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Real Brides Talk - Postponements, Wedding Planning and all things Coronavirus

The pandemic has caused so much uncertainty around weddings, meaning so many couples have had to postpone or dramatically change their big day. Now, from Monday 28th September, only 15 people will be able to attend weddings in England.

We understand that deciding what to do about your wedding day is an incredibly difficult decision. We've spoken to some of our wonderful wedding planning couples, to get their opinion on the most recent announcement and to gain some insight and advice for other couples out there.

Victoria and Adam

"My fiancé and I are still going ahead on November 22nd 2020 with the restrictions of 15. We have changed almost everything from the reception venue, to decor and have even postponed our confetti order with Shropshire Petals until next year! Then, next year on 21.11.21 we will have our 'original' planned wedding day and at midnight we will dance our first dance into our first anniversary."

Rachel Bates and her Fiance


Photo credit: Paylor Photography

"We've just postponed our Feb 2021 wedding, mainly because we just haven't enjoyed the build-up (hen/stag do, dress fitting, menu tasting etc), and for us that's a big part of it! We have a big family and although we love the look (and cost) of a small wedding we both agreed if we couldn't do it with all our family there, dancing, hugging and just enjoying being with everyone together then we'd rather wait and have no regrets! Plus, we can save a little extra in the meantime and do those extra things we didn't have time to save up for!"

Steph and Chris


"Our September 2020 Shropshire wedding was postponed as we didn't want to put elderly guests or those with medical conditions in an uncomfortable position by going ahead. It would also have been impossible for several overseas guests to attend, including my maid of honour. We are now aiming for September 2021, keeping everything crossed that gatherings will be safe by then. I think the new restrictions are probably for the best in terms of safety, but I also think that couples and wedding industry businesses have been badly done to this year with the sudden changes and indecision. My advice to other brides/couples would be to do what feels best - I completely support those couples going ahead with lovely but smaller-than-planned celebrations, but for us, the motivation behind getting married after nearly a decade together was to have a celebration with our community of friends and family, so we will be waiting as long as it takes to have the wedding we planned."

Lauren and Danny


"We have cancelled our spring 2021 wedding and are having a small ceremony this December! We had already postponed from May 2020 but luckily that was because we had our second baby rather than because of COVID! Little did we know that COVID would have meant we had to cancel anyway. However, we have decided we just want to be married after 11 years together."

Becky and her Fiancé

Photo credit: Lisa Webb Photography

"We are due to be wed this December! However, in the summer, we made the decision to postpone until December 2021. We actually had some photos taken with our photographer - Lisa Webb to cheer us up and let our guests know our decision. As we get closer to the 'would-be' date it's not a great feeling but hard as it's been, we know it'll all be worth the wait."

Love triumphs

It is so lovely to hear some your stories and to see everyone come together in a time of so much uncertainty - it goes to show that above all, love triumphs.

Whether you are going ahead with a smaller ceremony or waiting for your big celebration, we offer a variety of confetti options to ensure you get your ultimate confetti moment, regardless of the size of your ceremony.


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Let's remain positive, and take all of the soon-to-be brides' advice. If you are concerned about your confetti or a previous order and would like further advice, don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Love as always,
SP x



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