The month of love has arrived and we couldn't be more excited! February brings a sense of brightness, hope and enthusiasm, with the days getting longer and the promise of spring's arrival growing closer. To celebrate this beautiful time of the year we have created a romantic pink, burgundy and timeless ivory confetti Mix of the Month.

This stunning mix is a combination of Cherry Blossom and Icing Sugar delphiniums, Burgundy Berry cornflowers, and Flamingo Pink and Promise rose petals, which are all natural, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Not only is this mix the perfect match for a February wedding, its pretty light tones mean it will actually work for any month after too.

Pictured: February Mix of the Month with Pink Cones 

Blushing Pinks for a Blushing Bride

Pink is certainly a popular choice when it comes to colour schemes; not only is it fetching, but it's also incredibly versatile. No wonder it wins the hearts of so many couples!

From dusky pink, whimsical blush to dreamy pastels, you can be as creative as you like when wedding planning. We love to see pink added in subtlety throughout the wedding day. From table flowers and confetti to a signature pink welcome drink, such as a sparkling pink raspberry spritzer, or you could go all out with a three tiered rose and pistachio flavoured wedding cake, with vibrant pink sugar flowers.

Depending on the style of your wedding, February's Mix of the Month looks particularly great displayed in our Heart Design Personalised Sachets and light pink embossed cones for an added colour pop. For more pink themed inspiration visit our Pinterest board.

Order a Confetti Sample

We understand that making sure you have the perfect confetti for your wedding can take time; you want the colours of the petals to compliment your colour scheme and look captivating in your photos.

This is why we offer a confetti sample service. It's only £2 for a box of petal confetti samples delivered to your home, chosen by you, and packed by hand in our petal shed. Each box of samples contains your choice of 5 confetti samples, a handy leaflet full of tips, and advice, plus a cute little scented floral to add to your wedding planner. Don't worry, all our samples are labelled so you know their names.

Order a sample of our Mix of the Month today along with 4 other mixes. In doing so you can rest assured that you made the right petal choice and even have a little keepsake too. 

Pictured: February Mix of the Month 

Will My Venue Allow Petals?

Most churches and venues prefer biodegradable confetti as it means it won't harm the environment and no one has to clean up after your big day. Our petals will biodegrade in just a couple of days and are super eco-friendly. We have a wide range of churches and venues who specifically promote Shropshire Petals for our assured quality.

However, each venue has different requirements when it comes to confetti; which is why we always advise that you check with them first before ordering your wedding confetti.

Pictured: Confetti Basket

What are the Best Petals for Confetti?

Our delphinium and wildflower petals make the perfect throwing confetti, they are small and lightweight and will float to the ground gently creating the perfect shot for your photographer and a moment you will cherish forever.

Lots of people choose our Delphinium and Larger Petal mixes as the delphiniums will give the big 'confetti shot' while the larger petals will add an extra burst of colour to match your colour scheme.

We generally don't recommend larger petals on their own for throwing confetti as they are heavier and so drop to the ground quicker and you have to have a lot to create a shower of petals which could overload a photo. I mean, we want to see you after all.

Pictured: Flower Girl Basket 

Will the Petals Stain my Dress?

After spending hours trying on dresses to find 'the one' we get that you may be a little worried that the petals will stain your wedding dress.

Our petals are 100% natural and dye free, meaning no artificial colours have been added. We have done some testing but not extensive, so we advise to be mindful, if it is raining outside, ask your bridesmaids to make sure nobody accidentally steps petals onto your dress.


When to order your wedding confetti

All our petals are dried so they last much longer than fresh petals. In fact our delphiniums can last for years! That said, when it comes to ordering your wedding confetti, we have an easy rule to follow:

  • If your wedding is less than 3 months away, you can order now for immediate delivery and when your petals arrive just keep them stored away from heat, moisture and direct light. 
  • If your wedding is over 3 months away, order as early as you like with our free Delayed Delivery service. You add everything to your basket as normal, we ask you your wedding date and dispatch everything closer to your wedding day. Super simple!

We love to see how you use our confetti so don't forget to tag us on social media or send your images via email.

Love SP xx