As we strive for a sustainable events industry with an eco-friendly ethos, we have been designing new products that will create epic celebrations without costing the earth!

So, without further or do we would like to introduce our fabulous new Gender Reveal Cannons!

Are you planning a Baby Shower or a Gender Reveal party?

Surprise your friends and family by revealing the gender of your baby with a bang! We all know of the traditional confetti cannons, but these lovely new additions are eco-friendly and filled with 100% biodegradable real petal confetti.

The beautiful design is made up of an ombre blue and pink, to keep your guests/family/friends guessing what the sex of the baby will be. They are also covered with loads of cute little details, such as rocking horses, dummies and those cute little baby feet!

Each cannon shoots around 3-4 metres in the air, the perfect revelation!

Conventionally, the reveal of gender is determined by colour. Pink for a girl and Blue for a boy, merely select your chosen colour that will clearly demonstrate the gender and voila!


With this pack of 2 Gender Reveal Cannons both parents can twist and shoot confetti to reveal the gender of their baby(s), simply remove the sticker on the top and twist to fire out the confetti! These are great additions to socially distanced yet intimate celebration, or maybe for big parties when lockdown restrictions are lifted. Perfect for the ultimate garden party!

You could even celebrate the gender of twins, maybe you will strike lucky and get one of each - a different colour for each confetti cannon!

The Gender Reveal cannons have a range of colours to choose from, from Midnight Bloom, a rich dark purply blue, to dusky dainty Pink Lemonade. Here are a few colour suggestions to help you out.

Girl Gender Reveal

For a girl, select our Cherry Blossom dried flower petals!


Boy Gender Reveal

For a boy gender reveal select out Midnight bloom dried flower petals. 


Congratulations to this lovely couple who recently announced the gender of their new baby boy!

Left it until last minute? No problem, simply select Next Working day Delivery and get your Cannons delivered to you on time and ready for the best Baby Shower/ Gender Reveal yet.

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All our love, Shropshire Petals xxx