2 Shropshire Boxes (50 Cones & Confetti)

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Take advantage of this special offer, ideal for 50 guests to throw confetti over the newlyweds. 

This fab package includes:

  • 2 display boxes to hold your cones
  • 50 confetti cones
  • handy trays to hold the cones in place
  • enough biodegradable petal confetti to fill your cones and impress your wedding guests.

All our confetti is natural, sustainable, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

This Shropshire Box is perfect for a bridesmaid, groomsman, or guest to hold while wedding guests take a confetti filled cone, ready for the big confetti throw. The cones and box are all carbon neutral and full recyclable. 

VIDEO: Click here to view how to put together your Shropshire Box.


Each display box measures: 10cm (height) x 25cm (width) x 25cm (depth)


All our petals are natural, biodegradable and beautiful.

The petals in this package are biodegradable. The box, tray and cones are all completely recyclable too. The box, tray and cones are carbon neutral too.

How Much to Order

We measure all our petal confetti in litres and find 1 litre is enough for 10-12 handfuls.

Aim to provide enough confetti for at least half your guests. So if you've got 100 guests, we recommend 5 litres as a minimum for half you guests to throw, or 10 litres for all your guests to throw.

Delivery Info

The price you pay for your samples includes delivery.

Samples take 5-7 working days to arrive, we hope you love them!