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Shropshire Petals supports NFU's #BackBritishFarming movement.

Shropshire Petals are absolutely delighted to showcase our Shropshire grown wheat in the NFU's Back British Farming movement.
We have been contributing to this movement for the last few years now, and would love to get you all involved too!

Today, we promote the importance of local produce and British Farming. From boosting the National Economy - to - lowering our own personal carbon footprint, let us all advise and educate the community to encourage a healthier and more eco-friendly Nation.

On Wednesday 9th September the NFU will be encouraging all MPs to show their support for British farming by wearing a Shropshire Petals wheat buttonhole, These dried flower buttonholes are lovingly handmade, using wheat grown on our Shropshire farm and have been wrapped with British wool. Politicians present at the Palace of Westminster will also be posting on social media using the hashtag #BackBritishFarming.


Why should you support British Farming?

· British farmers provide the nation with local produce, grown with care.

· British farmers have one of the highest of welfare standards for all employees

· British farmers care and maintain our gorgeous countryside

· British food and farming is worth almost over £120 billion to the UK economy (2020 figures)

· 4 million jobs are supplied by British farmers to both UK and EU workers, every year


How can you support #BackBritishFarming today?

By using the hashtag #BackBritishFarming, you will be raising awareness for your local farming community and supporting NFU as they endeavour to champion British Farmers. The red tractor represents ethical British Produce, from farm - pack - shelf, looking out for this logo in the Supermarkets is a great and easy way to support British Farmers.


As a company that hosts an eco-friendy ethos, and strives for sustainability - Shropshire Petals is proud to support #BackBritishFarming

For more details about Back British Farming day visit the NFU's website.

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Shropshire Petals have been recognised for their innovation, quality products and outstanding customer service with several awards including the British Farming Awards, here's a few recent awards.