There are numerous low-cost ways to transition your home decor for the cosy autumn season, particularly when dried flowers are being used. We decided to get crafty with our flowers this week and created this  beautiful dried flower wall hanger, perfect for adding a little character to your home or a unique gift for your family and friends. 

Trust us, you do not need to be a crafting expert to do this DIY. It is super simple and enjoyable! 

Materials We Used

Step 1 - Create Small Bunches

Separate your dried flowers into smaller bunches, we decided to go with 5 bunches as we have the space on our stick. You can make them as big or small as you like, just make sure to trim the end of the stems to equal lengths. 

Step 2 - Tie the Bunches

Wrap each of your dried flower bunches tightly with the brown twine at the base of the stems making sure to leave a long string on the end. This part of the string will be how you wrap them to your wooden hanger.

Step 3 - Create Rope for Hanger

In order to make a twine hanger for the stick you will need to measure how long you want it to hang. Then double the twine and tie it to each end of the stick securely (as per the below image) and place on the wall you will be featuring it to ensure you're entirely happy with the length.

Step 4 - Hang Dried Flower Bunches

Starting from the outside in begin to arrange your flower bunches in varying heights on the stick. We did this while the hanger was on the wall which made it really easy. We loosely attached them to start with so they would be easy to tweak. Once you're happy tie each bundle to the stick in the order and length that you have positioned them in, you will more than likely need the scissors here to snip away any excess twine.

We're really happy with the end result and have hung it the kitchen where it looks amazing! We also made sure the left-over bunches didn't go to waste and used them to create a pretty floral display for the kitchen table. We hope you'll agree the dried flower colours look wonderful together.

As the dried flower hanger is made from dried flowers, unlike fresh flowers, it will last for ages! A year if not more. Just make sure to keep it away from heat and moisture. Over time if you get a lot of light in the room the flower colours will eventually mellow too. 

Wall Hanger Colour Palette

What's great about this DIY you can make it as large or small as you want, use any type of dried flowers and you can can update the flowers to match the season or to match the colour scheme of a room.

Going Neutral

A neutral palette will mean you can move the wall hanger from room to room as it works with all colour schemes. For the perfect neutral palette of botanicals select the following bunches Wheat, Lagurus, Icing Sugar Delphiniums and Gysophilia.

Bright & Cheery

We love the idea of using bright colour schemes to make your home feel friendly and lets face it it's hard not to smile when you're in the presence of bright colours. Create a vibrant wall hanger with our Purple StaticeYellow Helichrysum and Candy Floss Delphiniums.

The options are endless, when it comes to the colours and styles for this little DIY! We hope you enjoy and if you do decide to have a go make sure to keep us posted by tagging us on social media.

Love SP xX