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Top 3 themes for socially distanced baby showers

Celebrate the upcoming birth of your baby girl or boy with a fun baby shower! Or if you're wanting to surprise your friends and family with the sex of your baby, why not throw in a gender reveal while you're at it? This trend for Baby Showers has become hugely popular in recent years and given the recent pandemic, expecting mums are finding new ways of celebrating this lovely part of their pregnancy, whilst still following social distancing guidelines.


From smaller groups of friends and family, socially distanced in the garden, to online video chats filled with all your loved ones, you can still celebrate your bundle of joy!

Life before social distancing meant you could play games like, taste the baby food and guess the flavor, or who can drink from a baby bottle the quickest. There are still plenty of fun games to play whilst following social distancing, like guess the baby weight, time, and date of birth. Writing messages of encouragement and love for the mum-to-be to read at a later date, or hilarious photo opportunities to look back on and cherish for years to come.

We've gathered our top three Baby Shower/Gender reveal themes that are sure to capture your heart.


Botanical Vibes

Babies are said to be one of the purest beings on Earth - along with puppies, obviously! So, if you want to create a look that's timeless and subtle, why not opt for the clean and minimalistic white and gold trend with a botanical twist? It is elegant yet so simplistic, representing purity and mother nature's natural beauty.

In terms of décor you could create or hire a beautiful flower wall or backdrop to make a big impact for all those memory maker photos. Or how about creating a gorgeous white backdrop with hanging ivy? The most beautiful photo opportunity area and it really brightens any room.We love it!

As we are on the topic of representing beauty and purity, what better way to do it than with some delicate white table décor? Our gorgeous dried decorative petals make for beautiful table decorations, and they are completely biodegradable and eco-friendly! We think a sprinkle of our creamy white Daisy, Daisy hydrangea petals, or Envy green petals would work a treat for this theme!

Confetti moment photos aren't just for your wedding day, oh no! As the social distance restrictions are easing here in the UK, why not gather your loved ones in a 2 metre separated semi-circle, stand proud with your baby bump, count to three and have your loved ones sprinkle beautiful confetti around you so everyone can celebrate your special day. Don't forget to snap-shot your perfect baby shower confetti moment. We have so many subtle mixes, to perfectly compliment this theme. What about Mellow Meadow or even Enchanted Woods?



It's all Pink and Blue

Here we are, the notorious Gender Reveal themed party - a trend started in the US that has spread across the entire world.

Pink and blue being the associated gender reveal colour scheme. We have seen pink and blue cupcakes, balloons and some gorgeous eco-friendly buntings! Yes, the décor is super important... but what are we really here for?


How excited will you be in those few moments before your baby gender reveal? Announce to your friends and family the sex of your baby with an epic Confetti Cannon! Simply hold them up, twist and POP! Then bang, and it's all revealed! Our wonderful Large Confetti Cannons are the perfect addition to any gender reveal. A shower fall effect of gorgeous confetti flourishing over you, to reveal the gender of your new bundle of joy. We have so many stunning colours to choose from. Be it pink for a girl, you could choose Raspberry Fool, or Blush mix petals. Or if it's a boy, you could opt for Something Blue petals Frosted Blue mix.


There are so many creative ways in which you can reveal your baby's gender. Given the circumstances you could announce to your friends and family via video call, or to the entire world on social media!


Go wild with gender neutral colours

A gorgeous theme for baby showers is the lovely unisex grey and yellow. Surround yourself with splashes of bright yellow accompanied by subtle grey tones. From your table décor to a gorgeous balloon arch.

Merge this colour scheme with the infamous nursery theme of African animals. Adorable and edible little elephants and giraffes to surround your four-tier baby shower cake!
Now, what about that all-important photo opportunity? How about a beautiful draping white voil back drop, and colourful Confetti Pop!


Add a fun interactive element to your gender neutral colour themed baby shower with our gorgeous Confetti Pops especially designed for baby showers! You can create your own unique Pick & Mix of petals to match your baby shower theme too, there are hundreds of thousands of combinations to choose from! They're perfect for photo opportunities and beautiful keepsakes for your gender reveal or baby shower. Plus, as our Pops don't come with any mechanism they are safe for the children to use, and they're easily reused or recycled. Simply hold them high, pop the top and flick out the petal confetti. If your friends and family can't make it to your baby shower, why not send them a few pops so they can celebrate at home for you?

We love to see how creative you get, so make sure to tag us in your petal infused Baby Showers!

All our love,

SP xxx



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