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Winter Wedding Inspiration

Winter weddings are growing in popularity, not only is it a beautiful time of year with the landscape changing colours and the days feeling that bit cooler (cue the blanket and hot chocolate) but it's also usually more affordable to get married out of peak season too. Here's a few ideas to help with planning yourWinter wedding.

Top Winter confetti ideas

1. Vintage Daydream

This beautiful mix of vintage confetti is a combination of real delphinium petals grown on the Shropshire Petals farm. Vintage Daydream is a popular biodegradable petal confetti mix featuring dusky pinks, creams and dainty greys. Click here to view Vintage Daydream


2. Timeless Elegance

If you're looking for rich plum, cream and hints of green colours in your wedding scheme, Timeless Elegance is an ideal choice for an Autumn/Winter wedding. This petal confetti mix is a carefully selected combination of dried delphinium petals, marjoram and beautiful rose petals. Click here to view Timeless Elegance


3. Bespoke Confetti Mix of wintry blues

Here at Shropshire Petals, we know every wedding is unique, which is why we offer a Pick & Mix service with our dried petal confetti. Couples can create their bespoke confetti mix at no extra cost. Pictured below is a beautiful winter inspired mix of petals; Amethyst, Frosted Blue, Blue Bird, Wisteria. Click here to order this confetti mix


4. Bespoke Confetti Mix of champagne and black tie

If you're planning a wedding with a touch of champagne pinks and sophisticated tuxedo black tie, this unique mix would be perfect! We love it for a winter wedding with a feel of luxe. This beautiful dried petal confetti mix is a combination of delphiniums, cornflowers and rose petals; Icing Sugar, Candy Floss, Black Tie and Promise. We love a combination of colours to get the best out of your confetti photos, and those richer colours will show up against the bride's dress, whilst the lighter tones of the confetti tend to show up against the groom's attire. Click here to order this mix


5. Winter's Morn

This subtle mixture of delphinium petals is a classic for winter weddings! The creams and greys compliment each other perfectly. Click here to view Winter's Morn.


Use your confetti, even if it's a rainy day!

Just remember you can still enjoy your confetti even if the weather is rainy on the big day. All our petals are dye-free so we don't have issues with colour leaching. If the weather is wet and windy on your wedding day, it's a great idea to have an indoor back up plan, eg. a dance floor is a great alternative place to have an indoor confetti moment. Alternatively, grab some umbrellas matching your colour scheme and go dancing in the rain, confetti and all!

We hope you love these petal mixes for your winter wedding.

Love as always SP xx



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