As we all know too well the British weather is unpredictable, sometimes it feels like we can have all 4 seasons in just one day! However, that doesn't mean that you should rule out your confetti shot or only think about having confetti during the summer months. No matter the season, if you find yourself faced with damp and windy weather conditions on your big day don't scrap your magical confetti moment, you just need a plan B! 

Confetti is typically thrown in celebration after the newlyweds say 'I do' and exit the church taking their first steps together as a married couple. This can still happen despite the rain, just be prepared and have umbrellas to match your colour scheme for your guests to hold whilst creating a funnel for you both to walk through outside the church doors. Our Confetti Pops are ideal for this scenario as the confetti won't blow away while the guests are getting themselves prepared. They are easy to use, simply pop the top, hold them high and throw the confetti. The good news is not only are our petals biodegradable they are also dye-free so you don't have to worry about staining if they get wet.

Don't like the sounds of incorporating umbrellas? Don't fret, take your confetti moment indoors (always check with your church/venue before to avoid disappointment). Here are a few ideas for you to have a think about...

Throwing Confetti Indoors

Walking Down the Aisle

Lots of our lovely customers have been taking their petals indoors and having their perfect confetti moment as they walk down the aisle. You just need to make sure your guests are aware that this is the point it is happening. A great idea is to have the ushers notify them on the way to their seats and also let them know at the end of the ceremony they are to stand along the edge of the aisle to throw.

Credit: Photos By Rachel Wood

Placing our Personalised Sachets on yours guests seats the morning of the wedding or attaching them to your order of service is a good reminder and it also ensure's that everyone gets a handful of confetti. 

Epic Staircase Throw

There are so many venues with epic staircases, if you're lucky enough to have selected one that does then make the most of this. Your photographer is already going to have included it as one of the location backdrops, but may not have it down as a place to capture the confetti moment. 

Have your guests stand at the top of the staircase and throw the confetti over the banister.  The mixture of textures from our wildflower and delphiniums petals will give you different fall rates, floating gently down to where you are positioned on the ground floor, allowing your wedding photographer lots of time to capture the stunning shot.

Venue: Davenport House Credit: Laura May Photography 

Cutting the Cake

Confetti and cake what a brilliant combo! At this point your guests will have well and truly let their hair down so this shot will certainly not disappoint. We can't promise that people will be eating more confetti than cake!

Charlotte & David Shirley | Image Credit: Maja Tsolo

We absolutely love Charlotte and David's cracking cake confetti moment! We caught up with Charlotte after her wedding and she informed us that she ended up having two confetti moments (a girl after our own heart). You can read all about it here

On the Dance Floor

Kick start the party by releasing the confetti on your first dance,  the evening guests can also get involved - bonus! The more handfuls of confetti the better the shot. For that extra wow factor get the bridal party to set off some of our Confetti Cannons too.

Credit: Sophie Warren Photography 

Speak to Your Photographer

Your photographer will always have a back up plan, and will have checked the weather possibly more times than you the night before the wedding. Discuss what you want from your confetti photo as they will probably know the perfect location come rain or shine. They will be able to discuss options with you according to the time of day, light and surroundings.

It may be the case that they tell you to hold off with your confetti moment until the evening, when they know the weather will be slightly dryer and the lighting in the grounds of your venue is on point.

Credit: Photographer: Kirsty Mackenzie Photography

Do Your Guests Know How to Throw? 

This might sound ridiculous, however it will surprise you how many guests don't know how or when they should be throwing the confetti. Your confetti shot will be the most natural of the day as you aren't posing or thinking about the photographer, which means you want it to be as perfect as possible.

This is a great job for your ushers and bridesmaids, get them to explain to guests when they need to throw, that they all need a good handful of confetti and that they should aim to throw it high as possible. The last thing you want is confetti in your face; throwing it high will ensure it flutters gently to the ground, which will look fantastic on your photographs. Get someone to do a confetti countdown too!

Top tip: If you're walking through the 'tunnel' of guests throwing confetti towards your wedding photographer, don't forget to go slow! Smile, laugh, stop and kiss, and enjoy the moment as you celebrate your marriage! 

When to Order

Now you know you can throw confetti no matter the weather or the season,  you just need to remember to order it. Our delphinium and wildflower petals will actually keep for around 12 months, where as our larger petals like roses or hydrangea for up to 3 months, so to keep it simple if you order over 3 months away from your big day you can select our Delayed Delivery service. That means, you order whenever you know what you want, we keep it save and secure in our Petal Shed on the Shropshire Petals farm and around a month before your big day we send it out to you via Royal Mail (or Parcel Force).

Alternatively if your wedding is less than 3 months away you can order right away and have everything delivery straight away. We also have an express delivery for last minute orders too, for those last minute emergencies.

The team are always happy to help if you do have any queries. Get in touch on our contact page.

Love SP xX