Winter brings its very own elegance to the wedding industry, as we transition into eveningwear accompanied by elegant shawls and tuxedos that make a statement. Christmas and New Year bring a special kind of celebration. Think champagne saucers, roaring fires, grand staircases, and twinkling lights galore—everything you'd imagine for the perfect Christmas and more. Imagine the soft sound of piano keys accompanied by a saxophonist as you glide into your wedding reception as newlyweds. What could be more romantic?

Festive Mix of the Month

Creating your perfect confetti moment is not exclusive to the summer months, but also for those enchanting moments that winter brings. Whether you are blessed with a frosty afternoon where you can have a traditional confetti moment outside the steps of your church. A moment outside your venue, or if you opt for a more modern approach at the bottom of a picturesque staircase. There is so much fun to be had with this magical wedding tradition.

Here in the Shropshire Petals shed we have curated a beautiful Christmas and New Year-inspired mix, featuring rich reds, striking blacks, elegant whites, and soft greens to create a sense of sophisticated glamour for your confetti toss.

Our festive Mix of the Month is composed of our Black Bird Cornflowers, Icing Sugar delphiniums, and Burgundy Berry cornflowers, with an added burst from our Burgundy rose petals and Eucalyptus petals. Take a look at our Pinterest board, for more ideas and inspiration for a festive wedding. 

Shropshire Petals Festive Pinterest Board 

So, let's delve into what else to consider for your perfect confetti moment.

Why should you choose biodegradable confetti?

Selecting the right confetti can be a difficult decision, but one aspect that should always be straightforward is whether or not your confetti is biodegradable. Choosing eco-friendly and sustainable confetti ensures that you not only enjoy that magical moment but also contribute to environmental preservation. Here on the farm our fields are a heaven to wildlife through the summer months when our flowers are in bloom. Meaning, when you choose us, you also choose to support our wildlife too! (How wonderful is that?)

Our Burgundy Cornflowers being enjoyed by the wildlife.

What's more, venues love it! Real petal confetti is like the blossoms falling from a tree. After your big moment, you can rest easy knowing that the petals will simply dissolve back into nature, where they originated, leaving no harmful traces behind. 

How Much Confetti Do I Need?

This is another really important question asked by many couples around the world. But don't worry; we are here to help you! We have a super easy guide to assist you in figuring out the math.

1 litre: Approximately 10 handfuls

5 litres: Approximately 50 handfuls

10 litres: Approximately 100 handfuls

1 Litre bag - Festive mix

If you are opting for our personalised cones, sachets, or pops, we recommend catering enough for all of your guests to have one each. This way, nobody gets left out, and it ensures that your confetti throw has the most impact! Alternatively, try adding a cannon or two to kickstart the celebrations.

Still concerned and not 100% sure how much you need? Check out our confetti calculator, designed with you in mind. All you have to do is simply enter the number of guests, and we will work out the math for you!

Do you offer samples?

Yes, we do! We understand how important your chosen colour scheme is to you, and we recognise that every wedding is unique. That's why we provide confetti samples. For just £2, these samples will be delivered to your door, and you can choose up to 5 of your favourites.

Why not turn this wedding preparation into a fun activity with your bridal party? Share the link with your bridal party, ask them all to order their top 5 choices, and once they arrive, gather together for a little wedmin. Enjoy sorting through your favourite mixes, or even create your own, which you can then order through our Pick and Mix service.

When should I order my confetti?

Now that you've made that all-important decision about your favourite confetti mix, you're ready to place your order. But you might be thinking, "My wedding isn't for another year." No need to worry!

We offer a delayed delivery service, just one of the many small things we do here at Shropshire Petals to make your wedding planning journey as smooth as possible. If you love this mix, you can re-create it using our Pick and Mix tool too. Or even swap a petal out to put your very own spin on this festive favourite!

Festive mix displayed in our Silver Pail

Place your order today, enter your wedding date at the checkout, select delayed delivery, and we will carefully prepare and dispatch your order one month ahead of your special day.

You are very welcome!

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With Love, SP xx