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How to get the best confetti photo on your wedding day

Getting an absolutely amazing confetti moment on your wedding day can be a total deal breaker. It's the kind of photo you will look back on in years to come when everyone is smiling and laughing It's all about fun and celebration, captured in one split second. Couples tell us it's the photo they are most likely to use for their social media and frame for around the house too.


Photo by Stott and Atkinson

Here's a few pointers to help you get the most out of your confetti photo.

1. Get everyone onboard

First make sure your venue are happy with you using confetti. The majority of venues specify you can only use biodegradable confetti, and a lot of those venues recommend Shropshire Petals as all our confetti is made from real flower petals grown on our farm, so it's natural, biodegradable and the ideal eco-friendly choice for your wedding day.

If your venue isn't familiar with petal confetti or they haven't got a confetti policy and need a little convincing, we'd recommend requesting a some confetti samples and showing them to your co-ordinator. Once they realise it's not going to harm their grounds, or wildlife within it, and no one needs to clean up after you, they are usually happy with it. It's always worth checking though.

When you sit down with your photographer make sure they are aware you want a confetti photo, and if you've got some ideas of where you'd like it too that's always helpful. They will be masters of confetti photos, so will be able to guide you to get the best photo. Your photographers will also be the one to tell your guests what to do and when to throw as well, and this is where is pays to have an experienced photographer.

2. How much do you need

As you get closer to your wedding day, you will start to get an idea of how many guests you've got coming. You can use our Petal Calculator to work out how much you need.

1 litre of petal confetti is enough for 10-12 handfuls.

We recommend providing enough confetti for at least half your guests, as we find the ladies throw more than the gents and this should give you some amazing photos. That said if you are looking for a complete shower of petal confetti you can always get all your guests to throw, that way everyone is involved.

Ashley and James used 10 litres of Tutti Fruity in the photo below for just under 100 guests and what an epic confetti photo!


Photo by Lisa Webb Photography

3. The right colour for you

You can choose to match your petal confetti colours to your wedding theme or to contrast them, or just go wild and have a mixture of colours. Our top confetti mixes are: Pink Lemonade for chic pastel pink weddings for a very feminine touch; Kaleidoscope for a celebration of bright and bold colour; or Vintage Daydream for a charmingly rustic grey and pink colour scheme.

You can of course create your unique confetti mix using the Pick & Mix tool too, add the colours you like and view the live preview so you know what it's going to look like before you've even ordered. We mix everything for you in the petal shed so it's ready for throwing when it arrives to you.


4. How to display for your guests

There are so many ways to present your wedding confetti to your wedding guests, from baskets, cones, pops, cannons or sachets, the possibilities are endless.

Confetti cones are ideal for adding an extra touch of colour or personalisation to your confetti moment as you can choose from about 20 cone colours, or 20 personalised designs. Plus your guests can easily take a cone ready for the big confetti throw and it doesn't matter if you keep them waiting a few minutes as the petals wont get squished inside the cone, as opposed to the palm of their hand.

Alternatively pops are a fun and modern way of showcasing your chosen confetti, plus they are easy to use, you simple pop the top, hold them high and flick out the confetti.

Baskets, buckets or boxes are also great for sharing confetti amongst a lot of guests quickly as everyone can take a handful and get into position.


5. When and where is best

There is no right or wrong time and location to get your confetti photo. We recommend to have a chat with your venue and photographer as they will be able to offer some great insight and advice. Most couples have their confetti moment after the ceremony walking down an aisle made from their wedding guests. This allows your photographer to get lots of confetti photos as you walk toward them, lots of action and a glimpse of your guests too.

Another popular confetti photo is for the couple to be surrounded by their guests in a semi circle where everyone throws in on them, the bonus of this is that everyone's in the photo, just make sure everyone throws at the same time.

Instead of having lots of wedding guests in your confetti moment, you could choose just to have a confetti throw with your bridesmaids, or groomsmen.

You can also make use of features unique to your wedding venue. If you've having a barn wedding, why not have your confetti photo outside the beautiful barn doors? Or if you're getting married as a stunning stately house, why not use their grand entrance for your confetti moment.


Happy wedding planning!

Love as always SP xxx



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