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What is a Minimony and why should you have one before your sequel wedding?

2020 has been a year that has changed all our lives, weddings have been heavily impacted due to Covid-19 with couples either having to postpone or change their plans. Love always finds a way and it's heart-warming to see how adaptable we can be when we need to. This year we've seen the birth of a Minimony! Couples holding smaller ceremonies now to fit in with government advice and then planned bigger celebrations further down the line, a Sequel Wedding!


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But, what is a Minimony? How do you host one? Does this mean you can celebrate your original wedding date after all?

This newly introduced ceremony has been formed to ensure the solidarity and union of two people in love. Sometimes, the need for a perfect princess wedding day can distract from the initial reason behind such unity, and can make people get lost in amongst all the excitement.


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A Minimony honours the requirement of witnesses and the need to spend your day with a handful of your closest friends and family - whilst also focussing on the intimacy of such an essential part of your ceremony.

Or maybe you want all attention to be between the both of you. Similar to an elopement, a Minimony focusses on the most important elements of a wedding - the couple and their love for one another.


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What is a Sequel Wedding?

Given the government guidelines for weddings, most couples are opting for Minimonies followed by sequel weddings (once the restrictions ease). Keeping it short and sweet, you can celebrate this specific ceremony with the presence of 10-30 of your closest friends and family. Capturing the most intimate parts of your wedding day from exchanging vows, to a sit-down meal. There might be wedding guests that didn't make the Minimony guest list, but they know they will get their chance to celebrate your big day at a later date, when it's safe to do so.What is a Sequel Wedding?

Given the government guidelines for weddings, most couples are opting for Minimonies followed by sequel weddings (once the restrictions ease).

It is a great way to reignite the value and meaning behind a wedding, whilst maintaining intimacy and still following restriction guidelines.

Couples have used their original themes and colour schemes with finishing touches but have cut down on guest numbers, opted for outdoor ceremonies when possible and even postponed certain activities that simply aren't possible right now.


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Minimony Venue

Venues have also been a re-consideration. The benefit of a Minimony, is that it can be held anywhere - a gorgeous garden, a barn, a small church, or even a registry office. It can also be hosted at your original venue - in an alternative space, a smaller room or maybe even outdoors?

Alongside this, your seating plan... Considering the government guideline changes, you may only have to adapt your seating plan to two households. Or if you are opting for an intimate ceremony, maybe even spread your small number of guests out over a couple of tables, keeping them close to you... but not too close!

A Minimony won't be complete without a cake and some music! We all love an extravagant cake, but do you need a four - tier cake for your small ceremony? Save your ultimate wedding cake for your sequel wedding and ask your baker of she/he will make a smaller replica, to share with your closest friends and family.


Minimony Dress and Decor

Instead of that extravagant Enzoani dress that hangs gloriously in its bag - brides have opted for a sleek satin ivory gown and subtle makeup. Simply beautiful.

Whilst some things change, colour scheme and themes tend not to…

From pastel drapes, to a bouquet made up of your original floral arrangement. This ceremony can still hold the ultimate attributes that were selected to make your big day so perfect.


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A gentle scatter of rose petals and real flower petal confetti cover the table, that is seating a small selection of your nearest and dearest. The invites go from save the date to change the date, and most venues are particularly happy to host your shortened ceremony.

But of course, the one of the most fun and photographed parts of your wedding day is your ultimate confetti moment (well, besides the vows and the first dance etc…)

Given the contact restrictions, Shropshire Petals have the best solution to ensure you capture your confetti Moment photo - the first- and second-time round.

Shropshire Box

Our fabulous Shropshire Box and Confetti Cone packages have become ever so popular during the rise of this trend. Due to the lack of contact needed to grab a cone and throw the confetti over newlyweds.


Shropshire Box

Simply place the box outside your venue doors, and allow the limited guests to help themselves. Easy 'peasy!

SP Shropshire boxes are available in Kraft or White, and offer a wide range of cone designs to compliment your Minimony perfectly!

Equipped with enough confetti to fill 25 cones, be it a Pick & Mix of small and large or one of stunning selected mixes.

Our fabulous delayed delivery service will ensure that you can order a small amount of your perfect mix for your Minimony and arrange delivery for your sequel wedding, nearer the date. Super savvy' and straight forward.

All our love,

SP xxx



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