Looking for something a little different and unique for your Christmas tree this year? Try your hand at creating our DIY Dried Flower Baubles, it's a super easy DIY and requires no skill, just a little patience.

It can be a relaxing festive activity for yourself or a fun task for the kids to keep them occupied on the run up to the big day. Either way we think you will be very pleased with the results and like us, love how pretty the dried flowers look as fillings within the baubles.

Materials You Will Need

To do this DIY project you will need the following:

  • Clear baubles Hobby Craft has great selection to choose from. We opted for two different styles, a clear round bauble and an open front bauble
  • Selection of dried flowers
  • Brown string or ribbon
  • A pair of tweezers
  • A pair of Scissors

Step 1

Make sure to give the baubles a light dusting before you start the DIY.

Select a few stems of dried flowers, make sure to get a mixture of colours and textures. We used Lagurus, Yellow Craspedia, White Statice, Candy Floss and Midnight Bloom Delphiniums. Trim back each of the stems, leaving only a few centimetres from the head of the flowers (as per the image below). The stems need to be short in order for them to sit perfectly inside the baubles.

Step 2 

Round Bauble

Remove the metal top and set aside. Take your tweezers and start to insert the dried flowers of your choice, you can move the position of the flowers around with the tweezers or give the bauble a light shake. Once you're happy with how they look secure the metal top back in place.

Open Front Bauble

With the open front bauble you don't need to use the tweezers you can easily place the flowers in with your fingers and position them as you please.


Step 3

Decide if you want to hang your baubles with string or ribbon. Either way make sure to secure a tight knot so they will hang safely from your Christmas tree.


Step 4

Hang your unique Dried Flower Baubles on your Christmas tree and sit back and enjoy the pretty sight. You can make a few of these, you don't necessarily have to hang all of them on your tree you could add them to your tablescape on Christmas Day or gift them to family and friends. You can also update them whenever you want with new dried flowers, adding or removing different colours.

We hope you enjoy making your own Dried Flower Baubles, we'd love to see your creations so make sure to tag us on your social posts!

Our Dried Flower Range

We have a wide selection of dried flower bunches from delphiniums, to lavenderlagurus to rhodanthe and lots of fun and quirky flowers in between. If you enjoyed this DIY project, we have some wonderful Create Your Own Kits, like wreaths to make at home this Christmas. Alternatively if you love dried flowers but prefer to have something made by hand especially for you take a look at our Dried Flower Arrangements.

Love as always SP xx