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Biodegradable Confetti

Shropshire Petals - Biodegradable Natural Wedding Confetti

Why throw confetti? It's Tradition! Throwing confetti over the newly married couple is a tradition that's been present in British Weddings for over two centuries. Confetti symbolises the wish of a fertile marriage.


But who wants paper confetti for a wedding? We find paper confetti out-dated and a pollutant to the environment, that's why we've started a petal confetti revolution!

The call for natural petal confetti began as churches and venues preferred it to paper or synthetic confetti. Real flower petals are more romantic and eco-friendly making them acceptable to most wedding venues and churches.

Shropshire Petals grow biodegradable confetti

Shropshire Petals grow natural, biodegradable petal confetti. We're passionate about our strict no-dye policy, all our petals are 100% natural and eco-friendly.

Delicately hand picked delphinium, rose, hydrangea, wildflower, sunflower and cornflower petals. Have fun using the interactive confetti pick & mix tool to create your own unique confetti mix to match or contrast your colour scheme. Be inspired... Create wow factor photos with a shower of petals!

From the field, eco-friendly confetti at Shropshire Petals! It looks blooming lovely here at Shropshire Petals in the Summer! The fields are full of flowers; all petals are hand picked and hand packed with careful love and attention.


picking_flowersWedding season is upon you and natural petal confetti fills the air at weddings up and down the country. Naturally grown and perfectly thrown, these delicate petals biodegrade to find their way back to nature... from the field and back again.

We grow you throw... All of our delphinium and wildflower petals are grown right here on our farm set in the rolling fields of Shropshire so rest assured you are buying a UK grown product.

How to display your wedding confetti

With confetti baskets, confetti buckets, pretty confetti sachets, confetti cones, confetti pops, confetti cannons, confetti wands, including of course the famous Shropshire Box; a confetti box complete with cones and the petals of your choice, the only question is what shall I choose?

Request a confetti sample to help you choose what petals you'd like on our Confetti Sample page. You can choose up to 5 samples and it's only £1 which you get back when you place your order. 

How much confetti do I need? 

Use our Confetti Calculator to work out how much flower confetti you need for your wedding day. We say a litre is enough for about 10-12 handfuls. Just remember you don't need to provide confetti for all your guests, we find the ladies throw more than the gents, so half your guest is fine. If you've got less than 30 guests, we recommend getting everyone to throw to get a good confetti shot!

Have a play with the Confetti Pick & Mix section and have fun creating your own unique confetti mix! We've loads of inspiring ideas and customer photos in the gallery, so whether it's throwing confetti, a petal path, flower girl petals, table petals or even a romantic evening we've the natural petal confetti to match.

Click here to visit our Pick & Mix section where you can create your own unique confetti mix! It's completely biodegradable wedding confetti.

Love as always SP x x


Shropshire Petals have been recognised for their innovation, quality products and outstanding customer service with several awards including the British Farming Awards, here's a few recent awards.