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Julys' Mix of the Month is here!


July has arrived, and my gosh have we awaited its arrival!

Given the UK announcement of wedding restrictions being lifted. What better way to get excited for your big day, than getting your hands on our bespoke Mix of the Month!




Our Mix of the Month for July is a beautiful combination of Delphiniums with Hydrangeas and Rose petals throughout. This mix hosts the likes of Palest Pink (Candy Floss), Hot Pink (Flamingo Pink Rose Petals), Rich Purples (Midnight Bloom) and Soft Lilac (Wisteria Hydrangeas). Our stunning summer delphiniums are renowned for their ability to attract colourful butterflies, which inspired this perfect mix of elegant pinks and purples.

Why have larger petals throughout your mix?

The benefits of having a mixture of small and larger petals is that they have a different fall rate. Smaller petals like our delightful delphiniums and wildflower petals make for a beautiful shower effect, whereas our larger rose petals and hydrangeas gently flutter down. Thus, adding a POP of bold colour. A gorgeous combo!

Or maybe you are planning a proposal? Rose Petals are an absolute MUST for any proposal, a perfect gesture to showcase your love and affection.


This elegant pink and purple mix would complement a stunning deep purple themed wedding - accompanied by a beautiful floral arrangement of purple and pink. A very feminine and elegant vibe throughout.

There are so many different ways to display your stunning mix of petal confetti, from confetti cones, to pops, baskets and even cannons!

Spoil your flower girl, with her very own Flower Girl Basket - filled with 1 Litre of this gorgeous mix (enough for 20 little hand fulls). Perfect for scattering down the aisle, or for your guests to throw as you enter as newlyweds!

July is the month of the Delphinium, so maybe your loved one has a birthday in July? A lovely and thoughtful décor addition to any celebration!


One of our favourite wedding accessories, are our ever-popular Confetti Pops! Simply hand one over to your little ones as a fun and exciting alternative to our cones.
They are super easy, simply pop to the top, hold it high and flick it out the petal confetti - flicking this beautiful mix over the newlyweds!
If you are celebrating a socially distanced baby shower, why not throw them over the mum-to-be!



If you love this mix, but you want to add something else to the mix. You can use our easy Pick and Mix service to create your very own combination, bespoke to you!

Don't forget to utilise our Delayed Delivery service!

If your wedding is not for a few months but you simply can't let this mix slide - you can order your confetti now and we can deliver it closer to your wedding date.

Simple and Easy.

With Love,

SP xx



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