We absolutely love the fact that wreaths are no longer just for Christmas. We are seeing them all year round, different colours, shapes, sizes, textures, you name it! 

Over the years we have created a score of gorgeous Wheat Wreaths delicately put together by hand using dried flowers and wheat grown on our Shropshire farm, to adorn on walls and doors all over the UK at different times of the year.

We were however intrigued to try something a little different, which lead us to create a simple but sleek wreath using a gold hoop and a lot less dried flowers than usual.

Our easy DIY steps will hopefully inspire you to get creative and make your own modern wreath dried flower wreath.

Materials We Used

  • 20cm Wire Hoop. You can pick these up from Hobby Craft. If you want to add a lot of flowers of different shapes and sizes we would suggest purchasing a larger wire hoop. They also come in a variety of colours.
  • A selection of dried flowers: We used LavenderYellow Craspedia and Lagurus
  • Brown String
  • Glue Gun
  • Scissors

Optional: We used the brown string to hang the flower wreath however you may want to use some fancy ribbon instead.

Step 1: Wrap Your Brown String

Start by turning on your glue gun so that is it ready for step 2.

Wrap your string around the middle of the hoop until you make a band roughly around 4cm (this will depend on the size of your hoop however, the bigger the hoop the bigger the band you will need to make). You will require a little bit of patience for this step, it looks easy however the string does tend to slide out of place.

Tip: Try to hold the string in position as you are wrapping it around the hoop.

Step 2: Make the Band Secure

Once you have achieved your desired band cut the string and use your glue gun to secure the end you have cut to the back of the hoop. Gently apply more glue to the back of the hoop where the string meets to ensure that everything stays in place.

You won't need the glue gun after this step, make sure to turn it off and let is cool down before you put it away.

Step 3: Decide on the Layout

Trim your dried flower stems where necessary and have a play around with them on the front of the hoop to help you decide how you would like your flowers positioned.

Once you have decided place your dried flowers to the side in the order they will appear on the wreath.

Step 4: Weave the Dried Flowers

Take your first stem and weave it through the string, going in front of some of the string and behind in others. Repeat this process with the remaining dried flowers and alternating which sting goes in front or behind of your stem.



Step 5: Hang the Hoop

Cut a long piece of string and double it making both ends equal, loop the string around the top of the hoop and pull both ends through the loop. Tie the ends in a tight knot and use this to hang your modern wreath.

You many want to opt to use coloured ribbon for this step that's entirely your preference. 

The End Result

We decided to add more dried flowers to our modern wreath, so we repeated Step 4 however this time round we added the stems to the bottom of the band instead. This is the beauty of this little DIY, you can simply add or take away the flowers as and when you want.

This is a method you can use for modern wreaths for any season, just switch out the dried flower for different colours and textures, it's that simple!

Where to Hang Your Wreath

We know the traditional spot for any type of wreath to adorn is a front door, however, as this is a modern wreath, we opted to hang it is on the wall in our kitchen. It also looks perfect placed on the inside of a window, a door within your home or even hanging from a shelve. The options are endless.

As the wreath is made from dried flowers, unlike fresh flowers, it will last for ages! A year if not more.


Great Gift Idea

This modern wreath also makes for a nice gift idea. There's something every personal and meaningful about a gift that you took the time to make yourself.

Or if you or your friends would prefer something with more of a rustic feel, take a peek at our stunning Wheat Wreaths.

We love to see how you style your DIY Modern Dried Flower wreath. Don't forget to tag us in the results or send it to us via email.

Love SP Xx