only get one planet so we'd like to take care of it.

Love as always SP xx