We're excited to announce that we have been creating some more magic in the Shropshire Petals shed and have expanded our Springtide Dried Flower range. The love for our Springtide Letterbox has been fantastic, so we thought let's give you guys more of what you love!

Image: Springtide Heart Wreath & Wheat Sheaf 

Inspired by Spring and the Joy of Being by the Coast

Spring, a favourite season for many (including us)! What's not to love, the sun shines bright in a water-coloured sky, the temperatures become pleasant, we gain extra hours of daylight, and a stunning array of colour becomes visible as flowers bloom. There is nothing nicer than packing a picnic, wrapping up and going on a coastal adventure on a fresh spring day. Think of childhood memories, building sandcastles and being allowed to roll up your jeans and dip your toes in the sea, even having a little splash! Even now as an adult it's truly good for the soul.

This extended range is inspired by this marvellous time of year, and features light blue, cheerful bright yellow, ivory white and a hint of sand tones.

Image: Springtide Wreath

Springtide Home Decor

Bring spring into your home with this collection of handmade dried flower arrangements, they are perfect for adding a rustic feel to your home interior. The Springtide Heart Wreath not only looks good hanging on a door, it's also the perfect alternative to a picture on a gallery wall in a kitchen, or hang on a window in your living room to complete a country styled room.

The stunning colours used in this collection will continue to look great during the summer months and beyond, with the Dried Flower Wreath having many uses. Wow your guests and create the ultimate tablescape by laying the Springtide Dried Flower Wreath flat with a floral scented candle placed in the center.

Image: Springtide Wreaths and Wheat Sheaf 

Eco-friendly Wedding Flowers

Our Springtide Sheaf and Posy is ideal as an alternative natural bouquet for both brides and bridesmaids, we could see these perfectly paired with a cheery yellow sunflower themed wedding. The Springtide Posy would look stunning held against light blue bridesmaid dresses especially if you are getting married in a barn or other rustic location. All our dried flowers keep for months and sometimes years, so your bridesmaids can keep this bouquet as a memento long after the big day. Don't forget your wedding party and guests can each wear a beautiful Springtide buttonhole too to match the rest of your bridal flowers.

Opting for dried flowers on your big day means they can be delivered ahead of time due to their long-lasting life. Plus there's no need to water any of these and no drooping by the end of the day too - one less thing to worry about.

To complete your light blue, cheery yellow and ivory toned wedding theme we recommend either our Forget Me Knot petal confetti mix, or a pick and mix of; Icing Sugar and Frosted Blue Delphiniums with Golden Slumber Roses Petals and Duckegg Blue Hydrangea Petals

Image: Springtide Sheaf

Lovingly Handmade

Each arrangement of dried flowers is different from the next, it's part of their charm, and every arrangement is lovingly put together by hand in the Shropshire Petals shed. We grow a variety of flowers on our Shropshire Petals family farm, which are handpicked during the summer months, dried on the farm and delivered all year around.

Image: Shropshire Petals team harvesting our Icing Sugar Delphiniums

This brand new Springtide dried flower collection includes a Posy, Sheaf, Wreath and Heart Wreath which are all sold separately. You can also choose to create your own wreath or heart wreath with our dried flower making kits .

We'd love to hear what you think. Make sure to share and tag us in your photos, as it's wonderful to see how you use your arrangement too. 

Love SP X