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3/10/2017  |  October Confetti Mix of the Month 2017

Every month we create a lovely unique mix of petals inspired by that month, season or upcoming trend. This October we have creates a stunning Confetti Mix of the Month inspired by the autumn, it depicts the changing colour of October with a hint of halloween in there too! This month's mix is a mixture of warm oranges, burgundy, pink and a touch of green perfect for an autumnal wedding!


It's a combination of Ginger Snap, Burgundy Berry, Cherry Blossom, Bramble and Clementine which are all natural and biodegradable petals. We love this combination of delphinium, calendula, rose and hydrangea petals, it's perfect for throwing confetti and even scattering over your wedding tables.


There are so many creative ways to display your confetti to your guests at your wedding. Here's just a few ways we love to showcase this gorgeous autumn mix!

Show off those warm tones off with our Gold confetti cones, or even with our Kraft cones all held within a Kraft Shropshire Box. This comes with 25 cones, all the confetti to fill them and the dispensing box to keep as a memory box after your wedding.



Baskets are a brilliant idea when it comes to displaying your confetti, your guests can each take a handful ready for throwing when the time is right! We offer two size baskets, our Confetti Basket holds 5 litres of confetti, that's enough for about 50 handfuls. Alternatively we also have a Flower Girl Basket available that holds 1 litre of confetti, that's enough for 10 adult handfuls or around 15 for childrens' hands.



Our Confetti Pops are a total must! They're fun, creative and absolutely on trend right now. They're easy to use, you simply pop the top, hold them high flick the confetti out as the lovers pass by. Plus as there isn't any mechanism in the pop you can give them to the children and they are completely safe.


It's so easy to order this Mix of the Month, you can visit out special offer page here, or choose your packaging option first then select your mix afterwards within our Confetti Packages page here.

We hope you love this October Mix of the Month just as much as we do. As with all of our monthly mixes, you can still recreate them any other time of the year with our Pick & Mix tool. You simply mix the petals online and we mix the petals in the shed, then send them out to you ready to throw!

Love as always SP xx

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