Have your tail wagging best friend at your wedding

Some might say you are barking mad, but why not include your tail wagging best friend and have them right by your side on your special day. Here are some cute, creative and crafty ways to do so:

Dog Flower Girl 

Keeping in tone with your chosen colour scheme, why not personalise your dogs collar and lead by weaving some beautifully blossomed, hand picked flowers around the outside - making it a special accessory. Looking as adorable as ever, your dog is then ready to accompany the flower girl down the aisle before the brides big entrance.



Photo Credit - Jeremiah & Rachel Photo, Atelier Picture and firstcomeslovephoto

Furry ring bearer 

Feeling brave? How about appointing your furry companion as your ring bearer. Keeping it traditional with two rings tied to a small, embroidered pillow, which can then be attached to your dog in a way of your own choice. The best thing is, the pillow could be tailored to suit you - playing with materials, changing the colours, choosing different textures or even including your own pattern. Just remember, double check those rings and make sure they are tacked on tight!


Photo Credit - Lilly Dillys & Martha Stewart Weddings

Four legged sign

Invest in a chalkboard plaque and make your dog your sign bearer! Be imaginative; write the message on the plaque yourself. It could be something personal to you - an inside joke perhaps or keep it simple with phrases such as, 'here comes the bride,' or 'just wait until you see her.' It's a fun approach, which could be made decorative with different coloured chalks and typefaces. A charming way to capture your guests attention.


Photo Credit - Amber Vickery Photography


They do say, a dog is a man's best friend, so you could let your dog be part of the groomsmen. Purchase a bow tie or make one yourself, this little looped feature will make your dog look as smart as the groom himself! If female, get your dog to join the bridesmaids and instead of maid of honour, how about dog of honour. Create a neckerchief and script the title on the outside.


Photo Credit - Revival Photography and Stott Weddings. Collar by Handmade dog Styling by Emma Jane Weddings


We hope these examples inspire you. Make sure you are well prepared before bringing your dog to your wedding, have lots of treats at hand and possibly get a dog sitter.

Oh and let's not forgot, remember to take lots photos!

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Love as always SP xx


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